49ers agree to terms with Randy Moss

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Randy Moss is joining the San Francisco 49ers.

Moss, who had a workout with 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh today, has reached an agreement on a one-year deal with the team, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. No financial terms of the contract have been disclosed.

For Moss, the deal means that one of the most exciting, explosive playmakers ever to play the wide receiver position is officially back in the NFL after a year away. If Moss is anything like the great player he once was, this is a big deal for the 49ers.

But the big question is whether Moss really has anything left. In 2010 he was traded from the Patriots to the Vikings, then cut by the Vikings and picked up by the Titans, and through it all he failed to make an impact on any of his teams. Then he missed all of 2011, and now he’s 35 years old and trying to make a comeback.

But if he’s capable of a comeback, the team that hosted the NFC Championship Game just got much better in the passing game.

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  1. I am impressed that Moss would sign in SF without visiting more teams (there was good interest after his NO workout).

    Now it’s a question if he’ll be a factor. They showed with Braylon Edwards they don’t mind cheap gambles and they won’t put up with BS.

  2. I love this if it’s incentive-laden (which, judging by Baalke and Maarathe’s styles, it will be) and hopefully it’ll give us that stretch-the-field ability we’ve been lacking. Vernon Davis is STOKED right now.

    Still hope they deal #30 to Pittsburgh, though, and I don’t think this deal takes them out of the running for that at all.

  3. HAHAHAHA. For a team that brags about locker room chemistry, this is a move in the wrong direction.

    Sounds like something the previous regime would have done (Bruce, Jackson, etc.).

  4. The key to his effectiveness will be his attitude. It’s extremely unlikely that he is going to break any records at thirty-five, but that’s probably not how Harbaugh is planning on using him. Moss is going to be asked to run a deep post or flare a few times every game. He’ll probably have between six and eight hundred yards by the end of the season. If he’s ok with being, what basically amounts to, a big name decoy, than he will be a great fit. But if he decides to throw a temper tantrum like he did in Oakland, or just quit like he did in Minnesota and Tennessee, than this is going to be a huge mistake for my 49ers.

  5. So they did sign him. I wonder if he signed the whole contract or just decided to quit and take his pen and go home half way through it..?

  6. Incentive based contract will be the way to go, if he can still take the top off the defense he could help with what the 49ers struggled with all last year. Also another red zone Target

  7. Alright critics, let’s hear it. The 49ers are ruined forever, Moss is going to destroy this team, blah blah blah. People said the same thing about Braylon Edwards and look what happened to him. You don’t contribute, you get the boot plain and simple. I’m on board with Moss coming in if it’s for the league minimum. It’s only March, doesn’t mean he’s going to make the final 53-man roster when September comes along. Why not kick the tires?

  8. Moss is going to surprise a lot of people….He has enough left imn the tank to lite things up of a year….or two. Good move by the 49ers.

  9. WOW i had a feeling it was gonna happen but, DAMN i was against this at first but, he has to be accounted for & stretches the field,he also opens things up for crabtree,walker,vd, & hopefully morgan MY 9ERS JUST GOT A LITTLE MORE DANGEROUS !!!!! welcome to the bay randy !!!

  10. I like it. Do I wish Randy tried on every play? Yes. Do I appreciate the plays he did try on? Yes. This guy was AMAZING in his hey day. I hope he can spark one or two more good seasons. It would be fun to have him be an impact player again. The odds are not in his favor, but I for one am rooting for him.

  11. Going to guess it’s an incentive laden, low money contract like Edwards’ was last year. Low risk, potentially high reward. Looks like the standard SF front office’s MO. See also Carlos Rogers last year.

  12. Michael Crabtree just stole some of his own jerseys from a SF shopping mall.

  13. Welcome back Randy Maw! I will now own a 9ers jersey. I guess Canton will have to wait. Like Ice Cube once said “Today was a good day”

  14. 49ers are willing to try this, but you can bet this will be a deal they can afford to get out of if necessary.

  15. From Sunday’s one liners:

    Randy Moss is more likely to run a 4.1 in army boots than he is to sign with the 49ers, unless they sign Peyton Manning.  Or anyone not named “Alex Smith.”

