Billick on Tebow’s future: “They don’t want him, why should I?”

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Former Ravens coach Brian Billick and FOX and NFL Network contributor joined PFT Live on Monday for a wide-ranging discussion regarding the biggest stories in the NFL.

As to the biggest of them all — the Peyton chase — I asked Billick whether, if he were coaching in the NFL, he’d be interested in acquiring Tim Tebow if/when the Broncos land Manning.

“The Denver Broncos who in a very unique way energized their fan base, the league as a whole.  Tebowmania.  Found themselves in the playoffs and even won a playoff game with Tim Tebow,” Billick said.  “And they don’t want him, why should I?”

It was hilariously blunt.  More importantly, it was accurate.

And Billick said more things.  And you can hear them in the clip.

The entire Billick segment was excellent, notwithstanding the fact that I was asking the questions.  You can see/hear it on the PFT Live home page.

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86 responses to “Billick on Tebow’s future: “They don’t want him, why should I?”

  1. He’s right. Football wise that is. But for a new owner looking to sell tickets for 1-2 years it would be a great signing. Now who is a new owner that has low attendance now that could use him….hmm…..

  2. One more dig at Tebow. A guy who has done nothing but play his heart out and proclaim he’s a Christian when asked.

    What a horrible human.

    Eh, mike?

  3. Billick is one of the most condescending faces in the Media today- the same guy who was an “Offensive Genius” but had his Defense win him a SuperBowl ring because the didn’t scored a TD in how many Quarters? …………… (12)

  4. (in no particular order)


    Yeah, Billick is a guru.

  5. This is why Billick was overrated as a coach and basically lucked into a Super Bowl win with the best Defense in pro football. He’s often referred to as an offensive guru, yet that never measured up in my eyes. If I were the pack I would pick Tebow up in a heartbeat and use him in short yardage, especially around the goal line. At the RB position of course, and the rich get richer!

  6. Billick would know all about coaching QB’s nobody else wanted, he won a Super Bowl with one.

  7. Uhhh….sorry….but what NFL team is Billick running again? I forget, but I’m sure I recognize the name from somewhere. Is it the Patriots? The Giants? The Steelers? Someone else?

  8. That’s a ridiculous response. If I had a cheeseburger and was handed a filet, I wouldn’t want the cheeseburger any more. That doesn’t mean the cheeseburger isn’t better than someone else’s bologna-on-hand sammich.

  9. Broncs: “hey, we got this QB, well.. yeah, he was dead last in yards per game …. no, not with us, the whole league… anyway.. uhhh yeah, we had to replace the whole playbook… but, but he’s been completing 9.0 passes per game now… how bout that!”

    [fill in your team here]: click buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. When Manning zips up his pants, and Elway wipes his mouth off, Denver will regret getting used to inflate the value of Mannings contract when he goes to Tennessee. In the mean time, Denver better give Tebow a contract extension before he demands a trade! They’ll be stuck with Jeff Campbell, and Christian riots will break out in Lodo.

  11. If your organization is adverse to winning, then don’t sign Tebow. Really, the kid is not my cup a tea, but he’s getting better as a qb, not great, but simply better. Elway is handling this the wrong way, and his fan base will explain that clearly to him. Tebow will continue to excel under the right scheme…foolish to think what he accomplished won’t continue…as a Raider fan, I would welcome Manning to the AFC West, he’s one hit away from making this fiasco seem like a very bad decision to continue his career.

  12. Classic billick…smartest man in the room syndrome…which is why hes out of the league…

  13. While infinitely popular, the reality is the tebow just can’t play the qb position. However, he probably could have a long career in the nfl as a starting fullback or tight end.

  14. If he goes to Jax, he’s going to put butts in the seats, which is what Kahn wants. Tebow would take the Jaguars from irrelevant to “we don’t want to play there as an opponent” instantly.

    Tebow is good for the NFL in so many ways, it doesn’t matter where, as long as he’s still in the league.

  15. he would put butts in seats for a bit but in the long run, it could be a trainwreck, the ONLY reason Elway is getting a free pass from the tebow maniacs in Denver is because its an inarguable legend replacing him, so unless Brady or Rodgers plan on an future exodus from their current teams there is no clear exit strategy for his next team.

    If Tebow goes to JAX there will be a riot should he ever be benched.

  16. Kid is being set up to fail hard. It’s like putting a pastry chef in a BBQ competition.

    He’s not a QB. He’s never going to be a QB. While I wanna throw up with his Jesus BS, he’s a great athlete. Use him where he can shine.

