McClain: Texans aren’t interested in Peyton

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With so many conflicting stories regarding Peyton Manning, it should be no surprise that the Monday afternoon report from Mike Klis of the Denver Post regarding the Texans’ interest in Peyton has been contradicted by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Without citing a named or unnamed source, McClain writes that the Texans are still not interested in Manning.

“The Texans remain committed to Matt Schaub, who is ahead of schedule on rehab from foot surgery,” McClain says. “They think they have a good thing going right now.  They’re trying to keep as much of their team together as they can.”

(Eric Winston may disagree.)

So how do we reconcile these reports?  Someone is incorrect, or someone’s sources are lying.

For example, it could be that the Manning camp leaked the Texans’ interest in order to light a little more of a fire under the Titans.  Or possibly the Texans inquired, decided against pursuing Peyton, and opted to deny it in order to ensure that Matt Schaub’s faith in the front office won’t be shaken.

On that topic, the best way to put the Peyton question to bed would be to extend Schaub’s contract.  He’s entering the final year of his six-year deal, at a base salary of $7.15 million.

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  1. Matt Schaub is a great QB.

    Depending on Peyton’s rehab, he might even be a better QB at this point.

    The only downside is he seems to be injury prone.

    So….why trade him out for a guy with a neck made out of saltines?

    Just keep Schaub upright and you’re good.

  2. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year…The eve of free agency is the biggest BS day of the NFL year…lets not believe anything we hear, half of what we see and have fun watching this play out

  3. John McClain, isnt he the guy that saved all those hostages in nakatomi tower a few years back? then saved an airport from rogue militants? then the germans in new york? i think i know who im siding with thank you

  4. Keep in mind that if he was as inside the organization aa he would like everyone to believe, he wouldn’t have tweeted that he was shocked the team cut Winston.

  5. LMAO John McClain was on SportsRadio 610am in Houston about an hour ago and willfully admitted has no idea what the Texans are thinking and planning to do at this time. Nor does he know what the Texans plan to do with Mario Williams.

    On McClains twitter he was also shocked that they cut Eric Winston.

    With that said does anyone actually believe McClain is in the now when it comes to whether the Texans are interested in Manning or not.

    Also lets factor in the with last years free agency news McClain was late to the game, or completely wrong when proclaiming he knew what the Texans were going to do in free agancy.

    Best advice….when it comes to Texans free agency news take McClain’s statement with a big grain of salt.

  6. Best advice….when it comes to Texans free agency news take McClain’s statement with a big grain of salt.


    So now what are we left with, Hans Gruber?

  7. How many Super Bowls has the Houston Oilers or Texans won the answer is 0 just like the IQ of the owner of the Texans let’s see you have a great defense and a great run game and your passing game is okay or maybe a little better now if you get Payton Manning you have a great passing game let’s see mmmmmmmmmm “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” Get your head out of your butt idiots and do the right thing at least try and from what I hear he wants to play for the Texans, you can trade Matt Schaab and get good value and also have a good Quarterback for the future is Y J Yates or whatever his name is.
    Make sense to me why not to the dumbbell that runs the Houston Texans he might be a screwy as the owner of the San Diego Chargers who spit in the fans face by keeping that useless G.M. and Head Coach.

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    JD Master Mind

  8. JD Mastermind:

    You’re an idiot. I cannot believe you actually think that it’s a no brainier to trade a GREAT QB like Schaub for an injury prone QB like manning. I like Peyton, I loved it when we played the Colts every year, but he’s not our answer. Schaub can and WILL get us to the SB, THIS year as long as we keep everyone healthy. Manning is too much of a risk to go for, he’s uninsurable so to speak.

  9. Cpenny, one must question your thinking. Haha, you called Schaub great ? That’s delusional. Schaub is good, not great. And he’s definitely the weak link on that offense. Schuab is more injury prone than manning. Did you forget that manning started 207 straight ganes? Oh, yeah Schaub will never get you to the super bowl. He hasn’t even taken a playoff snap is whole career let alone go all the way ? Yeah ok

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