Alex Smith says he’s happy with 49ers’ offer, close to signing

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Despite reports that Alex Smith is unhappy about the 49ers only offering him a three-year contract, Smith says he’s perfectly content and expects to re-sign in San Francisco.

Smith told CBS5’s Kim Coyle that reports he demanded a five-year contract are “completely false.” In fact, Smith said he’s happy with the three-year contract the 49ers offered, and that he’s close to signing it.

Of course, being close to signing isn’t the same thing as being under contract. And with free agency starting on Tuesday afternoon, if Smith doesn’t sign within the next 27 hours he’ll be free to see if any other team is willing to offer him a better deal than the 49ers are willing to offer him.

But the reality is that while Smith is coming off a solid season, there probably isn’t another team planning to offer him a deal. The 49ers say they want Smith and Smith says he wants to be there, and that’s probably enough to get a deal done.

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  1. Fine by me. I think the guy can take another big step forward next year and possibly be included in the top 10 QBs in this league. People say he’s got arm strength issues and while he’s certainly not Cam Newton, it seemed like the problems weren’t so much with the strength of his arm, but just bad timing with receivers.

  2. No other team would offer this guy a contract if he hit free agency. Take what the Niners are offering and be grateful you got an offer to be a starter at all.

  3. dmackdaddy says:Mar 12, 2012 12:48 PM

    49ers AlexSmith is about to have the same OC for the first time in his career! If you thought he lit it up last year wait for 2012!

    3144 yards and 17 td’s is lighting it up? what is this, 1976?

    only throwing 5 picks was very impressive, but other than that, he was very pedestrian. just hope that peyton doesnt land in arizona or seattle.

  4. Talk about no leverage…

    Assume the 49ers signed Manning (I know–they wont’) and tell me where that leaves Smith? Backup to Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers maybe. Smith has no leverage and he knows it so this deal has to happen for him.

  5. dmackdaddy says:
    Mar 12, 2012 12:48 PM
    49ers AlexSmith is about to have the same OC for the first time in his career! If you thought he lit it up last year wait for 2012!

    Will someone please raise their hand if they thought Alex Smith “lit it up last year?” What did Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Stafford etc do then??

  6. Well, it’s the second time, actually. Jimmy Raye was a holdover from ’09 to ’10, but was fired shortly into the season. If you mean it’s the first time a REAL offensive coordinator has stuck around for more than a season, then yes, you’re right.

    Congratulations to Alex. There isn’t an easier player to cheer for in the entire NFL, with his hard work, loyalty, and humble demeanor. Can’t wait to see a full offseason in this offense.

  7. That’s great but it don’t mean squat if their only WR priority is re-signing Josh Morgan!

    You can’t win a Super Bowl if you have Vernon Davis and that’s it. It was painful watching the Niners so close to beating the Giants in the NFCC but doing so with one tight end and absolutely no one else.

  8. He had the same O Coordinator in 2009 & 2010.

    I don’t think anybody in the NFL knows how to evaluate or coach QBs better than Harbaugh though. He did good work in his very short time with the Raiders.

  9. This is a non story. Just because Alex Smith prefers a 5 year deal doesn’t mean he will hold out or go somewhere else.

    He is my teams QB of the future, finally, and I for one can’t wait to see him spend a 2nd year in the same offense for the first time in his career. Alex Smith is a great story that every NFL fan should get behind.

    Have you learn nothing last year about this man’s charachter still?

  10. Coach Harbaugh, Peyton Manning is on line #1, Alex are you ready to sign the contract?

  11. This guy DEFINES class and humility. After all of the verbal abuse and false labels he’s taken over the years – he just continues to work hard and improve his game.

    He joked about the “game manager” comment towards the end of last year saying “I managed myself into the NFC Championship game.”

    Look for a really, solid playoff year again and with some luck, a run at the Super Bowl

  12. May just be me, and I am a Niners fan, but Alex Smith really did not do much last year outside of not losing games. He did not even break 4,000 yards when quite a few were breaking 5,000 and he had a solid defense helping him out.