  17. “The Indianapolis Colts who in a very unique way energized their fan base, the league as a whole. Found themselves in the playoffs and even won a Super Bowl with Peyon Manning,” Billick said. “And they don’t want him, why should I?”

    LOOK! It works for Peyton, too!

  18. Billick’s answer shows why he was a head coach and why none of you could ever be…..Tebow is a stiff who will never start at QB in the NFL again….if you disagree, sorry…you are a nit wit!

  19. Billick is the most overrated coach ever to win a SB. He is not an offensive master, he had some great offensive players in Minn and a great defense when they won the SB with Dilfer. Tebow had a good year (good record/playoff win vs a good Pitt team), controlled the ball (low INTs), was clutch when it counted, and seems like a leader in the clubhouse. Will he be an elite QB, probably not, but he has started only about 10 games, wants to learn and win, and will improve. I would like to see Dallas pick him up as backup (or Colt McCoy) for a couple of years, if Romo can’t come through in the playoffs, but overall I see JAX trading for him.

  20. All you tebow lovers are delusional!! Especially that guy that said the packers should pick him up and use him in goalline situations. I’m sure they’d want to trot Rodgers off the field and bring in tebow. Last I checked the pack wasn’t having many issues around the goalline.

  21. And the Colts, who energized their fan base for over a decade with 14 years of maybe the best QB play in NFL history, 11 Pro Bowls, 4 MVPs, Playoffs in 9 straight seasons, 2 Super Bowls, 1 SB win with Peyton Manning, and they don’t want him…

    Yeah Billick, I agree… why should I?

  22. So… when Tebow was in the draft, my understanding was that everyone agreed he would be atleast a 3+ year project. People talked about how great his leadership skills were, but questioned his decision making. I also was made aware of wide variety of assessments on his throwing motion. In the end this game is about Wins, if Tebow was always meant to be a 3+ year project, I would say he is well above schedule in the W column. If the Bronco really want to cut ties, stop jerking the guy around, be an organization of atleast some integrity and cut the guy loose. There is simply no going back from here, now they are just being a huge jerk of an organization. He either fits or he doesn’t, there is absolutely no grey matter. Good luck finding John Elway 2.0.

  23. The Steelers wanted to draft him in the 2nd or 3rd round. They also want a young backup to Ben. It worked with Kordell Stewert and Tebow has more skills. Hines Ward and Randel-El both were College QBs that converted to a different posistion and exceled. Either way I think it would be worth the risk for the Steelers.

  24. It is difficult for me to hear Coach Billick speaking this way about a player.

    I have always respected his knowledge of the sport but to hear him make comments like the one he is allegedly makes in this article is upsetting. (Perhaps he was taken out of context?)

    My view on the subject is that the NFL and all of its Coaches very much object to CHANGE.

    The Coaches in the league may compete on Sundays, but for the most part they are all part of a fraternity, and in this type of club they don’t like to look like fools…..

    This is what Tim Tebow did to the Coaches in this league…..he made them all look like fools…..he made everyone who every said anything negative about him look like a fool….myself included for a week or two after he started a game….after his first comeback against the Oakland Raiders, I admitted my ignorance…..

    Safe to say the NFL is scared of change…..the coaches in the league know what they know, and they know what they don’t know…..and they DO NOT know how to deal with the type of problems the type of QB like Tebow presents….

    This article is a perfect example of my point!

  25. I despise Tebow but …

    “They don’t want him, why should I?”

    ….um…didn’t Billick get a 57 year old, beat up, Steve McNair that Tenn didn’t want when he was coaching?

    And the Colts didn’t want Manning, but I’m pretty sure Billick would drool at the chance to sign him….you know….if he had a job

  26. drumsomeone says:Mar 13, 2012 12:23 AM

    Tebow for Jacksonville’s Second round pick…

    Why would I give any draft pick for a player I know the Broncos don’t want? I’ll just wait until they cut him…

  27. “and proclaim he’s a Christian when asked.”

    Ok, don’t consider this post an attempted “dig” at Tebow, as it is just to challenge your attempt to strengthen your point through favorable language.

    In what dream world of yours has Tebow only made his religion clear when asked? He brings it up constantly, and often unprovoked.

    If I were a big Tebow supporter, I would challenge why this is a bad thing as opposed to make myself, and thus my side, look stupid by trying to downplay what everyone else sees as simply true.

    (Of course, reaching that conclusion probably confirms I’m not a Tebow fan.)

