Report: Broncos “95% confident” they’ll get Peyton


Though there could still be a long way to go before quarterback Peyton Manning picks a new team, the Broncos think they see the finish line.

Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver reports that the Broncos are now “95% confident” that they will land Peyton.

Why so confident?

Vic Lombardi says that the Broncos heard from Manning on Sunday night.

So when does he show the Broncos he can throw?

UPDATE 12:56 a.m. ET:  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports, citing a “Manning source,” that “Manning didn’t call [Broncos] today or tonight & inform they’re 95% fave.”  But that’s not what Vic Lombardi reported.  He said that Manning called, and that as a result the Broncos are “95% confident” they’ll get Peyton.  Did anyone really think Peyton called and said he’s “95% certain” to pick the Broncos?

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  1. When does he show the Broncos he can throw? Hell, what does that matter? Tebow hasn’t shown them he can throw and he was their starting quarterback last year.

  2. Don’t spend too much. Remember no one knows if he can even play and you already have one QB who can barely play.

    And don’t forget to go out an get a quarterback that you know actually can play – even if he is only an average QB. You don’t want to find yourself in an even worse position than last year.

  3. Tis’ the season of misdirection, FA-LA-LA-LA-LA LA-LA-LA-LA-LAAAAA!!!!!

    I still hope he goes to the Broncos and Tebow gets traded for a pick!!

  4. For someone who is allegedly one if the smartest players in NFL history, Peyton sure is being a dumbass by not even considering Seattle, which is easily the best situation for him.

  5. Honestly if this all goes down I wouldn’t be shocked if the trade is Gabbert for Tebow straight up.

    The Broncos get a project QB that gets to learn from an all time great.

    The Jaguars get a project QB that gets to bring in a media circus and thousands of new fans.

  6. The Vic guy should be booted just for his flat out lie ,just to stir the crappola up or get more readers.Does he work for fox news too ?

  7. People are misunderstanding it. The Broncos are saying they’re 95% confident they’ll get Manning, based on what they (may or may not have) heard. They’re not saying Manning said he was 95% leaning towards the Broncos.

  8. I said it in comments in the last Peyton story.

    The guy is not going somewhere to be a joke. He knows he can throw and he knows it now and he will just get stronger as the season approaches.

    When he signs, he is not coming by himself, whoever signs him signs a couple more ex Colts.

    It could be Denver, in which case, the question is Who is the Offensive Coordinator in Denver, and the answer is Peyton Manning.

    Tim Tebow is a good person, and represents himself and his faith in a positive manner, and there will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth, from some Tebowmaniacs, and then they will see that spiral. They will see that little skip and hitch, and that spiral. And wish Tim well and be a fan of his as well as a fan of the greatly improved Broncos.
    IF he signs there.

  9. Mort’s source is Peyton Manning. Who knows maybe Mort is just being played again. This is an example how much Sports has become like TMZ. Mort is a Manning advocate.

  10. Televangelist Tebow zombies will not be pleased. The lunatic followers may just do something of apocolyptic proportions.

  11. Trade Tebow for Gabbert. Everyone is happy.

    Elway gets out of a no win situation.
    Tebow goes home.
    Shaka Khan loses the tarps.
    Shaka Khan also gets rid of the bust waiting to happen that is Blaine Gabbert.
    Gabbert gets paid carrying a clipboard in lieu of catching David Carr syndrome.

    If Manning can’t go then Gabbert at least has a better Oline which will give him another 1/2 second before his usual panic sets in.

  12. The crazy thing here, is just like with Jeff Fisher, the Dolphins are going to be left at the altar and come out winners totally despite themselves.

    Best case scenario for Miami long-term is Manning signs with a team in the next day or so dumb enough to take him without seeing him throw, so they can focus on signing Flynn, acquiring Tebow or Gabbert or drafting Tannehill.

    Manning shunning the Dolphins is a blessing in disguise and they’re too stupid to realize it.

    That team is garbage until Granny Clampett sells it and/or Ireland gets fired.

  13. Makes sense, they’re already used to having a QB that can’t throw.

    (haha Just Kidding!! Peyton to AZ, please!)

  14. THOT 4 2 DAY‏

    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor. James 4:10

    Bowing in humility before the Lord means recognizing that our worth comes from God alone. To be humble involves leaning on his power and his guidance, and not going our own independent way. Although we do not deserve God’s favor, he wants to lift us up and give us worth and dignity, despite our human shortcomings.

  15. I would not discount the idea Manning becomes a bronco….tebow is moved to FB or as someone said becomes a beast at TE catching alot of passes all the while allowing for a back up qb if Manning falters. The concept of those situations could cause some sleepless nights for defenses trying to prepare for a Manning/Tebow/willis Mc armed offense. Anyone who knows Tebow knows if asked he will do what it takes to win even if that means changing positions ….he is a team first guy. Say what you want he did get them to the playoffs. It not his fault NE offense shredded the Denver defense at will. Also being in Nashville I have seen Bud Adams get his way more often that anyone thought. It common knowledge Fisher wanted Cutler and we know what happened there…..just food for thought. I do tend to agree there was an agreement with the Colts that Peyton stays out of the AFC south however.

  16. “And don’t forget to go out an get a quarterback that you know actually can play – even if he is only an average QB. You don’t want to find yourself in an even worse position than last year.”

    Hmmm, I guess going to the second round of the playoffs and defeating the Steelers in the wild card round is a bad position. Oh yes, they won the AFC West title also. I wish we could see the picture of who made the comment. I’ll bet he is 9 years old.

  17. If he plays there, I hope he enjoys the cold and snow at the end of the season because he has played so well in those conditions in the past… This has become more of a joke than the Favre watch. As a Dolphins fan I was on board with acquiring him but nobody even knows if he will be able to throw a football and now it appears he will get millions of dollars without even showing anybody that he is able to throw. Forget that. this has more of the look of Namath and Unitas at the end of their career, rather than Joe Montana to the Chiefs. Even when healthy he was average, at best, in bad weather. I hope he ends up there now and see what it’s like to play in the elements:) be careful what you wish for Denver fans. You might just get him.

  18. I have nothing at all against Peyton Manning and I think he’s a lock to be a first ballot Hall Of Famer. That being said, how in the hell can all these teams be drooling over him and he hasn’t even worked out for them yet?I mean he just missed an entire year of football when is he gonna prove that his arm stregnth is close to 100%?

  19. Oh Man. I’ll say right up front Im rooting for Tebow. Haven’t really watched much nfl the last 10 years or so…. Just not into the players attitudes for the most part. Its all about them. Tebow was a breath of fresh air, just a great attitude, and I can’t remember a more exciting season! I know it’s the age of ” it’s a business” but I believe the Broncos owe it to him for at least another season. I know I would enjoy it. (I saw improvement in him almost every game , and a ton from the beginning of his season to the end. Maybe I’m to old fashioned.

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