Broncos pitch for Peyton buoyed by $27 million cap carryover

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So how have the Broncos and V.P. of football operations John Elway gotten themselves in position to have more than $40 million in cap space that can be used to sign Peyton Manning and a few of his former Colts teammates?

The Broncos had a whopping $27 million in leftover 2011 cap space, all of which the Broncos carried over, as permitted by the terms of the new CBA.

It gives Denver a decided advantage when the time comes to crunch numbers.

The full list of 2011 carry over shows that all but two teams carried over some amounts.  Only the Texans and Chargers elected not to carry over cap space.

As of February 12, the Texans and Chargers had only $1 million and $2.1 million, respectively.  In theory, it’s possible that something happened after February 12 to wipe out the full amount of the remaining cap space.  Regardless, both teams carried over a Blutarski-esque 0.00 to 2012.

For now, the more important number is the remaining cap space.  The Bengals lead the way with $49.9 million.

12 responses to “Broncos pitch for Peyton buoyed by $27 million cap carryover

  1. “The more important number is the remaining cap space. The Bengals lead the way with $49.9 million.”

    Just retract baby!

    What a poor excuse for a franchise.

  2. Sorry Tim, maybe not even a Superbowl win could have kept you in town. Elways sees his chance to exit this Tebow quagmire and he is taking it.

    It was cool that you lead the team in a playoff win against the league’s top ranked defense, but come on Tim, Elway wants someone more in his own image. Just as God created man in His own image.

  3. .

    With Peyton’s rock solid earnings over the last decade, I would guess that money will not be the overriding factor in his decision. I believe he’ll sign with the team that provides a comfort level and an opportunity to win.


  4. The Bengals are as thrifty as your grandfather on your 18th birthday. A warm hug and a few bucks don’t cut it nowadays, we be living in a material world.

  5. The Broncos are certainly in a favorable position cap-wise. That said, there’s not been a contract announcement yet. Until then, it’s still a guessing game.

  6. What a year it would be for Elway:

    – Drafted defensive rookie of the year
    – Solid hiring led to a division title, playoff win
    – Solid signings – Willis, and draft picks, Franklin, Miller, Carter, UDFA – Harris

    If he landed Peyton Manning?


  7. I really think Peyton will go where the money is. It appears it may be here in Denver.

    I don’t think its a good choice. They play in the cold, they don’t have a good set of WR’s. Their defense is good, but it didn’t look so good until Tebow came in and they played a run first, time consuming, error free offense. They won’t be a run first team when Peyton comes and the defense isn’t going to look as strong.

    I think Peyton is making a mistake.

  8. tluke25 – you must be one of those people that have moved to Denver with allegiance to another club. We’re happy to have you move back to wherever you came from.

    BTW – for everybody else. The weather here is TERRIBLE….snows every day, 15 inches a day, most every month of the year. Think about moving somewhere else instead.

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