Redskins dump Atogwe and Sellers, save $4.5 million

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Hours after the NFL took $36 million in salary cap space away from the Redskins, the team announced a couple of moves that will add up to getting one-eighth of that space back.

Safety Oshiomogho Atogwe and fullback Mike Sellers have both been released. Atogwe was due a base salary of $3.4 million this season while Sellers was due $1.05 million.

Atogwe was a good player for six years in St. Louis but didn’t quite fit in the Redskins’ defense in his first season in Washington, in 2011. He opened the season as a starter but became a backup late in the year.

The 36-year-old Sellers has spent 11 seasons with the Redskins in two different stints, in addition to having spent time with the Browns and with the Canadian Football League. This move could signal the end of his career.

17 responses to “Redskins dump Atogwe and Sellers, save $4.5 million

  1. Mike Sellers is a beast and skins fans will always love him for standing up to Portis. If anyone needs a Special Teams mack truck, he’s your guy.

  2. I hope Big Mike becomes the Fullbacks coach if he does not sign on anywhere else. He handled the demotion last year with total class opting to teach Darrel Young the position rather than complain about losing his. He was the ultimate team player and I wish him nothing but the best post-career.

  3. Atogwe was a hot item at safety before he signed with the Redskins. Somehow, I think someone will be getting a bargain with him…

  4. Starting to really miss the days where Portis grabs on to Sellers jersey and goes for 20-25 yards….wish them both a successful post NFL career.

  5. The people in Philly were all up in arms a few years ago that the Eagles needed Atogwe, and the failure to sign him was just evidence of a cheap front office. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he can’t play instead?

  6. Same headline in 2014 – Redskins dump Vincent Jackson and Courtland Finnegan to save $7.6 million in cap space.

  7. THANKS BIG MIKE!!! Dude put in WORK! But it was time to go with Darell Young playing like he had been all year. OJ didnt fit, was oft injured and is well past his prime. I do like how Shanahan is backing up his words to the players, if you don’t perform, you will be let go. No B.S. I like it.

  8. OJ should come back to Windsor and play right across the boarder in a secondary that needs help desperately.

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