League strips Cowboys, Redskins of millions in cap space

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Well, it wasn’t just a rumor.

We explained an hour ago that there has been talk of the NFL taking action against teams that deliberately dumped salaries into the uncapped year of 2010.

The two primary violators were the Cowboys and Redskins, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.  Per Schefter, the league will punish the teams by removing millions in cap dollars.

How many millions?  Schefter reports that the Cowboys will lose more than $10 million — and that the Redskins will lose $36 million.  (And now we know why the Redskins got the Griffin deal done last week; the Rams likely would have wanted even more for the second overall pick now.)

The teams can divide the cap losses between 2012 and 2013 in any portion they want.  As of Sunday, the Redskins more than $30 million in cap space in 2012.  The Cowboys had less than $5 million.

The money will be reallocated to the other teams, with every franchise except the Saints and Raiders picking up $1.6 million in extra cap space.  (The Saints and Raiders presumably don’t get the extra money as their own punishment for engaging in similar tactics in 2010.)

So, for the second time in 10 days, the NFL has acknowledged what the NFL deems to be cheating.  Though this isn’t as serious as the Saints’ bounty system, the league still thinks it’s cheating.  As demonstrated by the consequences.

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    AND we all get another 1.6 mill…..unless your the raiders or saints. I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I guess the days of “shredding” evidence and cover-ups are over, only the patriots are allowed such courtesy.

  3. i’d like to know what these teams actually did wrong, and if the league knew teams were taking advantage of whatever it is they were doing, why did they allow it to happen at the time? i’m confused.

  4. NxSteven thinks the Patriots should be stripped a first round draft pick for this. It has nothing to do with them, but hey.

  5. wow…how can they actually proove that these two teams knowingly made these moves to manipulate the cap.

    Can the teams appeal or sue…this is incredible.

  6. Not a fan of either team involved so I appreciate the $1.6 mill but unless they were told there would be consequences which they blatently ignored, I fail to see how this is considered cheating.

  7. So we just spent three first rounders on getting RGIII knowing we’d have no talent coming out of the draft to surround him with because of the lack of remaining picks. At least you could take away that they’d have money to spend on Vincent Jackson and a Mario Williams. Now?!?!?! It’s going to be RGIII, with no draft pick talent and no talented players coming out of free agency? This is going to be a really bad year for the Washington Redskins.

  8. Wow, the Redskins are getting fleeced at every turn! It’s not like they didn’t give the Rams enough, but now they are giving them an extra 1.6 million as a cherry on top!

  9. “sorry you all played by the rules. we’re gonna ding you anyway.” what the hell

  10. lol, the most high profile owners get caught for cheating and throwing money around…how appropriate.

    R.I.P. Davis

    You go back further enough you can throw in Kraft.

  11. It seems more like this is punishment for not colluding with the other teams. There were no salary cap rules in 2010 so front loading should have been legitimate tactic. Not going along with an illegal request to collude should not be punishable. This is the best evidence the NFLPA will ever have of collusion.

    Also aren’t the Redskins still at risk in the Bounty Gate investigation. With discipline on that front expected this week are the Redskins future draft picks (which they have agreed to trade to the Rams) still at risk. If the league wants to punish Redskins for bounty gate could they not approve trade and still strip Redskins of one or more future draft pick ?

  12. that just made my DAY!!!! the AINTS,COWGIRLS,& TRADERS all jacked for cap space LOL,LMAO,HAHA

  13. Im not a Redskins fan, but I feel terrible for RG3. Seems to be such a good kid. He is going to get drafted into that terrible franchise and have no talent around him. Hopefully he stays healthy behind that awful O-Line and can leave after his rookie deal.

  14. I guess I don’t see where this was “cheating.”

    Was a written rule violated?

    It seems to me that this is more a case of the good ‘ole boy network handshaking their way to a deal that (perhaps) a few teams didn’t shake on.

  15. That is absolutely absurd! Are you kidding me? The Redskins and Cowboys were the only two that took advantage of the situation? Why was not a single bit of this being any potential violation reported prior to now? For something so substantial, it absolute blows my mind that it goes complete uncovered until the moment it happens. This league is a joke.

  16. Doesn’t the NFL approve these contracts before they are “official”? So the NFL is fining teams for doing something they previously approved?

  17. The Saints Bounty system wasn’t cheating. It was wrong, embarasing and goes against everything that pro sports and pro competition stands for but it wasn’t cheating.

  18. I don’t usually feel bad for other teams fans but my condolences to the Redskins nation

  19. If there is a way to appeal both the skins and boys should win easily. the nfl has to ok every contract and they didn’t have a problem with any of them a year ago…

  20. I know a lot of people hate Jerry Jones and the Cowboys and will enjoy this news…
    But how in the world can the NFL punish these teams for front-loaded contracts that the league APPROVED of at the time.
    The league has to approve every contract that is signed. If this was against the rules, then why would they allow these teams to do it in the first place?
    Furthermore, this was a result of the league’s own stupidity that there was an uncapped year in 2009 in the first place.
    So how can you retrospectively institute some type of hypothetical salary cap 3 years after the fact, and punish teams for signing contracts that put them over a cap that never existed, and that the league approved of at the time?
    It just makes no sense to me.

