Bounty penalties expected this week

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As it turns out, Monday’s meeting between Saints owner Tom Benson, Saints coach Sean Payton, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell happened not because Goodell summoned them to New York, but because the Benson and Peyton requested it.

The Saints made that disclosure on Monday afternoon.

No one has disclosed the specific timetable for a resolution.  Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that a decision on punishment is expected by the end of the week, and that league officials will spend Tuesday and Wednesday discussing the issue.

The NFL’s announcement from 10 days ago that the Saints maintained a three-year bounty system specified that penalties may include fines, suspensions, and forfeiture of draft picks.  We reported last week that the potential sanctions are limited to those possibilities.

28 responses to “Bounty penalties expected this week

  1. I still haven’t seen a list of the 22-27 players potentially involved. It wasn’t just Vilma and I’m sure suspensions would affect other teams.

  2. Sean Manning? Is there another Manning brother? Are you sure you are not talking about Eli Manning? He’s not a free agent, is he?

  3. And he doesn’t drive a Benson, he drives a Bentley. You really need to pay more attention.

  4. hahhaha what penalties some pathetic fines that they. Want a real penalty, strip the SB title. Too much money to be made for that..

  5. I wanted the penalty to include

    1 making the Saints sign and play Tikki

    2 making The Benson wear Al Davis’s old jogging
    suits to home games

    3 making Sean Payton wear a Pope’s miter hat in
    place of his visor hat and a sweater vest

    4 The whole team having to watch the Rex Ryan
    foot fetish tapes and take dancing lessons from
    the Gronk.

    5 Have to give 10,000 free tickets to home games
    for 5 years and sell all beer for $2

  6. waaaa..waaaa.. stop your whining dude. they didn’t cheat. there is no reason to strip the title. tropboi11.. ever been down here jackass? before you insult the entire area

  7. payton guilty bang……williams guilty bang…… officials guilty bang…… aint’s defense guilty bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang

  8. They should lose a draft pick or two to victims like the Vikings. It’s lame that they are essentially going to get away with this.

    Also, where is the outcry about the Ornstein connection and the collusion with NFL officials???

  9. you know… if we just start breaking bones, then we can get by this team and make it to the Superbowl…. skip over that whole ‘having to play the game’ nonsense…. that sounds like a good idea, huh?

  10. Fusion3450 ive been to new orleans, yeah its awesome for a night of fun i cant imagine living in that sh*t hole.

    Yeah, anyone who thinks the saints superbowl isn’t tarnished is kidding themselves.

  11. Saints haters please quit your WHINING. Its embarrassing. This was not cheating in the sense that they could not have won in the absence of bounties. Whatever illegal hits there were got fined by the league. The remaining hits were LEGAL and the Saints were not found to have the most illegal hits in the league that year or in the next two years.

    The Saints won the SB on the back of their OFFENSE, the gutsy onside kick call b Payton, and an INTERCEPTION of Peyton “Predictable” Manning. No bounties in any of THAT.

    I know you’re all invested in thinking of the Saints as the league doormat, but those days are looooooong gone. They are elite and thats not going to change any time soon. DEAL!

  12. the best thing about the Saints punishment?

    It will PISS OFF to NO END the Patriot Haters all over PFT if they got far worse penalties than NE.

    U know who you are.
    Sh*t, everyone knows who you are!
    YOU haven’t stopped Crying, sobbing and whining about it for 6 straight years. Females!!!

  13. I bet Payton and Benson asked for the meeting. Probably begged for it. I can hear it now: Pleasepleasespleaseplease, we promise we’ll never do it again. Don’t suspend us, don’t fine us, we’ll be good. We promise!

  14. jonny42671 says: Mar 12, 2012 8:49 PM

    ASTERISK next to the Superbowl !! What a bunch of cowards!!

    These bounties had nothing to do with them winning the Super Bowl. We wonder why the league is getting soft. Well look at how some of you have reacted here at PFT. It’s getting soft because of soft fans like Jonny here and the rest of you that bought into this overblown bounty hype. Asterisks for Super Bowl wins are for teams who get caught cheating like the Patsies and the Broncos, and for teams that the league bent the rules for in order to get them in the big game, ala the Steelers “Immaculate Deception” game. (Take note, the Steelers won the SB fair and square that season, so the asterisk really goes to the refs of the AFC championship game.)

  15. infectorman says: Mar 13, 2012 12:30 AM

    the best thing about the Saints punishment?

    It will PISS OFF to NO END the Patriot Haters all over PFT if they got far worse penalties than NE.

    U know who you are.
    Sh*t, everyone knows who you are!

    EVERYONE hates the Patriots, and it’s more to do with their tiny little bandwagon fan base and their big giant heads than it does with the team.

  16. Who dat you dang right this is football people. Whether it’s vocal or not every db has his own bounties. So stop messing with the game watering it down it’s not two hand tough.

  17. if its only fines, it amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist which basically means the NFL is promoting the issue silently behind closed doors. bigger & badder hits are great & we will just tell the public we fining you so it looks like we care (but really dont). if the nfl REALLY cared, the super bowl title would be stripped away. cheating is cheating, the degree or amount is irrelevant. making a playoff run and winning super bowl as a result of said scandal states it was obtained by cheating which is illegal. any decision lesser than losing said super bowl only proves nfl is turning a blind eye and does not care. if i keep seeing this side of nfl front office, my nfl interest will slowly diminish into the sunset…..cheating is cheating, any advantage gained from it should be forfeited PERIOD!

  18. Saints fans need to stop trying to defend this thing with the whole “every team is doing it” angle. That is preposterous. Only your team is dirty enough to have coaches and execs making sure players get paid to play dirty. You are insane if you think every team is doing this.

    Saints were doing it. They flat denied when questioned. Continued to do it. Their owner supports the coaches and will continue to employ them. It is a classless organization, top to bottom, and every fan knows it.

    They really should fire all of the coaches and execs involved. Most fanbases would demand that. Saints fans are a bit different though. They defend it.

  19. Yes the people invloved should be fined but keep the darn thing in perspective

    There is NO PROOF (no higher amount of injuries or greater amount of penalties) that the Saints caused anymore injuries than any other team in the league.

    It was stupid, childish and in poor taste but in my opinion all they did was pay money after the game for things that would have happened anyway.

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