  28. dlw492 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 11:17 PM
    Billick is one of the most condescending faces in the Media today- the same guy who was an “Offensive Genius” but had his Defense win him a SuperBowl ring because the didn’t scored a TD in how many Quarters? …………… (12)

    The 2000 Ravens went 5 games w/o scoring a TD.
    However they won 2 of those kicking FGs.

    Billick thinks he knows more than anyone else in the room-and he often does.

  29. It’s impossible to think that Tim Tebow wouldn’t find a job somewhere. He’s kind of the Doug Flutie of a new era, in the sense that he wins games but isn’t prototypical 6’5 240 with a rocket arm that is precise… Cut the guy loose, give it two weeks and he’ll be selling jerseys for a different team.

    An actual Tebow hater.

  30. NFL owners were saying the same thing about Billick before he gave up looking for a head coaching job.

  31. I think people are blind because of the whole Christian thing. Any true baller like myself, Elway and even a few of you know that Tebow will never amount to anything playing QB in the NFL……seems like a nice guy though!

  32. And we all know Billick knows his QB’s right? Stoney Case… Kyle Boller… Chris Redmen… Elvis Grbac… Scott Mitchell… Anthony Wright… great resume there coach!

  33. Has Tebow ever played Te or H-back. Why do people think he would be any good at it if he’s only ever played QB. No reason to think that translates into a good TE/H-back. I don’t follow that logic.

  34. Just reading the comments… so do these people REALLY buy the Tebow act??? This guy has the best management in sports and is getting set up for post-NFL. The truth lies in everyone around trying to get away from him…

  35. Here’s an excellent landing spot for Tim Tebow: The Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid and company can take him on as the backup to Michael Vick, and teach him the QB position — while allowing him the freedom to watch and learn from someone with a similar skill-set. In addition, he’s one of the few left-handed QBs out there, and the Eagles’ offensive line wouldn’t have to make any adjustments in their protection if/when Tebow enters the game. Win-win situation.

  36. Bullick is an idiot – by his warped logic, if the Colts didn’t want Manning after all he brought them, why should anybody else? What a tool!

  37. Make you wonder what the Denver locker room really feels about Tebow. Are his teammates getting sick of his act? There is more to the story about Denver want to get rid of Tebow than his lack of traditional NFL QB skill set.

  38. From an “Offensive Genius” that could find a QB or offense to save his job. The same guy that god rid his SB winning QB and never sniffed the SB again. I like the guy but Qb’s never where His forte after all. Miami and Jacksonville should pray Manning goes to the Broncos so they can trade for Tebow. At least he’ll fill those seats fe a couple of seasons instead of Miami having to unsuccessfully use celebrities to do it for them. B/c Jlow is why I’d want to go to a game!!!

  39. Only ignorant fools would look at a guy who threw for over 300 yards in his first playoff game against a top defense and say “He can’t play qb”

  40. There are a few places Tebow could go. One would be my Eagles. If Andy and Marty are up to the task of trying to rebuilding yet another running QB into a pocket passer that can still take off after VY was too stupid to allow himself to be made valuable again, then Philly is the place for Tebow.

  41. bronco1st says: Mar 13, 2012 8:07 AM

    Bullick is an idiot – by his warped logic, if the Colts didn’t want Manning after all he brought them, why should anybody else? What a tool!

    Because they couldn’t afford to pay him $28 Million and they realized the contract that gave him that much was STUPID. Manning wouldn’t renegotiate (I wouldn’t either with the rest of the team around him at that point) so they HAD to let him go.

  42. omniscient48 says: Mar 12, 2012 11:24 PM

    I dare Billick to say that to Tebow’s face!


    Why? What would would Tebow do other than prey for him?

  43. I don’t like Billick, but he’s right. If, after all the seeming success Denver had last year, they still don’t want the guy, then why should anyone else want him either.

    Remember, Billick won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer then cut him in the off season. Didn’t that tell you everything you needed to know about Dilfer if you hadn’t figured it out already?

  44. marinephinfan says:
    Mar 12, 2012 11:14 PM
    One more dig at Tebow. A guy who has done nothing but play his heart out and proclaim he’s a Christian when asked.


    Proclaim he’s a Christian when asked?!

    “Hey Tim, great job out there today”

    “I owe everything to Jesus Christ, my lord and savior, etc. etc. etc.”

    “That’s great Tim, but uh, let’s talk about the game. How did you guys rally there at the end?”

    “Well, Jesus Christ was just looking out for us. He’s a huge Broncos fan. Not really a Steeler’s fan. Look it up, it’s in Corinthians or something.”