    So, in your infinite wisdom, does this mean now the Niners are signing Peyton Manning?

  16. I really like Randy Moss. Even though he has a bad reputation, he’s also one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Hopefully he can get some STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY by scoring a lot of touchdowns.

  17. terrell owens needs to play for the oakland raiders,

    bay area rivals switch WRs from 1st stints in bay area,

    I got TO over Randy

    by the way

  18. Alex smith better make the Pro Bowl next year with these weapons !! 😉 Nah but seriously 9ers needs one more weapon on offense now and I can see them going after Cody Fleener at 30th pick in the draft and going after a WR in the later rounds(Marvin Jones/Brain Quick).

  19. Brett Favre was also one of the most exciting, explosive playmakers ever to play but he finally saw the light and hung it up. Randy needs to call it a career. He was once great, but has lost a step and has a horrible attitude to boot. Bad news.

  20. Now get him a REAL quarterback. Their D is already strong and has no major holes. The Offensive line is strong and young. 49ers only need is someone that can average more than a td a game at QB.

  21. As a niners fan I’m saying a good move but we still need one more wr..crabtree moss..we need to resign morgan ginn..I say we give up our first rd and get m wallace…then were set…sorry kyle after our season ended I hope we don’t bring u back I waited 10 yrs for us to be good again..and with ur two plays u ended our season but good luck with ur next team

  22. Dear Peyton,
    You have a great O line. The best D in football. With you, we can win NOW. See you at training camp.

    Jim Harbaugh

    PS. Bring Reggie with you.

  23. I know Im not the only one laughing at the 49ers and waiting to see how long until Moss quits on them. Personally I think he should be banned from the league for not trying like shoeless Joe Jackson was in baseball.

  24. @nedfrog – Low risk?!?

    That guy is a head case and well-documented diva. Imagine how he’ll feel when Alex Smith never gets him the ball..

  25. Randy Moss will be a bust, there’s a reason NOBODY signed him last year. Niners are missing a good/solid WR to be able to be a legitimate superbowl threat but this guy aint it. Niners are trying to re-sign josh Morgan but if their top WR corps consist Crabtree, Morgan (injury prone) and Moss (old), then good luck.

  26. This is definitely a low risk high reward move by the 49ers. Moss is an ignorant, rude, and supremely self entitled diva who can run fast. He is a coward over the middle, does not block, and takes more than his share of plays off.

    My guess is that he might last until the third game of pre-season before Harbaugh gets tired of his act.

  27. as a Moss-o-holic, I am pumped however expectations should be tempered… The second the ‘real’ alex smith returns to the body of whatever inhibited it last year, and he missed Moss wide open 35 yards down the sideline, well that will be the end of the compliant Randy Moss.

  28. Dear Peyton,
    You have a great O line. The best young D in football. We signed Randy for you today. With your help we will win this year. See you at training camp.

    Jim Harbaugh

    PS Bring Reggie Wayne with you.

  29. Intrigued by this move. If it’s a Braylon Edwards-style one year “prove-it” deal as most 49er fans expect, it’s a low-risk, high-reward signing. Moss provides both deep speed (if he still has it, though I doubt they would have signed him if he couldn’t run) and a big target in the red zone. Both were lacking last year. Baalke needed to add a minimum of 3 receivers this offseason, and he got his first one today.

    Moss has a lot to prove, and the last time people were writing him off after his stint with the Raiders he blew the NFL’s doors off with New England. As long as he stays motivated (which with Harbaugh he surely will), the 49ers will get the best of whatever he has left. Just how much that is, we’ll find out this coming season.

  30. Wonder what other two teams he’ll play for next season after the 9’ers cut him loose around week 5?

  31. Moss may have lost a step but he’s still faster than most corners.

    I think the success of Randy Moss hinges on whether Jim Harbaugh can contain his attitude and motivate him thru an entire season. The clubhouse cancer Moss brings to the table is some of the worst I have ever seen from a player of his caliber.