  21. Usually cheaters prosper. Occasionally they get caught. Those days are nice days.

  22. Can you please explain why it is cheating and why they are being punished for it? I really do not understand and this article does nothing to clarify. It seems like that’s something all teams should have been doing.

  23. Cowboys and Skins fans should ban together and boycott the NFL this year. See how the NFL likes losing hundreds of thousands of fans. At least watch their own games only and boycott watching a single minute of any other game, news report, etc.

  24. Wait, so, teams other than the Patriots cheat too? I thought it was just them. Who knew?

    Cowboy and Redskins fans, hope you enjoy your “cheaters” label too.

  25. Not forcing Fat Albert to payback the $$$ will haunt the Skins like they never imagined.

    DeAngelo Hall may well be cut now, and he sure didn’t forsee this either.

    Still, watch them pull a rabbit out of the hat and still sign a couple of FA’s. The grandour off season came to a quick end.

  26. So basically the NFL said last year, that they dont want any teams to be smarter than them and clear up cap space and now that two teams did just that, they are screwing them??? Yet when the NFL makes a mistake do they go and fix it or do they just change the rules to fix it for next time??? MMM kind of a double standard here huh.

  27. Does the league have the authority to do such a thing? I’d like to see some sort of precedent, or the specific rule that empowers Goodell to do such a thing.

  28. Good for the league for catching it and shame on the Cowboys and the Redskins for being so devious.

    …and no..not every team in the league did it. That excuse is old.

  29. This puts even more pressure on RGIII.

    Not only are the skins down a net of three lower cost young rookies that now cannot be replaced with more expensive veterens; they have also traded four less expensive picks for one more expensive one.

    Hopefully RGIII is REAL fast because there went the money to upgrade the offensive line.

  30. Finally, after two restless nights of picturing RG3 in a Redskins helmet… I can sleep soundly again. Justice has been served!

  31. BULLS**T! These owners payed there players in an uncapped year. There was no cheating or foul here! GODell needs to go.

  32. (And now we know why the Redskins got the Griffin deal done last week; the Rams likely would have wanted even more for the second overall pick now.)
    Not true. The Rams had a set price of three 1st’s and a 2nd and the Redskins were the first to agree to it.

    Cleveland tried to outbid them but the Rams stuck to the original terms…

  33. Wow, the things these teams will do to get ahead is amazing. Follow the rules, keep your nose clean, everything will work out in the end. Nobody likes a cheater.

  34. Just this morning Mike Golic made a comment reagrding teams who’s owners insist on running the show and how the decisions they make not being very good. The two teams he mentioned by name – Redskins and Cowboys.

  35. NFL = gay. Goodell is a douche bag. So dumping salaries in an uncapped season is cheating lol so is what the colts doing considered cheating oh yeah it’s not an uncapped season. Gay f’ing gay

  36. this doesnt make any sense. its not cheating. front loading contracts is not illegal in the NFL, everyone knew the uncapped year was coming. its smart business. everyone had the option of doing it. this is probably the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard coming out of that office.

  37. I bet Robert Griffin is totally thrilled to be going to a team that is so horribly mismanaged. Maybe they’ll sign T.O. for him to throw to….I bet he’d play for league minmum.

  38. As much as I think these 2 owners give owners a bad name, if I was them I would pull and Al Davis and sue the league.

    How can you have an “UNCAPPED” year, but with a cap.

    So basically the league said it’s an uncapped year, you can spend like drunken sailors, but you can’t over spend, and we’re (the league) not going to tell you what “over spending” is. And if you do cross this line (the line we’re either not going to tell your or don’t know our selves what it is) we’re going to take an unknown amount of money from you in the future (unknown) date.

    Yea.. Ok..

  39. What’s the difference our politicians and the Nfl masterminds??? More laws, rules….

  40. Back to reality, Foreskins fans. Your team is a sad caricature of what a well-run operation is supposed to look like: Packers, Giants, Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, etc.

  41. The trade the Skins made makes even more sense now. They get a QB for many millions less than say Flynn would cost them. Given the rookie payscale…

  42. Is that a real punishment? All they have to do is resctructure a few contracts; business as usual.

  43. Sounds like the Cowboys and Redskins paid their accounting people well and the NFL is punishing them for that. Shame on them for working within the system the NFL built.

  44. This is ridiculous. I find it hard to believe these are the only two teams to engage in this. The league should cite exactly what rule the teams violated, which contracts were in violation of those rules, and how the contracts were able to be approved by the league office when they were made.

    How is this even legally doable to dock the money out of our FA funds? Shouldn’t the NFLPA be upset that the money will not be going to player contracts?

  45. Thank you deadskins VJack is a Buc now saints redskins love you guys get the smackdown by Godell been a great off season and just getting better

  46. Can someone actually explain the clear, unambiguous rule that was broken?

    “Don’t clear cap space in an uncapped year.” OK, but what the heck does that actually MEAN. Players of all teams signed and restructured contracts in a variety of ways. Who communicated where the line was that couldn’t be crossed and what was that line?

    How can the NFL come in after the fact and draw the line arbitrarily?

    Maybe it is all fair but no one is explaining it in such a way that it is clear that it is fair.

