Mort suggests Manning may not decide on new team this week


Appearing on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Monday, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reiterated that free agent quarterback Peyton Manning is “exhausted” after his weekend flights to Denver and Arizona, and not ready to make a decision.

Mort said he’d be “shocked” if Manning picked a new team by Tuesday’s 4 p.m. opening of free agency, and even went so far as to suggest Manning may not sign with a team at all this week.

“He wants to get back into his throwing regimen,” Mortensen stated. “I will be shocked if he has a decision by 4 p.m. tomorrow when the new league year starts. And I might even be surprised if he has a decision this week.”

A week-long delay could hurt the Arizona Cardinals’ chances of landing Manning. Holdover quarterback Kevin Kolb is due a $7 million roster bonus next Saturday. Denver isn’t in such a bind.

Mort didn’t say much about the Dolphins. He seems to agree with colleague Adam Schefter that the Denver Broncos are the favorites to sign Manning.

Regardless, it appears no decision is imminent.

39 responses to “Mort suggests Manning may not decide on new team this week

  1. manning in denver is good for AFC west. you can be assured denver will miss the playoffs next year.

  2. He’s waiting for Jim Gray to free up time so he can announce his decision on ESPN.

  3. He’s letting surprise teams do more research, figure out what they can do with their cap space and make a bid under the table. Duh.

  4. Good young receivers, All-Pro left tackle, good running game to take pressure off of the passing game, stars young (Miller), in their prime (Dumervil), and experienced (Bailey) on defense, head coach that crates a player-friendly environment and is clearly willing to shape the offense to fit the strengths of his QB, Hall-of-Fame QB in the front office that won two Super Bowls in his late thirties, $43 million in cap space, weak division that can be won relatively easily… Did I miss anything?

  5. @Waxthat Thank you my good sir.
    I mean yea Denver and Arizona I get that. But he gotta wanna win right? Only reason he doesn’t go to the 49ers or Cowboys is because he doesn’t wanna be in the NFC and block Eli from going to another Super Bowl. Doesn’t go to Houston or Baltimore because he doesn’t wanna be a dick and unseat a real quarterback. So that’s why I think Denver and Arizona works. Those QB’s just can’t hack it.

  6. first, he needs to regain some strength in his arm. If that doesn’t happen…. it’s over for him and Archie.

  7. What happen to all the dolphins fans, ” mannings already signed in Miami ” I see you guys are still delusional as ever?

  8. Waiting until after free agency starts, allows ‘mystery team’ to get they’re ducks in a row. Keep an eye on Houston and Baltimore.

  9. A few teams he likes he doesnt have to visit because he knows what they offer….i think KC is most def more equipped to offer peyton the best chance for success

  10. Widely speculated that Manning may want to be reunited with familiar faces like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and/or Pierre Garcon.

    This is inconsistent with Manning taking his time as those guys are UFAs and once 4PM strikes tomorrow they will start fielding offers independent of what Manning decides to do.

    Denver makes sense because they have $47 million in cap space, a good offensive line, stout defense, and two young receivers (Thomas, Decker). Only thing that doesn’t make sense is playing in the elements in the playoffs in January.

  11. I would almost bet Manning will sign by weeks end then. Mort doesnt ever get a story right.

  12. @thedreamcomparison He’s a good fit because they’ve gotta decent online. 3 WR’s with potential. A very good defense led by a future hall of famed whom people will rally behind to see get a ring. A very winnable division. And how cool would it be to see Elway and Manning on the podium holding up the Lombardi?

  13. This Bronco fan hopes he is going back to the Colts with his best offer and giving them a chance to match it. Probably about half what he was scheduled to make had he not been waived.

  14. hey, dolphins fan here. earlier in the week i wrote “my only question is how will mr ross mess this up” after hearing reggie wayne gush about playing in miami with peyton.

    well he did….peyton wants to be no where near this organization. the worst feeling in the world is when your team is being ruined by someone who cant be fired….