  32. Harbaugh is going to have to keep this guy’s mind right because if not Randy will eat Alex Smith alive. I think it’s a mistake only given who is throwing the ball. Harbaugh is not going to be in the huddle to keep Randy’s mind right and I don’t think Alex has the tools to handle the situation when Randy needs a reset. But, I love Randy and would like nothing more than to see him rip it up in the coming year .

  33. coming from a pats fan? I’m not sure how a Pats fan could think so little of Randy. He lit it up until they stopped throwing to him. He couldn’t make plays without the ball and they went to a short passing game and traded him a way. Used and thrown away. What’s there to complain about?

  34. Sitting in a small one bedroom apartment in Allen Texas eating ramien noddles topped with popcorn T.O. begins to cry softly.

  35. Randy Moss & Harbaugh’s football IQ combined is about 1000. I think both of them could looked into each others eyes, have a conversation and tell of it will work or not.

    Long as they don’t run the “Bed & Breakfast” Offense like we did in 2006..They’ll be alright.

  36. Makes no sense. A terrible decision in my opinion. 35 years old and out a full year. Wont take long before he stops running routes and complaining when Alex Smith hangs him out to dry or does the usual throwing at his WR ankles in the dirt.

  37. Also, concerns about Randy’s attitude are probably justified. But the team took a chance on Braylon’s bad attitude last year, and when it didn’t work out they cut him without hesitation and moved on. There was only so much Baalke and Harbaugh could do in their first season together, and they’ll continue to add receivers until the cupboard is full. Cutting Moss this season wouldn’t leave the same void that cutting Braylon did last season.

  38. With Harbaugh as coach and a good team around him, I think Moss will surprise a lot of people this year. He realizes that this is his last chance, has a lot to prove, and still is an extremely good athlete and WR.

  39. Super deal for SF. Moss has played with much less competent QB’s than Alex Smith. Moss can still bring it and now they’ll have a legitimate WR. Harbaugh pulling all the right strings.

  40. Totally worth the risk. Worst case scenario you cut him for virtually no loss. Wonder if Harbaugh felt good enough throwing out there to consider player-coach?

  41. ,,,and if that attitude comes back he’ll get dropped. He’s not getting paid millions, they can drop him at any time. This doesn’t solve the needs at WR, but it is a decent veteran pickup.

  42. Alex Smith may not have accuracy but he can throw the ball deep. He is known for OVER throwing his WR’s!

  43. katrinasafterbirth says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:23 PM

    He does know Alex Smith (not Jim Harbaugh) is the QB…right?

    Fact: Harbaugh was, and is, a better QB than Alex Smith will ever be.

  44. This is an excellent signing by the Niners because..

    1:Baalke is not Al Davis, and will give him a incentive laden contract,instead of 20m guaranteed.

    2:Baalke will also not be afraid to show him the boot if he doesnt buy into the team first mentality (like Braylon)

    3:Legitimate field stretcher type that the roster has been lacking

    4: Low risk, High Reward.

  45. Good pick up. Low risk, high reward. I don’t get why everyone is so critical. It’s a ONE YEAR deal. If he is a cancer, they cut him, like Edwards from last year. If he’s not, can accept his role on the team and still has some gas left in the tank, then great. That said, can someone still explain why this is a bad play?

  46. gromgrimfist says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:22 PM
    I think Moss is on PFT there is a thumbs down on all the honest comments lol He is a cancer watch the 49ers deteriorate this year

    the locker room has its team leaders already, any garbage from randy & harbaugh will have his @ss outta of there HE CAN ASK BRAYLON

  47. pcoz99 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:20 PM
    Super deal for SF. Moss has played with much less competent QB’s than Alex Smith. Moss can still bring it and now they’ll have a legitimate WR. Harbaugh pulling all the right strings.

    Name a QB he has played with less competent Culpepper Collins Brady McNabb Hasselbeck

  48. Wow. This one’s a surprise. Just wouldn’t think Moss was a fit for that organization under Harbaugh. They seem like a pretty driven bunch, reflecting the personality of their HC. I’ll never forget Moss just blowing off routes with the Vikes–which is an unforgivable football sin for me. But whatever else I think of Harbaugh, the guy is a really smart offensive mind. He must see something he can work with or he wouldn’t have made the deal.