    Can someone explain this to me in a very clear fashion?

  47. It just keeps getting better! I guess you’re aren’t trying if you aren’t cheating, but judging by the records of these 2 teams…

    Enjoy some cap hell!

    I’m excited to see what big bad Goodell has in store for those Saints…

    All NFC teams, it really does keep getting better!

  48. I forgot to mention front loading contracts that the NFL agreed to lol to bad the NFL system
    Is unjust and only GODdell is the judge jury and executioner NFL and goodell are gay

  49. Cowboys always overpay for veterans. See Roy Williams, Leonard Davis, MBIII…who is to say that giving Miles Austin $17M for a season was anything but going with their status quo versus circumventing the salary cap in a non-capped year.

  50. Can someone explain how using bounties is a form of cheating? here is the definition of the word:

    Cheating: Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to GAIN AN ADVANTAGE, esp. in a game or examination

    What the Saint did was Awful and unsportsmanlike, and is a violation of league rules, so they should get whatever punishment is dished out. However, was it an advantage?

    Essentially its a motivator (be it a bad one…), “I will give you an extra 1,000 if you knock out Favre.”

    ……OK, the player still has to get through the line and make a play and knock out Favre! Combine that with the fact that even with a CLEAN NFL HIT AND NO BOUNTY, you can end someones career, and that fact that the refs aren’t making a penalty call, where is the advantage?

    Essentially saying that a Bounty is an Advantage would mean that the highest paid player in the league has an advantage. He is paid more than anyone else to play better! Does that mean he does? Not really!

    Are bounties HORRIBLE, and TASTELESS in the game, and are they even deemed to be illegal by the league? YES! Very much YES!

    BUT…..is it CHEATING in the true definition of the word? NO! VERY MUCH NO!

  51. Wait. What? They were penalized for violating a rule that wasn’t really a rule? I can’t blame Bruce for accelerating the contracts in the uncapped year (he had to clean up Cerrato’s mess). If there was a rule, why did the NFL approve the restructured contracts? And how is it cheating if all of the other teams could have done the same thing? And why is this just coming out now? It’s no secrect they did this. I’m just a fan and I know they did it. If I’m Washington and Dallas, I would at least want the penalty delayed a year (given that free agency starts in 24 hours) so I can appeal (if there is an appeals process available for this sort of thing).

  52. There was precident and law to make these moves. It wasn’t cheating. There was an exposed loophole in the uncapped year, and these guys took advantage of it because Big Bad Goddell said don’t do it. That doesn’t mean they cheated. Learn the difference.

  53. to further this a little more, if you gave me all the money in the world to go into a game and knock out Drew brees, I would not be able to do it. I am slow and Fat! So again, how did giving me more money to do something give me a competitive advantage?

  54. Couldn’t happen to a better organization in the cowboys. Love seeing Jerrah take it in the tail pipe!

  55. Ok, for those that don’t understand where the cheating took place. I’m not positive, but i think that by throwing a bunch of $ to players that year to try to create room for later capped years, is trying to take leverage over the rest of the teams who followed the rules. thats just my thought.

  56. mrconnors says:
    Mar 12, 2012 3:32 PM
    NxSteven thinks the Patriots should be stripped a first round draft pick for this. It has nothing to do with them, but hey.

    I knew it wouldn’t take long before a wussy Pats fan would post one of their classic whines about how everyone picks on their team. Par for the course in New England, Home of the Whiniest Sports Fan Base in America.

  57. While I generally root against both these teams, this is an uncalled for punishment. There was no salary cap, they can do whatever they want to. If the league didn’t want them to do this, then they shouldn’t have had an uncapped year.

  58. they were specifically told not to do it…..

    they did it anyway, hoping that they would fall in the grey area and not get spanked too hard….

    they got caught…. and the Skins esp are getting a whippin’

    it is straight up cheating the other teams in the league… no question….

    what I can’t wait to see is the Bounty Gate punishments…. now that’ll be fun….

  59. the skins FA targets just went from vincent jackson and mario williams to pierre garcon and dave tollefson.

  60. @dmartin17

    Basically, the teams were told (collusion?) to not run up player salaries in the uncapped year, so as to not make the 2012 cap number around 100 million. The Cowboys and Redskins didn’t listen.

  61. Yeah, I really hope Snyder and Jones are currently on the phone with their millionaire lawyer teams… This one is going to be easy and satisfying.

  62. i hope none of the people on here complaining are part of the “99%” movement, bitchen about the redistribution of wealth

  63. Good luck surrounding RG3 with playmakers with no draft picks or cap room. Further proof that Dan Snyder is the biggest boob in football.

  64. If I’m RGIII right now I’d consider pulling an Eli at the draft. What would you do then redskins?

  65. tatatoothy says:
    Mar 12, 2012 3:37 PM
    I guess I don’t see where this was “cheating.”

    Was a written rule violated?

    It seems to me that this is more a case of the good ‘ole boy network handshaking their way to a deal that (perhaps) a few teams didn’t shake on.

    No written rule was broken, here or in Bountygate.

    However, a written rule was broken in Spygate, which makes what the Pats did still the most egregious act of cheating in recent NFL history. Maybe of all time.

