Harbaugh will do the tossing to Moss


In a roundabout way, 49ers owner Jed York confirmed via Twitter on Sunday night that receiver Randy Moss will work out for the team on Monday.

The bigger news is that, instead of bringing in a guy like Brian Brohm to town to throw the passes (like the Saints did last week), the Niners will simply ask their head coach to temporarily expand his duties.

York tried via his tweet to make folks think that the Niners had joined the Peyton chase with this opening line:  “Former Colt Pro Bowl QB throwing for #49ers tomorrow.”  But York then adds, “Just to clarify, Coach Harbaugh is turning into Capt Comeback to throw to Randy Moss.”

Next thing you know, York will be quoting song lyrics and giving away stuff on Twitter.

And here’s hoping Moss won’t say after the workout that he wouldn’t let Harbaugh throw Frisbees to Randy’s dog.

43 responses to “Harbaugh will do the tossing to Moss

  1. Obviously they are taking this look at Randy Moss really seriously. Maybe the big news is not that they may sign Moss but rather Harbaugh could be the starting QB next season!!!

  2. Thats because Alex Smith would have them there all day, missing his target over his head and in the dirt at his feet on every attempt.

  3. Further proof (if it was needed at all) that the 49ers are not the “mystery team” after Manning.
    No way Jed would tweet like that, unless he is Machiavellian in the extreme

  4. This is why Harbaugh is and will be so successful in the NFL. The bridge of NFL player and NFL coach is small and the players love that. He treats them like a person and vice versa.

    Nice touch.

  5. Oh but when J.Harbaugh took out his sweater after the win against the Lions. And Harbaugh got badges for it, so let the sweater stay tucked in and stay classy.

  6. Jim Harbaugh is not a real coach, he is a cool coach! I bet he lets his players stay up past curfew too!

  7. @ “Former Colt Pro Bowl QB throwing for #49ers tomorrow.”

    There should be a picture common on the forums ‘I see what you did there’

    Good one. I’m sure Harbaugh still has it enough to throw passes to Moss to see if he can still do it.

  8. Harbaugh throws to receivers during pregame warmups as well. It really makes little sense and seems to belittle his importance to be available during game day. In this case you have scouts who will be looking at Moss’ speed and route running in real time. Harbaugh will be more worried about getting the ball in the right spots than evaluating Moss. He’ll have to watch the tape instead which is a waste of his time showing up to throw balls to Moss. It’s insulting to Moss to have to catch balls from a 48 year old. Its a wasted opportunity that could have been used to evaluate a free agent QB as well. It seems to be a PR stunt to show how much a players coach Harbaughe is(just prior to free agency) than a real chance for Moss.

  9. Love the idea of a coach capt comeback tossin the old pigskin……

    But, isn’t Moss the “stretch the field” type receiver?

    Is the old vet going to throw the 40 yard bombs?

  10. If i was a Harbaugh i would throw all diffrent types of routes to Randy Moss just to prove he will only catch deep throws. He is a one dimensional WR and overpriced which equals garbage.

  11. Hopefully Jim’s arm is still strong enough to truly test Randy’s downfield speed. Love the possibilities of adding Moss to stretch the field and having him interact with Harbaugh on a personal level so early can only help our odds.

    Go Niners!!!!!

  12. Not a Niners fan, or Ravens for that matter, but I do like the Harbaughs. I think it’s pretty cool that the head coach is going to personally try a player out.

  13. greenbloodking says: Mar 12, 2012 7:43 AM

    If I ever meet any of the Harbaughs, drinks are on me… Love those guys.

    Don’t let your affections cloud rational thought….Drinks should be on them.

  14. @hawkjuice

    You have bigger problems to worry about. Namely, that guy you call head coach, Pete Carroll. Biggest joke in the NFL. Why do you think Manning wouldnt even meet with your hawks.

  15. Problem with Moss to SF is, Alex take s a year to develop chemistry with a WR.

    Don’t see this happening.

  16. Why would he mislead Moss by giving him the impression that he’d be catching balls from a pro QB if he were to play for the Niners … everyone knows that Alex Smith can’t hit Moss.

  17. waxthat says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:04 AM

    You have bigger problems to worry about. Namely, that guy you call head coach, Pete Carroll. Biggest joke in the NFL. Why do you think Manning wouldnt even meet with your hawks.
    Don’t forget, wax, you are only one year past having one of the biggest jokes in NFL history as your team’s head coach. And maybe you should wait and see how Captain Arrogant does in years 2-5 before you start ragging on other teams.

    Pete was lambasted in New England because he was a “player’s coach” who followed Parcells. Now people think Harbaugh is great because he is a player’s coach… that schtick only works for a couple years, and only as long as the team keeps winning and not too many contracts come up (and those players need to be cut for the better of the team.)

    Harbaugh and Carroll are closer in style to each other than you’d like to admit.

  18. Focusing on Harbaugh’s arm strength or whether he can throw deep is missing the point.

    This isn’t an athletic test for Moss. This is a job interview, the same kind where you sit across the desk and they size you up, except the office is a field and the questions are passes.

    This is one case where having a QB as a coach is useful. Harbaugh can read an awful lot more about the guy than just speed in the 1-on-1 setting. You can really tell who you’re dealing with there.

  19. I actually had the pleasure of working as a equipment manager for Jack Harbaugh back in the fall of 1991 when he was the Head Coach at Western Kentucky.I did get the opportunity to meet Jim Harbaugh once and he was as classy, down to earth, and polite as his father.

  20. Harbaugh warms up with the QBs during pregame…love it, guy still has a decent arm. Randy will leave with a good feeling about the 9ers; he needs to focus on making sure the same happens for them.

    I think Randy could be a good fit to help the 9ers stretch the field and yes, Alex can hit him deep. Alex’s struggles are more in the intermediate range. He needs to nail those throws in 2012.

  21. Bad thing when your coach is the best QB on your team.

    I have no idea why this team isn’t in the Manning sweepstakes. With their D, V. Davis at TE and Frank Gore at RB, all they need is Manning & a WR (Reggie Wayne, anyone?) and they’d be right there with Green Bay for the next few years.

  22. @raiderrob21 worm burners > multiple pick 6’s per game. Funny for a bum like you to cast stones though. Raiders 4-12 at best in 2012

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