    Watch… just watch… Moss will be out to prove how super he can be. I bet he’s on his best behavior, totally on-board with Harbaugh’s rah-rah stuff, and an unlikely veteran leader/positive influence on Crabtree.

    Harbaugh is the key here. He will keep Moss motivated. Harbaugh’s understanding of people is not well known, but he has an incredible ability to integrate and befriend people. Moss will perform to the best of his 35-year old ability this year!

    (And, yes, I stand by my previous comment that Alex misses many passes, but his receivers dropped MANY perfect downfield passes last year. Moss will pull those in. Just watch.)


  50. I’m guessing Harbaugh saw enough from Moss to determine it was an upgrade at the WR position. I’m also guessing none of the yahoos on here were at that workout. Yet so many of you know Moss is washed up? Or do you “know” that you read an article that he was loud and annoying in the locker room, so you made a leap that he is a clubhouse cancer? Moss immediately is the smartest football mind in the 49ers huddle. And, after last year, I wouldn’t dare contradict any football decision that Harbaugh makes. There are at least 3 Harbaugh’s that have forgotten more football knowledge than all of you combined.

  51. Haters are gonna hate. I wasnt a big supporter of this signing but hell, If the guy still has the speed why not give him a shot. We all know he has great hands and if the price is right ala Edwards contract, the upside is just off the hook.

    You guys can all say how he is going to ruin the team and how he is a cancer, Just let him mess with harbaugh and he’ll see what happens.. This is team has direction and structure now


    If moss snaps, he should be careful the door doesn’t hit him on the back

  52. I’m a diehard Vikes fan and a huge Randy Moss fan. It was a great day when the Vikes traded for him in 2010. I couldn’t believe the Pats only wanted a 3rd round draft pick. I thought he would be the Randy we used to have and the Super Bowl was in sight. Instead he came in and almost single-handedly ruined the Viking franchise. I still think he is the most talented WR to ever play in the NFL but he is not a team player. The 49ers will definitely regret this decision.

  53. What’s with so many praising the 49er O-line? They gave up the most sacks in the NFL last season and are the unit most in need of improvement this off season following the WR core.

    As far as the Moss signing, I’m a bit perplexed. Moss disappeared after the Patriots let him go, I’m not sure what will have changed in a year. Hopefully the 49ers make his contract heavy on incentives, but where does that leave other potential free agents? If the 49ers sign a top tier veteran, like many have been speculating, will Moss be willing to play in the 2 spot, and will Crabtree be willing to play in the 3 spot? It seems like a strange move unless the 49ers aren’t planning on pursuing anyone else in free agency.

  54. Lets see, Randy can only run the go route and in a straight line…Alex Smith doesnt have an arm…

    I’d argue Crabtree and Morgan do a better job of getting seperation from defenders than an 35yr old Moss and Smith couldnt even get them the ball at all last year.

    This is not going to work.

    If it benefits anyone its Vernon Davis

  55. kibblesnvick says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:30 PM
    katrinasafterbirth says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:23 PM

    He does know Alex Smith (not Jim Harbaugh) is the QB…right?

    Fact: Harbaugh was, and is, a better QB than Alex Smith will ever be.


    Which just goes to show what a higher standard 49er QBs are held to then others. Harbaugh only had one year in fourteen with a QB rating over 90, the rest were in the 70-80 range. His career QB rating was 77.6. Matching up their best years of their careers:

    Harbaugh (1995) – 200/314 – 63.7% – 2575 yards – 17 tds, 5 int
    Smith (2011) – 273/445 – 61.3% – 3,144 yards – 17 tds, 5 int

  56. meh, he’ll get released midseason and sign with the wranglers of the ifl and finally team with t.o.

  57. I think this is a great move by the Niners. Could have used Randy against the `Gints. Bit surprised to see Harbaugh coached team have a diva like Randy. But hey, what do I know. Ohh by he way, guess who`s coming to Foxboro next year. Hahahahaha. Maybe he`ll stand at the podium post game and gush about the pats again. Luv to see that.