  66. If this sticks then I’m done with the NFL. Hope there is a major backlash from Skins/Boys fan bases and from all fans who don’t like the dictator-like style of Goodell. For you morons who think this is funny realize a move like this negatively affects the whole league and your team could be next in line for a Goodell imposed death penalty.

  67. ohh word. thas wassup now to all my fellow stinkie fans we should be able to re-sign doug legursky. 1.6 dam. sheriff roger gotohell should give everybody more cheese what’s that gonna cover? EMS medical coverage to have more browns and purple pigeons carted off the field. I want that bread n butter you was that bread n butter

  68. @jmikeh73 lol – I was just about to post the same thing! Mike Brown is way too predictable 🙁


  69. So glad that the Skins traded up to get RG3, because now they won’t have nay more, or draft picks to surround him with! Smart move Skins!

  70. This is total B.S. I’m not a fan of either team, but there was a loophole and they took advantage of it. How is that cheating? Snyder and Jones sucked it up and paid out big contracts to free up cap space for later years. I just don’t see how this is cheating.

    And looking at their records since then, can anybody say it really helped them a great deal?

  71. This sounds fishy. There’s an uncapped year but there was a directive not to use it as such?

    Smells like collusion……the NFLPA will be filing suit shortly.

  72. as an eagles fan this news is hilarious. but i feel bad for rg3, washington seems to be the place to ruin the first years of young athletes careers 🙁 john wall anybody

  73. To all of those people complaining read the previous article about the uncapped year. The NFL warned teams to not use the uncapped year to dump cap space.

    For instance the Cowboys giving Miles Austin 17 million as a base salary instead of as a signing bonus is fishy. The 17 million only counted in the uncapped year instead of a large signing bonus being spread over all the years of the deal. Skins must have done similar stuff. All teams were warned.

  74. Foreskin and Cowgirl fans need to relax. It’s about time, Roger. Put these two spiteful owners in their place. Throw them in the same trash bin as Benson and The looney Davis family(RIP AL)

    Good for the rest of us! 😉

  75. “According to sources, the Cowboys and Redskins took immediate cap hits during the 2010 season that normally would have been spread out over the length of the contracts, giving them an advantage that other NFL owners found unfair.”

  76. I gather since there is no net loss of $ (with the cap money being reallocated) and the formula for spending being set at a fixed percentage that this is well within the CBA and the NFLPA really has no recourse (if they wanted to have recourse).

    Interestingly, I think that since the $ are spread out this will probably be a boon to those mid-line type free agents at the expense of the top dollar ones.


  77. No one cared for my comment this morning about Danny boy trying to buy a Super Bowl team. Now he doesn’t even have the money to do it so they’ll like this comment even less…..

  78. It’s easy really, the uncapped year “should not have been there” – the NFL as a represntation of the owners (or half the reason why there had to be renegotiated a new CBA) said to the teams “hey guys, we know its an uncapped year, but if you go out and dump money that wouldnt have been there in a capped year, and sign players to fronloaded deals etc. we will punish you.

    The Redskins and the Cowboys did so anyway – and they get punished, to those of you that say “well then they should not have let an uncapped year come” – the NFLPA had a part to play aswell.

    I think its more than fair that teams that went out and used money that wouldnt be there if it wasnt for the lack of a cap – get punished – the teams organisation NFL said “dont do it” – and they did so anyway.

  79. I don’t get this at all. I’m a Patriots fan and couldn’t care less about the Redskins and Cowboys but if u have an uncapped yr that sounds to me like an owner can spend whatever he wants. I think a smell a lawsuit. forcing the owners to cap themselves and not spend falls back to collusion to me.

  80. Patriot fan here.

    Back in the day this sort of “thinking outside the box” was referred to a gamesmanship. I put side line taping and a bounty system in the same category.

    The thing that gets me about the bounty system was that it rewarded players to hurt other players. You know, being a part of the same union and all, you’d think there would be some professional courtesy or code. I mean if I player A and I hear player B got $1,000 to put me into the hospital, player B and I are going to have a conversation.

    And while this may have given the Cowboys and Redskins a bit of an advantage, I don’t see how it hurts players when you get penalized for paying out too much. Bizarre stuff.

    And as for the rest of you who are “fans of teams that don’t cheat.” Glass houses, and all that….

  81. zn0rseman says: Mar 12, 2012 3:35 PM
    Wait… you mean the Saints were cheating?!?
    I’m shocked.
    Please keep whining about the 2009 NFC Championship Game. In the meantime while you get a life, I look forward to the Lions kicking your tails for the next 10 years on the way to their first Super Bowls. Maybe the Lions will do better there than 0-4.

  82. Love it. Cowboys and Skins cheated and were caught. Now punished big time. Don’t like that they can spread the punishment into next year though. That is when the big cap raise is expected so take a 1 dollar hit this year and rest next.

  83. As a skins fan, it’s just par for the course. The Goddell run NFL is beginning to stink. This should have been FULLY, and CLEARLY communicated to the teams before they paid off the large salaries during the uncapped year. The players who benefited from the payouts should also be penalized and pay back the teams that paid out that money (see Fat Albert Haynesworth….)