    Brings it up when asked. Hillarious.

  45. For people trying to claim Tebow played lights-out when given a chance… Tarvaris Jackson had the same record after his first two seasons, with a higher completion percentage no less.

    Seems like some of you are more willing to support a less-talented QB because of his religion.

  46. Couldn’t agree more. Any NFL coach would want two or even three like QB types that have alike styles.
    Like Billick said, you can only practice the offensive line and players to do one thing. There is no time to in pre season or other to have two separate training sessions to cover two types of QB’s.
    That’s why, armchair or not, I beleive a balanced attack now a days is difficult because you only have so much time to practice run blocking and pass blocking. The Packers are a passing team first and run some and there is a reason for that, you don’t have the development time to be good at both.
    If Tebow is traded he must be the number one somewhere and not the backup or it don’t work.

  47. Tebow nut Huggers your all hilarious ! Keep up the delusional hope that he might someday be able to throw a pass ! If he’s so great then why is he already looking to be replaced? Men lie women lie, numbers don’t ! See yah later teblow ! Show that Denver D some credit for realizing how bad he is and stepping up to win them some games, teblow = grossman V2

  48. @bleedgreen please change your username, just for suggesting we bring
    In tebow. Vicks wonderful, but even he’s bad enough, the last thing we need is another running back, shady shakes his head at you.

  49. I have no problem with what Billick said. It’s right on the money. If the Broncos do land Manning, you know they will think they should be given a first rounder for Tebow.

    If I’m Jacksonville, what Billick said is exactly what I’d say to Denver, “Wait a second, you don’t want this guy, and you wanted to go in the direction of a guy who is going to retire in 2 more seasons instead, and you’re telling me I should give you an offer you can’t refuse for him?”

  50. don’t know why any jags fans are talking bad about tebow when you have Blaine Gabbert as your qb. The worst qb to be drafted in the 1st round.

  51. Why is it if someone says they do not like the way Tebow plays QB, they are all of a sudden tagged as anti-Christian or a hater of some sort? I am here in Denver and I do not like Tebow as the Broncos QB, even though I respect him as a quality human being and upstanding person who lives his faith. He just throws lousy passes. Simple as that.

  52. .

    If the Broncos decided to trade Tebow, I could see New England trading Ryan Mallet for him. John Elway would covet his big arm.


  53. Why does everyone assume Tebow is gone if Manning signs with the Broncos? Because another anonymous source said so? Puh-leeeez…. Let’s look at a few things we, and John Elway know:
    1. Peyton Manning is a short term solution.
    2. Tim Tebow needs work on his mechanics and ability to read defenses.
    3. Tim Tebow has an inexplicable ability to win games.

    Now why, oh why would it be so hard to to comprehend the idea that Elway wants Tebow to sit behind one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game and, ya know… LEARN A THING OR TWO FROM HIM??

  54. His comment may be good for a laugh, but that’s about all. It doesn’t make a hellofa lot of sense. Every player who has ever neen acquired through a trade was picked up from a team rhat “didn’t want him.” So every trade ever consumated, in the history of the NFL, has been a bust?

  55. Maybe the best place for Tebow is New England. He will have to sit on the bench for a couple seasons, but atleast he is with 2 coaches who covet him. (McDaniels was the one who drafted him, but it was rumored the Belichick planned to move up into the 2nd round to draft him (but of course, he didn’t get the chance to)).

    If there’s on coach in the league who will know how to use him, it would be Belichick.

  56. I hope tebow finds a new team that alows him to beat the broncos twice a year peyton will be in tennessee and who will you have then

  57. Billick is an a$$. I’ve never seen a more egotistical ‘analyst’. He just loves being called ‘Coach’ and spouting ‘What “I” would do’.

    Who CARES what HE would do. He IS NOT a coach anymore and not likely to be one in the future!!

    Uhhhhh, Gosh, could Denver mgmt be uhhhh…uhhhh..possibly….WRONG! Yeah, just maybe. 😉

    I’d love to go back and hear a summary of ALL the announcer’s views, 1) pre-Tebow starting in 2011, 2) during Tebow mania, 3) now Tebow views. Most of them would be flip-flopping like a grounded fish!

    I agree about Tebow going to NE, even though I DON”T like them. But he could learn from Brady, Belichek and THEIR system, which has got to be more normal and teachable than Manning’s! Unfor. he went to the ‘circus’ in NY. Anything for the Pub for them.

    Jacksonville/Tebow fans….Later Maniacs! The timing is just not right right now. Be Patient, Grasshopper…

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