  58. Some of you are confused about expectations.

    Moss will be asked to be a decoy and make plays in the red zone. The fade, the jump balls, etc.

    He won’t be used as a conventional starting WR, not unless he shows he can take over games.

  59. @aaroncurryisbust

    Jim HarBUST? Really? It’s one thing to be horribly biased, but could you least be clever about it? Or at least accurate?

  60. Shall we start a poll — in which week will Moss stop putting in any real effort? Or — in which week do we start hearing about how he can’t get along with anyone. Or — in which week does SF decide they have had enough and dump him.

    So many choices.

  61. Depends on how much he’s guaranteed. It’s low risk, high reward for them. I cant blame em but this years WR draft is kinda healthy so I’d expect them to get one there also for insurance tho

  62. Unlike the haters on here, i’m a Moss fan and hope he does well this year. When he was in his prime, the dude was great AND entertaining. If he keeps his head straight, and that’s a BIG if…he will help them a ton.

  63. how dumb are half of you?

    wasnt Braylon supposed to be the locker room cancer that would derail this team?

    me neither.

    the difference is Moss is better than Braylon still and adds a downfield/red zone threat which Braylon did not.

  64. Shades of Braylon Edwards. But they probably got him cheap, so there is no downside – so long as they still go after Wagner or a strong draft pick and then see what their injured WR has left as well. Kevin Williams and Ginn are not the answers, and Crabtree isn’t fast enough to get separation.

    Harbaugh said about Edwards: “he did everything right except in practice and in games!” And then he cut him. lol. Knowing he will not hesitate to cut Moss makes this pick-up a no-brainer.

    And I assume they are smart enough to leave Manning alone. He is one big sack away from a wheelchair.

  65. Sucks for you Raider fan. Again the Niners dominate the Bay. Maybe you can borrow the tarp from the A’s to cover up all the empty seats at the Stenchbowl known as the Coliseum. Moss didnt want to play for Uncle Al but will bring us another Super Bowl! UH 6-0??

  66. At first I was surprised at the signing, mainly because it sounded like NO was interested, and Moss is chasing records, which will be difficult to break with Alex smith throwing him the ball.

    But if you think about it, Moss has nobody to compete with for snaps, and he will be starting WR for this team, whereas in NO he might not start.

    Still, I’d rather have Brees on 30 % of possible snaps compared to smith on 90 %

  67. It would be a great move if they intend to sign manning. Alex smith sucks. They will be making the same huge mistake the jets made resigning a bum

  68. Why all the haters? I really DON”T care for this guy, but Harbaugh must see something, or at least think Randy has something in the tank. I’ve always believed in Alex. He just needed someone to bring out the best in him. He has always played hard and is strong minded AND NEVER QUITS. With that said and knowing all about Moss, well, we’ll have to see.

  69. “I am impressed that Moss would sign in SF without visiting more teams (there was good interest after his NO workout).”

    Seeing Moss in NO with Brees would have been amazing during his prime, but I think the 35 year old Moss would just get lost in the shuffle in NO now.

    San Francisco is a good spot for him. The question is whether it was a good move for the Niners.

  70. Harbaugh is exactly the type of hard nosed, no nonsense, kick you in the butt (or teeth) coach Moss needs and responds to. Moss acts out with people he doesn’t respect (i.e. Tice, Childress, Turner & Shell) but behaves better for those who demand more of him.

  71. A lot of people are saying now all they need is a QB. Since he came to the Niners in ’05 Alex hasn’t played with anybody that would even resemble a deep threat.

  72. aaroncurryisbust says:
    Mar 12, 2012 9:53 PM
    LMAO Jim HarBUST is such an idiot! This will be even worse than the Braylon Edwards signing.


    LMAO at an idiot calling someone else an idiot. Bravo thanks for the laugh.

  73. Awesome. This should be good. Better get the crew working on that field up in S.F. Get those fly routes up the sideline nice and smooth for mister 4.1

    I hope Randy lights it up! Go get ’em Moss.