  84. Hahah wow redskins get their future qb and now after all the talk of splashing big will have no money to sign him the weapons he needs plus no 1st round draft picks in the next two years ,that team keeps getting hit hard even when they try to do something good . I’m guessing they’ll suck for a long time

  85. The Redskins will take all of the $36 million hit next year. That way it will give them time this season to restructure everyone’s contract so it beats the cap for next season.

  86. Goodell is a stooge and he’s turning the NFL into a joke. I’m glad it’s baseball season because this is sickening.

  87. Bye bye Vincent Jackson, Redskins.

    So now, who is RG3 going to throw to?

    Enjoy that!

  88. So the Redskins pay Haynesworth and Hall all of their guaranteed money in an uncapped year, then the League changes the rule under a new CBA and go back and punish them under the old CBA? All of this AFTER the League approved both contracts?

    Goodell has got to go.

  89. It IS explained in the article. All the huge contracts Snyder gave out and ate and he was gonna have 30 million in capspace this year? They were told there was no floor but not to dump salaries and that’s just what they did. Don’t do the crime if they can’t do the time.

  90. Skins will be fine. RG3 poops golden eggs.

    All they have to do is draft well…ohhh, wait, nevermind

    It should be a good match, then. The Redskins poop away money and draft picks!

  91. Outstanding!!!! I love it. I love whenever “america’s team”(sarcasm) gets punished. As much as I wish all owners went balls out like snyder and jones in free agency. It brings a huge smile to my face to see nfc east rivals get handicapped. Redskins better hope RGIII is worth the hype, because it is gonna be a long 3 years without all those draft picks and money. Also I can just imagine Jerry Jones having a ulcer developing right now after hearing this news. Love it, love it, love it.

  92. Wow, cheating on the cap cost Denver a while back when they tried to pay Elway under the table, but this is crazy. The Redskins really screwed themselves long term. No money or picks for two years. Well, unless of course they cheat again. In which case they should have plenty of cap space.

  93. Well thank you Danny Boy and Jurry. My Ravens could use that extra 1.6 million, we are kinda tight against the cap.

  94. I root for the Redskins TEAM, but their owner is as big a jerk as the one in Dallas…and both of them have been playing games with the rules for years. Both have tried to BUY a championship the past decade while others were developing solid teams with good management, good draft picks, and experienced “team” free agents…like their neighbors in Baltimore and Houston; or the great programs in Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc. Just good steady organizations. So, they now FINALLY pay the price for playing their games off the field instead of on the turf.

  95. Nice to see other teams getting swacked for playing in the grey area of the rules…then again only the Pats are hated for it!

  96. NFLPA won’t have a problem with this because the money’s still going to get spent…just not by the Redskins or Cowboys.

  97. Sucks to be the Redskins right about now. The ultimate, and most ironic punishment, would be now for the NFL to take the Redskins first round pick in relation to the bounty issue.

    If that were to happen would it negate the trade or result in the Redskins giving up the farm for a 2nd overall pick that would be stripped from them anyway?

  98. Can you say collusion boys and girls? The collective bargaining agreement specifically stated that there would be an uncapped year in 2010 if a new CBA was not reached before the 2010 league year started. I doubt that the CBA said “teams that specifically use the uncapped year to dump salary will be penalized in the future”. This verdict by the NFL shows that there was an effort by the NFL to keep teams from spending money freely on players during that season and that 28 of the 32 teams were complicit. I seem to remember a lot of writers and broadcasters saying or writing, “Gee, for an uncapped year, things sure are pretty quiet on the free agent front.” If I’m the NFLPA, I’m all over this.

  99. Wow, I’m not sure whats more shocking? That the NFL is punishing teams for things that where legal which smells of collusion backlash. Or, that there are so many nfl fans not smart enough to see the Goodell runs things like a corrupt dictator. I’m sad to see how dumb a nation we’ve become. It would be nice if PFT took some time to do some journalism and actually include information into what was essentially just a headline with some filler so they could be first. Guess PFT is taking notes from their parent company.

  100. I read something Andrew Bradit posted a couple of years ago about that: Dallas should thank Austin for this mess and Washington should thank Hall and Haynesworth for this. Oh well, more money in the cap for us to get a LB.

  101. Is 2013 when the new tv contracts kick in and the cap jumps to around 140mil? If so while this sucks its not the death sentence people think. 30mil in space this year and god knows how much next to split 36mil is not impossible.

  102. Well, half think it’s an outrage and half think it’s hilarious … but if you read PFT’s earlier article an hour or so ago it clearly said that teams were instructed by the league not to dump salaries into the uncapped year. And Jones and Snyder, as usual, considered themselves above the rest of the league and did it anyway. And now, as grandma said, the chickens are coming home to roost. And crapping all over these two arrogant windbags.

  103. Wow now RG3 gets to pull a Manning or gets his butt kicked for 16 weeks

    Guess the NFC East is prime pickings this year.

    Thank you Jerry and Dan
    The deadskins can call Tampa as they never get near the cap

  104. In 2010, the Skins paid Fat Albert $21.0M of his signing bonus to get it off the books before the salary cap went back into affect. Yeah, that’s not abusing the system. lol. Go have some wah burgers & french cries.

