Report: Manning “highly unlikely” to decide before free agency


In the frenzied few days since Peyton Manning was released by the Colts, it’s been widely reported that the teams interested in his services would like to get him locked up before free agency begins across the NFL on Tuesday afternoon. But that doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

Sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that Manning is highly unlikely to decide before Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern, when free agency officially starts around the NFL.

That has to be viewed as good news for teams like the Dolphins and Titans, who desperately want to make a play for Manning but so far haven’t been able to get him to visit their facilities, as he has for the Broncos and Cardinals.

One of the benefits of Manning signing before free agency begins would be the ability to enter free agency with an aggressive plan to acquire offensive players who suit Manning’s strengths. So it would make sense, from the teams’ perspective, for the Manning sweepstakes to wrap up today.

But Manning apparently doesn’t want to do it that way, and so he’ll continue to take his time in choosing his new team.

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  1. I think Manning wants to land with the Cards but he wants to bring his boys with him. The Cards barely have enough cap space for Manning so I think Peyton, Wayne, Clark combo end up in Denver.

  2. Hes coming to Miami thats why hes taking his visit their last, along with Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark would be nice to! But we may not have the cap room to bring all his buddies to South Beach! I still think we should draft Tannehill and have him sit behing Manning for a couple years so we have a long term fix. THAT IS IF MANNING IS HEALTHY!!!!

  3. His wife has already met with and signed with the fins on Peyton’s behalf. “look what I got done while you were gone”‘

  4. Translation: The Cardinals need more time to assess their cap situation, clear up the necessary space or what have you, and I am willing to give them just that.

    If Manning goes to Denver, Tebow is likely cut/traded, and this means he will be center stage for the media frenzy that will follow. Peyton said the Colts organization “wasn’t a good place for healing” due to the speculation that surrounded his health and status on the team. That same level of speculation will follow him if he ends up in Denver, if not worse because of Tebow.

  5. The NFL should just create a Bachelor-like reality show where Peyton gets wooed by all these teams, then whittles away his choices until there is only one who gets his final rose

  6. If he chooses the Cardinals he just should tell them and wait until they make their moves for cap space and sign later. All Arizona needs is the word of Peyton that he will come. It’s senseless to restructure all contracts and release players if Peyton isn’t coming.

  7. If he thinks he can bring his entire entourage with him everywhere he would be mistaken. Reggie Wayne wants a big contract. Peyton Manning isnt going to play for the veteran minimum. Saturday probably would play for a low figure.

    Miami has Brandon Marshall and Arizona has Fitzgerald. There is no room for Reggie Wayne on these teams salary cap wise.

    Denver makes the most sense. Im not a fan of any of these teams but to me its the only logical play if Wayne goes with him

  8. I really think this is PM giving the Cards an opportunity to clear the necessary cap space and shore up the O line via FA. While Denver would be the best financial situation for PM, its not ideal. I’ve said it a million times, no mid 30 QB who has spent his entire career in a dome wants to play in Denver in the winter. Ideally, he’d play in a dome stadium with a warmer division. Zona is the ONLY fit. Financially though, they need a few adjustments and I think given a few days of FA and some cuts, they can make it happen.

    BTW- If we’re going to use the “no room for Wayne in Zona” theory, lets apply it to Denver as well and say you have 2 young WR’s in Thomas and Decker and bringing in Wayne would hinder their development. And then there’s the 60-40 vote of confidence, where the Denver post reported that given the 2 QB’s, 40% would still prefer Tebow. PR NIGHTMARE.

  9. He’ll take meeting with whatever team can win and can pay him. The Cardnials can’t do either. The fins can’t pay him and get the FAs to win. The Texans don’t need him to win. The Titans can’t afford him. He may not love playing the occasional cold weather but let’s be honest. Denver can sign Peyton. And Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and enough talent to replace the position lost. Some other team will have to find a way to out gun them. I don’t see it happening.

  10. Peyton will probably take the day off today after having been traveling all weekend. Miami interview will come tomorrow most likely with his first contract offer. We shall see.

  11. No one knows anything except Peyton Manning. These “Reports” are getting downright silly, earlier in the week, March 8th to be exact, there was a “Report” from Schefter that he would sign within a week, now all of a sudden he’s going to take his time? Toss in the conflicting Chris Mortensen “Report” and Vic Lombardi “Report” from earlier yesterday as evidence that no one really knows anything, except for the fact that he met with a team. I know it’s not PFT’s fault for sharing the news with us, and it’s fun to play armchair GM, but it seems as if some of these people are just tweeting and reporting things just because it has the name Peyton Manning in it.

  12. A few teams will get screwed by holding that cap money and roster spot for Peyton. Someone will miss out on Fylnn or another FA they wanted while waiting for Peyton.

  13. All this hoopla over a damaged. Can’t throw anymore QB who is one hit away from the NBC booth. I guess teams are desperate enuff. Clark is a shell of himself. Saturday is retiring. Wayne is only one still good. But will he come cheap?

  14. I would say if that’s actually the case, the Dolphins would likely go ahead and pursue Flynn if Philbin is sold on him. Which ironically, gives them a bit of leverage both ways, not much mind you, just a bit.

  15. If/when Denver signs Wayne, Clark, and/or Garcon at the start of free agency we’ll have our answer.

  16. Cards can and will cut Levi Brown ($16 M), Kevin Kolb ($6 M), cut Joey Porter ($5 M). Restructure Larry’s contract and sign Calias Campbell to a long term deal ($7M).

    Cut or restructure Stewart Bradley’s salary.

    There’s about $30 + Million in savings right there.

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