  74. Dear 49ers,


    The rest of the NFC West

  75. I think low risk high reward also. Harbaugh will use him well and won’t put up any of Randy’s shenanigans. Fine line between looking like a genius or a fool…

  76. First time in Randy’s life he had to go looking for a job. Team most obviously in need of wide receivers. Might work, might not.

  77. I want everyone to take a look at that picture above of Randy Moss.

    Look at his determination! It’s all in the eyes…the eyes never lie, Chico.

    Randy, if you’re in here reading this, just ignore most of these people..and play on playa.

    We love you

    Sincerely, the fans at ProFootball Talk

  78. I have a baaaaaaaaaad feeling about this. Whats a 35 year old ‘me first’ guy going to teach Crabtree? How to walk off the field before the play is dead???

    God i hope we make a run at Wallace. He’d be a steal for the 30th pick!

  79. webehighrollin says: Mar 12, 2012 9:54 PM

    I could’ve swornn PFT wrote off Randy Moss to the 49ers this past weekend. Eat Crow baby!! Super Bowl Champs!!!

    Because of Randy Moss? Super Bowl Champs?!

    Lithium will help with those delusions

  80. marcsasharc says: Mar 12, 2012 11:13 PM

    how dumb are half of you?

    wasnt Braylon supposed to be the locker room cancer that would derail this team?

    me neither.

    the difference is Moss is better than Braylon still and adds a downfield/red zone threat which Braylon did not.
    Says the guy who consistently proves he knows nothing at all about football.

  81. Just like I said yesterday, Jim Harbaugh is rapidly shaping up to be the Rex Ryan of the NFC. Everything seems to be inflammatory and designed to grab headlines. I shortly expect to find videos of his wife’s feet appearing online.

  82. The 49’ers were moving in the right direction until now. Randy Moss is a selfish POS that only plays hard when he feels like it. Hard to believe there are teams still willing to pay this a$$clown. If you’re a 49’er fan, you should hope he gets cut during training camp.

  83. jessethebody says:
    Mar 12, 2012 9:59 PM
    Welcome back Randy Maw! I will now own a 9ers jersey. I guess Canton will have to wait. Like Ice Cube once said “Today was a good day”


    Or as Ice Cube said, Its the Invasion of the Raider Nation!

    Wish Randy all the luck, wish he could’ve lit it up with us the way Jerry did.

  84. discosucs2005

    Well said, except for the very end where you chalk this up as a potential “huge mistake” by the 49ers.

    No, not really. There is no risk for the 49ers. His contract will be dirt unless he performs and they will cut him at the drop of a hat if things don’t pan out…just like Braylon.

  85. Has there ever been a more dejected, sadder player than Randy after he was traded by the Pats?

    Hopefully, Randy has learned from that experience, and reflected on it during his year off. No athlete wants to retire. Hopefully he’s come to the realization that he’s got maybe one more shot at a superbowl ring if he applies himself & lands on the right team.

    Incentive-laden contract minimizes the risk for the 49ers. If Jim knows what he’s doing with managing his players (seemed to do a good job with that in his first year), this could be a great pickup for the 49ers.

    Having said that, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that Moss didn’t sign with my Bears. Whew!

  86. Well ,well well, I can see from all the hater comments that we are celebrating St.Patrick’s Day a little early. Yes, I’m seeing plenty of green out there. Randy Moss’s biggest problem is,Randy ! He has had a year off to reflect and I believe he has probably been watching the T.O. train wreck. Randy jumped on the chance to be playing for the Genghis Khan of head coaches and a resurgent franchise. Great times are ahead for the 49ers.

  87. Everybody talking about the deep ball let’s talk about what Randy can do in the redzone our defense and special teams will keep us in good field postion how many cb going to jump with Randy

  88. tru49er: VERY good point. Smith may not be able to throw the long ball, but Moss’ leaping ability (plus being 6’4″) may be the answer in the red zone.

  89. @Nevis

    I agree. I didn’t know the contract, but clearly this is very low risk.

  90. As some who can’t stand the niners, I love this move… He is stright trash homie…

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