  105. At least the Cowboys and Redskins have owners who want to win and will spend to do so. The Broncos, Bengals, Chiefs, Bucs, ect. should all be embarrassed for not spending money and not trying to win. There should be penalties for cheap a** owners who take the TV money and run. Mark Cuban please buy the Broncos.

  106. Wait, let me get this straight……
    Skins have no FA room AND no high draft picks to build around RG3??

    What’s the over/under on how long it takes Washington to ruin him?

  107. Why did the NFL approve these contracts if they didn’t like them?

    Haha ..all the haters are going through a box of tissues on this.Make sure the doors locked.

  108. (in my leslie chow voice)haha hows that 40 mill to surround rg3 with free agents looks now….*itches

  109. How is $56 million worth of cheating not as serious as a few players giving out tokens for hits resulting in injury??? On the list of what affects the integrity of the game, this salary cap scandal and Spygate are near tops of the list while bountygate (which goes on in every lockerroom) is by far at the bottom.

  110. dino2997 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 3:42 PM
    Good for the league for catching it and shame on the Cowboys and the Redskins for being so devious.

    …and no..not every team in the league did it. That excuse is old.
    Catching what?!? Front loading a contract in a non-cap year???? This sounds like a bunch of bull to me. I agree with the other readers as well. How can you punish these two teams for not breaking any writing rules???? This sucks!!!!!

  111. I still dont see how the league can punish them, even if teams were “warned” not to do it. Unless it was a written league rule, which to this point I havent heard reported.

  112. Why would Jackson want to go to the Bucs? He can get the same money and have Cutler throw to him.

    This makes me very happy though. I think it was yesterday there were headlines saying, “Washington ready to break the bank.” Ha… ahahahahahahaha!

  113. Those geniuses in the Redskins front offfice are at it again! They are the smartest people in the room where anyone with football IQ over a 15 is denied entrance!

    So many people were saying with 40 million in cap space the RGIII trade was brilliant who needs draft picks:)

    Wake up skins fans your team is run by a manical little fool with a little pet RAT on the sidelines!

  114. Worst organization in the NFL. Terrible owner, overrated coach, gave up to many draft picks for RG III, circumventing the salary cap, etc. RG III to Santana Moss, how exciting!

  115. The league is supposed to approve contracts aren’t they ? So how the hell were these contracts approved by the league if it clearly showed front loading of the contracts with salary dumped in 2010 ?

  116. So Redskins have no 1st round picks in coming years and no cap space – I think the 2013 and 2014 1st round picks the Rams got from the Skins have a REALLY good chance of being in the top 10.

  117. 2 teams that deserved it. Glad to finally see that those two owners are paying the price. Stay tuned as more to come with those two nitwits.

  118. mattwalshvideo says:
    Mar 12, 2012 3:32 PM
    I guess the days of “shredding” evidence and cover-ups are over, only the patriots are allowed such courtesy.
    Actually, in hindsight, you can now see that if Goodell thought there was reason to go over the top and make even more of an example of the Pats, he certainly would have done it.

    The Pats lost a 1st rd pick, $$$, took hits to legacies, still here it from idiots like you, and still have managed to bang out a .700 record post-2006. The ‘Skins and Boys would be pretty happy with that record, I think, post “CapGate.”

    If you ain’t cheatin’, then you ain’t tryin’.

  119. Cutting Trent Williams and Deangelo Hall will save 34.3M over the next two years with a dead cap hit of 3.9M. Cutting Atgowe saved 8M with hit of 700K and Sellers saved 2.68M with a hit of 360K over the next two years. This move saves 44.98M over the next two years with a total dead cap hit of 4.96M. Meaning that this would create 40.2M of cap space over the next two years or give the Redskins an additional 4.2M to spend this year and leave them with nothing to worry about except now needing to add a CB, LT, FB, and FS to the laundry list of needs via free agency. While that is a lot of holes, $40.2M this year and an even more massive amount next year should do the trick. The key would be to not sign V Jax and instead target Colston, Royal, or others that add not talent at a reasonable price. Same with LT, get Gaither or someone likely to be undervalued. Eitherway, Trent Williams has not and will not live up to his contract, nor will D Hall, so this affords the opportunity to find people that might.

  120. For all of you Redskin haters that has come out of the wood work can suck on it!!! Jealous cause the skins will be drafting the best athletic quarterback in the draft RG III….Guess what haters the skins will still land which ever player they want in free agency cause our owner is not broke and is willing to spend money when needed. And maybe not this year but the Skins will regain the NFC East for years to come!!!!!

  121. The Redskins cheated and they still couldn’t finish above .500……who cares? Let em’ cheat, what harm could it do to the rest of us?

  122. This sounds a little fishy, but who cares it only hurts the Cowgirls and Foreskins, im sure RG3 is so excited to be joining this big mess. The funniest part of it all is that neither team has anything to show for it, hahaha, this just made my day!!!

  123. Actually the Rams could have wanted less now. The fact that the Redskins will lose major cap space in 2012 and 2013 increases the probable position of the draft picks which the Rams will receive.

  124. Of course the league didnt want teams frontloading contracts so the players would have a war chest before locking them out………….but there is nothing illegal about what those 4 teams did.