    He rarely threw to a WR and the redzone offense was abysmal.

    He is Rex Grossman on the Bears.

    I would like to see someone else lead the team. I do not see Alex Smith ever hoisting the trophy.

  13. Alex Smith is the white version of David Garrard

    However Smith has NEVER been given the benefit of the doubt by the media the way Garrard was, and he has had no weapons like Garrard did

  14. Harbaugh, a lousy QB himself, game manager weak arm, weak mind, who hung around longer in the league than anyone thought, See’s alot of himself in smith. Harbaugh likes himself ALOT.

  15. I’m STILL on the fence with this guy and i’m not sold. I know every year is the same with this guy, but this coming year should be his last chance to show if he really is worthy to be an NFL starter. We all know he’s never going to be a top 5 QB, but i’ll be happy with a top 10, if he is not.. niners need to move on.

  16. Alex you think you can throw for at 3500 yards this year? SMH You should be grateful and take whatever the niners offer you.

  17. Too bad for the Niners … Manning, Gore and that defense would’ve been pretty tough to beat.

    Now that Alex Smith has had his one good year, they’ll dip back into obscurity.

  18. Keep hating…the 9ers will open it up more this year and Alex will end having a better statistical year. They aren’t “1 year wonders”, they are just getting started. Also, you know the 9ers won’t over pay him like some AFC East teams are known to do. Lastly, Alex out performed the guys below without WRs!


    2009-2011 statistics
    Games (W-L): 39 games, 37 starts (14-23)
    Comp-Att (Pct): 735 of 1,237 (59.4)
    Avg yards per game: 211.6
    TDs/Int: 56/48
    Rating: 78.3

    * * *


    2009-2011 statistics
    Games (W-L): 47 games, 47 starts (27-20)
    Comp-Att (Pct): 782 of 1,414 (55.3)
    Avg yards per game: 195.9
    TDs/Int: 55/51
    Rating: 73.2

    * * *

    ALEX SMITH, 49ers

    2009-2011 statistics
    Games (W-L): 38 games, 36 starts (21-15)
    Comp-Att (Pct): 702 of 1,159 (60.6)
    Avg yards per game: 206.9
    TDs/Int: 49/27
    Rating: 85.2

  19. well you don’t have to worry about the 49ers winning another super bowl as long as this bum is quarterbacking the 49ers.

  20. I gotta think for the 49 er Brass this is equivalent to kissing your sister. Although let’s see how he is with a solid WR corp but def not sold on this guy yet.

  21. Don’t be holding out too long. Free agency list is growing. Take what they offer you. It’s better than being without.

    Too many cap problems. Bet the contracts won’t be breaking the bank this year.

  22. There is no reason in the world he shouldn’t wait until at least one day into free agency to see if some team comes out of the blue and makes a better offer.

    It’s the smart business decision. Sure, it’s pretty unlikely to happen, but it’s not impossible.

  23. Yes Alex Smith did have a pretty decent year last yr. if kyle Williams didn’t cause those fumbles, we might be calling a Alex a super bowl champ and looking at him in a different light. He showed some promise last year, and did make some good decisions, not to mention he was able to use his feet as well to keep plays alive. However I still am not convinced on Alex Smith. it shouldn’t matter the system or the coach, if your a solid qb it will show no matter what. were not in college, this is the NFL!!! so if you cant find a way to do well on your own…then you’re not the long term answer.
    Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Tim Teblow, Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder all =trent dilferm brad johnson garbage, average qb’s that I wouldnt want on my team.
    San Fran needs to sign either, peyton manning, Matt Flynn, or draft a better QB. Keep Alex Smith as a back up or emergency starter. QB’s have been getting injured like crazy, so I believe the more the better. Example look at Houston, with Matt Shaub, and Matt Leinart going down last yr.

  24. dmackdaddy says:
    Mar 12, 2012 12:48 PM
    49ers AlexSmith is about to have the same OC for the first time in his career! If you thought he lit it up last year wait for 2012!