  15. eyeamlegend covered it all except for the $47million in remaining cap space to add more weapons. Who’s a better fit aside from maybe San Fran who doesn’t appear interested?

  16. “how cool would it be to see Elway and Manning on the podium holding up the Lombardi?”

    The podium is not big enough for the two of them! They will need to extend it to accomondate their heads!

  17. So pay-a-ton is “exhausted” after a few weekend facility tours? How is he gonna perform at a high level if a few airplane/golf cart rides wore him out?

  18. peyton should wait.. if teams saw him throw then maybe the money would go ^

    eagles threw a smokescreen and will swoop in like batman to make the best FA signing 2 years straight ..


  19. Ok people. Denvers running game was great because of Tebow, with Peyton obviously Tebow isnt rushing for 700 yards. The WR’s while young also led the league in drops. And there are 2 of them since royal is a FA. The OL is very average and the VERY GOOD defense was actually ranked 21st in the league and gave up the most 40 point games. As for Fox “tayloring his offense to match that of the QB”, this is a gross overstatement. What really happened was a run first coach taylored his offense to run even more. It isnt like Fox went crazy and changed his offensive direction. He loves to run and decided to run WAY more.

  20. Mort isn’t “suggesting” or “reporting” a story here. He is team Manning’s media mouthpiece. When Mort said on Friday that Peyton would be interested in Houston,that was team Manning’s way of courting Houston. As far as replacing a real qb, Schaub is injury prone & on the final year of his contract.

  21. ebbycalvinlaloosh says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:54 AM

    head coach that crates a player-friendly environment


    And 10 yr from now these “crates” filled with a “player-friendly environment” will be discovered hidden away is a storage locker on the A&E hit show, Storage Wars.

  22. @eyeamlegend–“And how cool would it be to see Elway and Manning on the podium holding up the Lombardi?”

    Actually a lot of us think that that would suck.

  23. He’s picking Denver. They want to be coy now so Denver doesn’t have to show their cards during free agency. Love it!!!!

  24. He may have wanted to make a decision before start of FA-but why be hasty? Exhausted-no doubt. He has a lot to consider.

    AZ is in a hurry and over cap. Nice facilities, great weather, but NFC (same as Eli).

    DEN has cap space, nice facilities, decent O and D. But weather, Tebow backlash and major upheaval to move family are not appealing.

    MIA under cap, might be more willing to include Reggie Wayne ++, good weather, home there (no move required), good O and D. Original media frenzy a huge turnoff he was not anticipating. Probably attempting a meeting elsewhere in total secrecy.

    Now TEN has thrown a curveball at last minute. Manning’s University city, wife’s home, good team, owner wants HIM badly, short move from Indy. Doubt Peyton looking for revenge on Colts (not his style). This sudden push will make him step back.

    He’ll have lots to discuss with family, agent and other advisors. Not going to be easy for him and despite what many think, money won’t be the deciding factor. He wants to play, to win.

  25. @thedreamcomparison …. they are promising that they have cap space to bring Wayne, Saturday, Clark and Maybe Garcon.

  26. thedreamcomparison says:
    Mar 12, 2012 10:42 AM

    “i still don’t get it. someone explain to me how the broncos are a fit for peyton manning in any way…?!”


    Would love to. Here you go.

    Top 10 offensive line: Peyton will need a solid group up front to protect him. Denver has 3 time Pro Bowl LT in Ryan Clady. Denver has Orlando Franklin at RT – all rookie out of the U. They took him in the 2nd round last year and was a “plug and play.”

    Running game: Willis McGahee still has some left. Manning has made it known he prefers a solid running game. Denver has plans to add a back early in the draft.

    Wide receivers: Arizona and Miami have better weapons. But DT is going to be a stud and Decker is a smart, precise route runner with great hands. It was said Manning thinks “very highly,” of Decker.

    Defense. Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville are top 3 tandem in the league, arguably the best. They can get to the passer and make it easier to win games. If opposing teams are down and have to throw, it will make life tough.