    There is however something very illegal about the NFL engaging in collusion against it players.

    The only clearer evidence would have been if all 32 teams had not spent any money in an uncapped year.

  125. I am not a Cowboys fan or Skins fan and I love that every other team is getting 1.6million, but is this fair? It was an uncapped year agreed up on by the NFLPA and the NFL in the last year of the CBA and in uncapped year can’t the teams do whatever they want?

    I know the league sent out a directive but can the league unilaterally circumvent the terms of the CBA by applying cap constraints on its own? It seems to me like it may be an abuse of power and not within league powers to possibly override the language and intent of the agreed upon CBA.

  126. I am a GIANTS fan, but I have to call BS on this.

    If the year was uncapped, it was uncapped. The NFL is now turning around and saying the year really wasn’t uncapped.

    At first blush, this makes the NFL look bad.

  127. I’m not certain you can call the Skins the worst organization in the NFL. I’m a ‘Boys fan and despise the Skins, however the Bucs and Bengals are front runners for that title.

  128. The Skins and Cowgirls SUCK and so do Jones and Snyder. Gee I guess everyone will really pity these guys. Kool Aid Drinkers You Deserve What You Get!

  129. You fans of other teams act like little girls. There was no rule to break. Just because Jones and Snyder can stroke a 21 mil dollar check you want to punish them?

    The problem is goddell can do whatever he wants and has total control which is bs.

  130. So here is the problem with being sympothetic with the teams, washington and dallas front-loaded contracts (they did not exceed a cap in an uncapped year) they FRONT LOADED contracts. Even with all their cap being stripped this season they STILL have an advantage on multiple year contracts.

    The largest paying year of a contract is often the LAST year in the contract. Not the case in washington now. Now as the years go on their salary cap will be dropping EVEN as they keep their vets. While the rest of the NFL has to struggle each year to stay UNDER the cap.

    Do not feel sorry for Dallas or Washington- they will be reaping their rewards for several years AFTER this punishment.

  131. For those wondering where the proof is, the leauge has a copy of every contract signed. The evidence is right there in front of them in black and white. Paying Austin a base salary of $17 mil in year one in lieu of a large pro-rated bonus is obviously skirting the rules. Don’t hate the system, your owner(s) were warned about this numerous times and still skirted the rules.

  132. tigerphins says:
    Mar 12, 2012 4:22 PM
    Wait, let me get this straight……
    Skins have no FA room AND no high draft picks to build around RG3??

    What’s the over/under on how long it takes Washington to ruin him?


    I’d say from the moment thay made the trady to aquire the second overall pick in this years draft.

  133. So, the NFL has an uncapped year, and kept calling it an uncapped year. Then, when a couple of teams go ahead and spend all the money they want, since it is uncapped, they get penalized? That sounds like the teams involved have grounds for a suit. And, possibly the NFLPA (on behalf of players on those teams), since those teams now can’t spend as much on their players.

    Apparently, uncapped doesn’t actually mean “without a cap”.

  134. I love how Saints fans are trying to justify their teams actions by claiming that intentionally trying to injure and maim opponents as a way to unjustly win games, is somehow not cheating.

    It is cheating because…
    1: Bounties are against the rules.
    2: Illegal hits are against the rules.
    3: Trying to hit a guy with the intent to cause serious injury is against the rules… not to mention illegal.

    The fact that the Saints won a Super Bowl as a result of that horrific misconduct is an abomination to the sport, and should shock and appall all football fans.

  135. So uncapped has some weird definition none of us understand.

    And the league approved these restructured deals at the time.


  136. Wow, most of the posters here are as stupid as the teams being penalized. Could you NOT read that the NFL warned teams 6 different times about dumping cap money into uncapped years to gain an unfair advantage? I mean seriously, 6 times to be told to not do something. Can you get away with being told the same thing 6 different times in 1-2 years and not get fired or suspended etc?

    Get a clue, the teams purposely abused the system to try and gain an advantage in an uncapped year to lavishly spend more and got caught. Good deal, i think Goodell is doing right. I also think Sean Payton deserves a 1yr+ suspension, i think the other coach who implemented it (Williams) deserves a lifetime ban from the NFL on ANY level.

    Pete Rose was permanently banned from MLB because of gambling which is far less important to me than bounty hunting. The man CANT even be elected to the HOF because of his gambling, yet this coach can pay players to injure other players and not get banned?

  137. You say that both salary dumping and bounties are “cheating” – I think you need to check the definition of cheating –
    “breaking rules to gain an advantage” If there’s no real advantage gained, its just “breaking the rules”, like having beer on the sidelines, getting extra ticket passes or smoking dope – none of that is “cheating”, its just being naughty.

    I don’t know if salary dumping is cheating or rule breaking, you didn’t explain it at all.

    But can you really call bounties “cheating”? casual and no-nothing fans all assume bounties totally change the way the game is played – like they take knives or baseball bats on the field to attack Quarterbacks. Most players say it has zero effect, the game is played the same either way since the money is tiny and all hits must be fair and legal to collect. So how are bounties “cheating”? Maybe you know something we don’t.

  138. Looks like the Redskins just dropped out of the Vincent Jackson sweepstakes. Everyone has to play by the same rules, & the Redskins have been prone to poor decision making over the past few years.

