Report: Peyton to visit the Titans

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And the Peyton watch continues.

Despite a report that the hottest free agent since Reggie White, or ever, was done making trips, Peyton Manning will be conducting Rocky Top one more time when he heads Nashville to visit the Titans, according to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network.

On Sunday, Titans owner Bud Adams made it known publicly that he wants Manning, even though the front office and/or coaching staff in Tennessee may not.

Manning has visited the Broncos and Cardinals.  It’s unknown whether he’ll visit the Dolphins.

Some believe Peyton wants to play for the Texans, who have so far shown no interest in chasing the man who had a large role in Houston’s expansion team needing a full decade to expand their season beyond Week 17.  If that’s true, flirting with the Titans could be the only thing that ever wakes up the Texans.  If the alternative to having him on the team is to continue to compete with him directly, having him on the team may not be so bad.

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  1. At the same time this news broke, it came out that Manning will be meeting with Joe Philbin either tonight or tomorrow.

  2. If I was Luck and not only had to replace Manning, but them play him twice a year.

    I would pull a Elway do fast it would make your head spin.

    On a lighter note, Jim Irsay just soiled his diaper.

  3. Nice!!!
    Peyton would be better off with the Titans anyway – no sense coming to this tired soap opera we call the Broncos or puttin’ in the time for some whackaloon owner (Stephen Ross – white courtesy phone please)

  4. Peyton Manning will meet w Dolphins coach Joe Philbin & Titans coach Mike Munchak during next 3 days, scheduled away from team facilities…

  5. Chris Mortensen‏@mortreportReply

    Peyton Manning will meet w Dolphins coach Joe Philbin & Titans coach Mike Munchak during next 3 days, scheduled away from team facilities

    Mort has been right about all Peyton meetings.

  6. Aside from possibly the AFC West, this is the best division for him to go to.
    He knows the other teams extremely well, gets CJ back with a full off-season. Who knows if he’ll ever be a 2000 yard back again, but should be VERY effective with Peyton, Kenny Britt-the freak, Damian Williams and Nate Washington.
    Will have only to worry about Houston to win the division.
    Open your checkbook Bud, the big man needs one more payday!

  7. Why would he want to go to the Texans so bad? Foster, Johnson and an improving D? Maybe they are more ready for SB runs than the Broncos?

  8. ha so much for “the broncos are the favorites” now he’s meeting with the Titans, Texans, and Miami

  9. The Texan’s existence is because Butt Adams used to live in his own head of “I want it now”. Now, age has cut down on the oxygen making it to brain cells… compounding crazy.

    a) Compare stadiums (There are better high school fields in Texas than the dump Adams build in Tennessee.)

    b) Vince Young… Nuff said.

    Heck, Bud doesn’t even live in Tennessee… but he was willing to move the team but not his own rear end.

  10. Now it gets interesting. Former AFC South rival. Titans have some good cards to play. Both Peyton and his wife have big ties in Tennessee. Selling points for sure.

    IF Houston ever did step in now……. to counter an offer. Texans have it all. Offensive weapons, strong defense, good weather and a dome. They are only a great QB away from the big game.

    No offense to Schaub or Titans QB’s.

  11. Matt Schaub may not be Brady or Brees but he’s no stiff either. Most important, he’s not 36 and coming off four neck surgeries. The QB position is not broken in Houston.
    The Texans are playing this right.

  12. This will be Peytons choice. Denver or Arizona cannot pass protect. The Titans have a premier RB and will play the team twice a year that dumped him after all he had done for them. And we all know where he played his college ball. He is bitter towards the Colts weather he admitts it or not.

  13. the owner is 89 years old,

    he wants something,

    give it to him,

    it could be his last hurrah

    peyton is the state of tennessee

    he would play the colts x2

    he doesnt wanna be the bad guy to replace tebow

    he cant play in NFC in his brothers conference,

    more $$$ both mannings reach the SB

    its the Titans.

  14. biggerballz says:Mar 12, 2012 3:06 PM

    why so they can ruin schuabs confidence during the preseason only to realize manning screwed them again by not being able to play?

    I think you got your T’s mixed up. Schaub plays for the Texans

  15. Every owner and GM realizes what bringing Peyton in would do for sales. So now matter what their current QB situation is they know that Peyton will make them massive amounts of money.

    Each NFL team is a business and they want to maximize profits.

  16. i gotta believe that no matter what anyone says about the state of mannings health there is no way he is team shopping with a bum arm. it makes no sense. this guy has been forever at the top of his game in the nfl and now he is going to bluff being good to go just to collect another paycheck? that being said, if i were the texans i would get him to meet with the brass a.s.a.p. the way the texans lost to the ravens was by a cxxt hair. with manning i would put them as the favorites out of the afc and maybe the league.

  17. The Texans don’t want Manning!! They have a young very good playoff team, they don’t need a a QB coming off 3/4 neck surgeries that is still trying to get back to 100% after missing a whole season of football!! Hell we are talking nerves here, no promise he can ever get back to 100%.

  18. I really wish people would stop thinking Manning is most concerned with a big payday..if that were the case he wouldn’t need to look any further than Denver. They have over 45 mill to play with under the salary cap, 2nd only to Cincy. Talent is his 1at priority.

  19. If the owner wins out on this, they just set their franchise back 10-12 years. Locker can play right now and with this move they would be robbing him of 3-4 years on-field experience. Not to mention they just used a high first round pick on him a year ago. For their sake hopefully the coaching staff wins the battle, if not please ship Locker to back to Seattle, Hawks would be happy to have a young qb to build around.

  20. That picture must be of Manning conducting “Rocky Top” at the Citrus Bowl because, in the words of Steve Spurrier, “you can’t spell Citrus with the letters UT”…

  21. Peytons not going to the Titans or Texans. And let me stop the Jags rumors before they start. He’s not going to go to a divisional team. He has nothing to prove to the Colts organization. Nothing to prove to the fans. Peyton loves Indianapolis and Indys fans and he knows the only way he could lose the Colts fans love is to go to a divisional team. Not gonna happen. Next topic.

  22. rdrllldubk says: Mar 12, 2012 3:15 PM

    “”The Titans have a premier RB”
    If he plays like he did last year it should read HAD a premier running back.

  23. Anyone else getting tired of the LeBron Manning tour? I can’t wait for The Decision show on ESPN to announce where he decides to take his talent.

  24. C’mon Peyton! Solid O-Line, Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt, and a huge target at TE in Jared Cook. The weapons are there.

  25. Boy, im gonna stop reading these updates, if it ain’t one thing its another. First it was manning being done visiting teams, hours later now its Peyton visiting two teams. First it was he’ll have a decision by Tuesday, now its I don’t know when ill make a decision. Stop it with the updates until he has signed with a team because all this back and forth crap is pissing me off and probably other fans

  26. Now it’s a circus! Too bad. I was hoping Peyton would keep it simple without making it “Farve-ish”. It’s getting old already.

  27. I don’t understand why so many people are being so critical about the Peyton story. Do they not realize that this is unprecedanted; for a QB of this caliber to be a free-agent, with the freedom to choose his next team. It’s never happened before. And given Peyton’s competitiveness, what do you expect? For him to choose a team right away without weighing out all the factors? People have no patience anymore. It’s not as if he’s intentionally making this dramatic (like Favre probably was). It’s a big decision for a guy towards the end of his career; give the guy a break. I believe he’s earned that.

  28. He would have a better chance at winning a Superbowl with the Titans than the Dolphins or Broncos.

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