    I did not think he “lit it up” last year. In fact I don’t think hardly anyone thinks he did. He’s one of the best “just don’t lose the game for us” game-managing QBs playing right now but I think its fair to say he has not met expectations for being a #1 overall pick.

    That said he earned my respect for taking a leadership role last offseason when he wasn’t even really a member of the team! Major props there. And I hope he continues to improve but he should be happy with whatever they offer him because, let’s be honest, he fleeced the team with his rookie contract. And I don’t buy the “never the same OC” argument because, frankly, the revolving door at OC does not explain how really awful he was the last several years.

  25. With all the money they 49ers have paid him over the years, one good year and he wants a mega contract. i feel bad for what the guy went through over the years, but he was paid hansomely!! Sign the contract and be happy Alex, there isn’t much of a market out there for you. Happy you got a good team and coach though.

  26. 49ers offer matches their perception: “Yes, we want Alex back because he’s a decent, team-first QB who is a tireless worker. But no, we’re not going to sign him to a franchise deal because we know he has a ceiling.”

  27. Justifying signing him by comparing his stats to Sanchez and Fitzpatrick?? That might be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

    Too bad Harbaugh’s ego would never allow him to turn his offense over to Manning.

  28. Alex : Take the deal. Remember Adam from Bonanza ? He left the show and was never heard from again.

  29. @gacoltfan says: Mar 12, 2012 1:55 PM

    Justifying signing him by comparing his stats to Sanchez and Fitzpatrick?? That might be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

    Too bad Harbaugh’s ego would never allow him to turn his offense over to Manning.
    You didn’t hear it, you read it. Why is it funny? If you are familiar with business dealings, what I posted are called “comps” and, funny or not, it’s where Alex falls in the market, i.e. he compares to those guys as opposed to Orlovsky, Painter, or say a Tom Brady. He actually was a top 10 guy statistically last year.

    All I am saying is he outperformed those guys over a number of years and will sign for considerably less, so while it may be funny, the 9ers are getting much more value from Alex than many other teams do from their QBs. Considering that the 9ers outperformed most of your teams last year, the hate is amusing.

  30. The Alex Smith value debate has seemingly two sides. People either think he was great last year, or that he’s at best a game manager.

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s above average. He’s better than a lot of bad QBs, and he can do a little more than just game manage (the game against the Saints is a nice example of that). But he has limits. He can’t make every throw, and he can’t create on his own like several top flight QBs.

    He’s fine for the 49ers. Whatever anyone says, don’t think that they didn’t consider Peyton, but I don’t think anyone realistically thinks that was an option.

    Smith gives Harbaugh exactly what he wants: a QB who can be good enough to compete while Harbaugh builds the team he wants, and finds a QB to mold for the future.

    Smith represents future security for the 49ers, as well as a competitiveness that is enough to keep the fans from getting to concerned.

  31. Jimmy Raye only made it 3 weeks into 2010 and his offense was archaic on top of everything having to be ok’d by Singletary so that really doesn’t count

  32. BTW for all the pinheads who act like he was payed such a king’s ransom……….. He made a total of $32 mil the first 6 years. Thats pretty low for a starting qb especially for all the BS he has had to endure along the way. No coaching, no weapons, no protection…..

  33. Alex : A couple of examples of quarterbacks who had a hard time making good decisions: Sean Salisbury(“walking train wreck”) and Bret Farve who just don’t get it. They both have had a hard time with toning down their egos and have blown it. Take the deal while you can and don’t listen to your agent, listen to your heart and gut .

  34. cakemixa says:

    He gets no reward for being game manager of the year last year?!

    Actually he did get a reward. He got a bonus 1 million dollars for the brilliant skillz in the playoff game against the saints… you know…the one where he threw the winning touchdown. he got put in the history books and also got 1 mill for that game. hater.