  139. IIRC, the league did indeed warn teams not to overspend in the uncapped 2010 season as a cap would return with the new CBA in 2011 and overspending could count against them.

    It’s like a bank you have a credit card with saying “we’re going to remove your credit limit for one year… but it will be back after that year is up, so while we’ll approve your purchases, there could be consequences when the credit limit returns, especially if you get stupid with your spending.”

  140. @bozosforall- Sir, are u a retard? Deliberately injuring key players to win games and front loading contracts in a year with no cap is a much more serious offense than taping other teams defensive signals, and you still think the pats are worse than the SAINTS u r the definition of an arrogant NFL fan

  141. I don’t suppose they’re going to fine the teams a commensurate amount of cash… or do Jerry and Danny just get to keep the money as additional profit?

  142. When should we expect to see collusion charges filed by the NFLPA now that the league has admitted they had placed league-wide constraints on spending in what was supposed to be an uncapped year?

  143. Not a difficult situation to comprehend. The League said “dont try and sneak in extra cash during the uncapped year or we will spank you”. Jones and Snyder said “Eff you NFL, we are the two most arrogant owners in the League and we could care less what you think you can do!”. Well, Jerry and Danny just found out what the league can do. It would only be unfair if the NFL didnt tell teams not to do it. Is it concidence that the most spendy owners in the NFL are the ones who got dinged? These two owners have been trying to buy a Super Bowl since they took over their teams.

  144. jmikeh73 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 3:43 PM
    there’s another $1.6 million the Bengals won’t spend this year.

    ^—–post of the day

  145. @realphan

    For those of you STILL confused on the reason the Aints are being pursued and punished for their transgressions, see below:

    “During the playoffs, the league said, the sums increased. Such bounties not only circumvent the NFL’s salary cap, as extra off-the-books compensation, but also violate the NFL’s constitution and by-laws and the collective bargaining agreement, all of which state, “No bonuses or awards may be offered or paid for on-field misconduct (for example, personal fouls to, or injuries inflicted on, opposing players).”

    So, yeah, its really bad and in DIRECT VIOLATION of the NFL Constitution, by-laws
    and CBA.

    Couple in the fact that they were working with a guy “who in October 2010 would plead guilty to federal fraud and money-laundering charges in connection with the scalping of Super Bowl tickets and the sale of bogus game-worn NFL jerseys”.

    This goes far beyond the Spygate deal, where they were caught for videotaping from an illegal spot on the field. Fact is, the videotaping rule was not enforceable in it’s present day from until the beginning of the 2007 season (hence all of the memo’s sent to the teams) so speculation on what (if any) benefit NE got from videotaping prior to 2007 is irresponsible, biased and highly flawed.
    Irresponsible, biased, highly flawed assertions are the norm here on PFT, unfortunately.

    NE was warned in 07′, just as Dallas, Washington, New Orleans and Oakland were warned in 2011, they were all too arrogant to follow the rules though.

  146. @shlort says:
    Mar 12, 2012 6:34 PM
    Not a difficult situation to comprehend….


    Was there a league *mandated* owner approved, voted-on, rule?

    If not, it was just a suggestion, IMO. Roger G is not a dictator.

    I hope Snyder sues the heck out of the league.

  147. I don’t claim to be a lawyer, yet here in the United States we have what’s called “Ex post facto” laws which PROHIBIT the retroactive punishment for something originally deemed ‘legal’ when it was originally performed. According to the Legal Dictionary, “An ex post facto law is considered a hallmark of tyranny because it deprives people of a sense of what behavior will or will not be punished and allows for random punishment at the whim of those in power.” In this scenario, does the NFL have the power to punish the Cowboys and Redskins for violating a rule that was not collectively bargained between the NFL and NFLPA? Anyone with a legal background care to jump in?


    Way to put your team down the toilet!!!!


  149. hey all you Redskins haters a little FYI … Despite the 36 million dollar hit over two years, if they split it right down the middle, we will still have over 22 million this year to spend on Free Agency.

  150. bcjim says:
    Mar 12, 2012 8:29 PM
    @shlort says:
    Mar 12, 2012 6:34 PM
    Not a difficult situation to comprehend….


    Was there a league *mandated* owner approved, voted-on, rule?

    If not, it was just a suggestion, IMO. Roger G is not a dictator.

    I hope Snyder sues the heck out of the league.

    Xenu’s lawyers can’t save Danny boy from being an idiot.

  151. I have to laugh at the Cowboy and Skins fans. You’re upset because you feel your owners/GM’s are the only smart guys in the league and they’re the only ones to figure the uncapped year out. Are you kidding me? So teams with great owners and front offices like the Steelers, Ravens, Pats, etc. couldn’t figure this out but Jerry and Dan could? You are absolutely delusional. Take another hit off that crack pipe. You’re going to need it next year as you watch your teams flame out.
    The only question that remains is who finishes last in the East next year. My money is on Danny Troll and his Deadskins.

  152. Goodell , using 50’s parlance, “Is way to big for his britches ” !…..This is exactly what you get from a Commish with a very limited amount of football background.His Legacy well be remembered as.. “the days when the NFL got soft”.

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