    Mile High: Manning runs an up-tempo, no huddle offense. It’s already hard to play there, will be even harder if defenses are scrambling to line up. Manning knows this.

    John Elway: 37 and 38 when he won back to back Superbowls. John knew what he needed then and is in a position now to help Peyton out with a supporting cast. Also, word is Peyton wants to stay in football after he retires. Who is a better mentor than John Elway?

    Salary Cap: 40 + million in space. Denver can give him the contract he desires, and out bid everyone.

    Ex-Colts: Broncos have needs at center (Saturday), tight end (Clark), and WR (Garcon OR Wayne). Also have $. See above.

    Division: Raiders are a ways away. KC has players and so does San Diego. But, KC, Oakland, and San Diego aren’t superior to the AFC East (Jets, Pats) or the NFC West (San Francisco, up-and-coming Seahawk team).

    John Fox/Mike McCoy: Adapted his offense to Tim Tebow’s strengths last year. McCoy was a huge part of this. Peyton is his own OC and will have full control of his offense. No questions asked.

    Staff/Front Office: Jack Del Rio, John Fox, John Elway, Pat Bowlen.

    Just a few..

  27. I would laugh so hard if at this point, a dark horse came in out of no where and signed him.

  28. As a Broncos fan I am appalled with Elway. Tebow needs one more year. I don’t know one Denver fan who us happy with this. The schedule isn’t going to fix this…..

    @NE – loss
    @Saints- loss
    @ Pitt- loss
    @ ATL(sketchy)
    SD twice (one loss)
    KC twice (one loss)
    Houston (loss)
    Oak twice (sketchy)

    Forget Peyton and acquire another great corner and decent RB for Tebow. Arizona will be scary good with Peyton in a dome but even Denver fan knows this feels like a November snow game neck injury away from killing all hope for 2012.

  29. Paul Allen, the wealthiest owner, has a $10 billion cushion over the 2nd wealthiest owner.
    The Seahawks are waiting to blow any other offer off the table. Peyton will sign with Seattle because the $$$ will be too good to refuse.

  30. darthobama says: Mar 12, 2012 11:10 AM

    So pay-a-ton is “exhausted” after a few weekend facility tours? How is he gonna perform at a high level if a few airplane/golf cart rides wore him out?
    That comment from Mort cracked me up too. “Peyton is exhausted from taking 2 FA visits” which is par for the course with 99% of all other decent FA. LOL

  31. If you had a brother in the same league you’re in, you wouldn’t want to play in the same devision as he because you wouldn’t want to knock him out the playoff or superbowl as well as he wouldn’t want to do the same to you. That why manning prefer to stay in the afc and probably why eli didn’t want to play for the chargers. 100% manning goes to the broncos or an afc team

  32. Did anyone actually watch the Broncos play last year? We are talking about the same team that started 1-4 right? Then won 6 games in a most improbable fashion that has never been seen before in the NFL. Proceeded to back into the playoffs by losing to N.E, Buffalo, and K.C (2 of those teams were absolute jokes last year). Now I’m just trying to figure out why this team is a perfect fit for an aging qb with a surgically repaired neck and nerve damage in his throwing arm. Contrary to what everyone has been saying there o-line is far from elite. McGahee has been an extremely inconsistent threat throughout his career, and besides Thomas who is far from a proven receiver who do they have? Eric Decker? Eddie Royal? John Fox is an absolute atrocious coach who does not play Mannings style of football. So I have yet to see any compelling argument as to why this team is the right fit. I’ve got no dog in this fight just very curious

  33. Anyone else having trouble trying to give a thumbs down? Normally, don’t give thumbs down…positive guy here, but some of the comments…jeeze

  34. @thehusker1234 you better check Twitter, & there have been polls come out. They showed like 60% of Bronco fans for the signing of Peyton. All over Twitter, Bronco fans are for getting rid of tebow and signs Peyton. I should know, I’m Chiefs fan & I’ve been going back and forth with then.

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