  35. So, someone indicating Alex “lit it up last year” did not sit well with some of you. Would you accept, “…compared to years past, Alex lit it up?”
    Out here in The Bay, we are known for having our own perspective – too bad some of you can’t see and accept that. Oh, well!

    And with an upcoming entire off season, OTA’s, some legitimate weapons that WILL be added, when Alex does “lite it up” per you guys standard, don’t even try to jump on the Band Wagon. We know who you are, and we’re not gonna let you. There!

  36. raiderlyfe510 says: Mar 12, 2012 1:06 PM

    He had the same O Coordinator in 2009 & 2010.

    I don’t think anybody in the NFL knows how to evaluate or coach QBs better than Harbaugh though. He did good work in his very short time with the Raiders.
    Mike Johnson was the OC in most of 2010, get your facts strait noob. Before you say he ran the same offense as Raye you might want to check that out as well. used a hybrid (spread offense) Raye was a more traditional run and gun, with a lot more run than gun.

  37. Now that Smith has some stability and some support I think he is poised for a big year. Alex is a smart and talented QB who, until last season, was always doubted and unsupported by his defensive-minded coaches. If the 49ers can get a good WR through free agency and have the rest of the guys in camp on time Alex should be able to sync up well with them. And everyone dogs on his deep ball. He has pretty good touch and anticipation but he was throwing to inexperienced guys. The bad overthrow to Williams sticks out in my head but so does the awesome pass to Davis against the Saints to setup the game winning touchdown. He will be a top 15 QB next season as long as he gets a good experienced WR. With Morgan, David, Crabtree(who is emerging) and another good veteran(Colston, Jackson or Garçon) thers is a lot this 49er team could accomplish.

  38. nineroutsider:

    Maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to convey. I took it to mean you were saying he is a good QB because he compares favorably to Sanchez and Fitzpatrick.

    My point is he is average at best, and granted he is a victim of not having had any sort of consistent coaching, but he is what he is, which is an average to below average NFL QB.

    49ers are a good team and I believe with a top 5-10 QB they could be SB favorites.

  39. Yes PFT, let’s forget the 13-3 record, the multiple comebacks and his 495 yards 5 TD’s 0 Picks he had in his two playoff games. He’s a bum because he didn’t put up Brees numbers…….. Even though he led his team back TWICE in that game.

  40. When looking the QB’s where would Alex rank?

    1 – 5 (in no particular order) Rodgers, Brees, Peyton, Brady, Eli

    6 – 10 Ben, Rivers, Cutler, Newton, Vick

    11 – 15 Stafford, Romo, Schaub, Flacco, Ryan

    16 – 20 Freeman, Bradford, Dalton, Hasselbeck, Palmer

    At best you could put him in that 16-20 range and this doesn’t even consider the 3 guys that will be new starters this year (Luck, RG3, Flynn).

  41. Smith needs to resign with the 49ers. He has obviously shown that he can manage a team. He doesn’t choke in the playoffs as we have all seen. He is like the stonewall Jackson of quarterbacks. Even after getting sacked 9 times in the Baltimore game earlier in the season he was still looking down field for an eligible receiver instead of looking for a LB that might try to kill him. The 49ers are trying to upgrade their O Line. In the event of this, Smith will have the protection he needs and have time to make the better passes the team could use. On top of this, we have signed with both Mario Manningham and elite receiver Randy Moss. Moss is still an elite receiver, second only to Jerry Rice(who also made his home with the Niners), and will give us the vertical threat we need for a deep pass. This will also take some D backs off of Gore and will allow for Vernon Davis to operate more smoothly. Receivers who can operate better will bring out Alex Smith’s true potential. He is obviously a QB who can make a pass or two if he was the number 1 draft pick in the 2005 season. He was just unable to work with a receiver who can operate the field like Manningham or Moss. He also never had a coach who believed in him like Harbaugh does. If he resigns with us he will have the setup every QB could dream of. A monster D, a coach who has faith in him, An amazing special teams, a RB who can truck like a Mac, and two new receivers who can not only operate, but will take some pressure off of his elite tight end.

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