Tony Pashos upset Browns are cutting him after he played hurt

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Browns offensive tackle Tony Pashos toughed it out last season with a ruptured tendon in his foot that required offseason surgery, and now the Browns are cutting him because he failed a physical. That’s life in the NFL, but Pashos doesn’t have to like it.

Rick Smith, the agent for Pashos, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Pashos is “really upset” about the Browns not showing him the same loyalty that he showed them.

“Tony feels like he had the team’s back last season,” Smith said. “He wishes the team had his back now.”

Smith said the Browns’ medical staff treated Pashos well and that there are no complaints in that department, but it bugs him that after Pashos played through the injury (which he suffered in the final preseason game), the Browns aren’t keeping him around.

“He had to be given an enormous amount of pain pills and shots,” Smith said. “It was an enormous amount, to the point where at Christmas, he went into the hospital with three ulcers from the pain medication. You can see that he missed the final regular season game, because he was in the hospital with the ulcers.”

Pashos is expected to miss at least some, and possibly all, of the 2012 season while rehabbing from his foot surgery. The Browns will save $2 million in cap space by cutting him.

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  1. I think he still gets a $1 million in the deal, which I would assume will carry him over until he’s healthy enough to play again.

  2. It doesn’t pay to play hurt in this league. Are you playing for the love of the game son, because the rest of these guys are playing for money. Wise up.

  3. Situations like these are why I don’t get that upset when players hold out for more money. I know it feels greedy to us because they’re making X times as much money as the common man, but the average NFL career is only 4 or so years, and teams can cut a player in a heartbeat when he, inevitably, gets injured. It’s brutal, but the NFL is a business first.

  4. I totally agree with sneschalmers above and I would add that it’s also why I supported the players 100% during the lock-out.

  5. He’s always been hurt, so he’s not dependable. Was so bad in CLE they called hin ‘turnstyle’.

  6. Can someone please explain why someone who gets paid millions of dollars to play a game, should continue to get paid millions of dollars while he is no longer able to provide any more production to his team?

    I know that he got injured while playing for the Browns, but thats also the part of the reason these guys get paid millions to play this brutal sport.

    Collect your millions while you can… While you are young and able to produce for your team. Once you arent able to contribute, its greedy to expect to continue to get paid.

  7. The ‘Stay Classy (insert team city here)’ comments are lame and played the hell out. For anyone who still likes to post these messages, please stop, you’re boring and unoriginal.

  8. Listen Pashos stole from the Browns! He was never healthy and missed a ton of time after getting a $12 million contract! Even when he was healthy he was awful! No team in there right mind would keep a guy who is gonna be out next year too!

  9. Pashos can’t stay healthy. That’s why the Browns were able to pick him up a few years ago in free agency in the first place. Instead of being upset he should be thankful the Browns kept him around that long. If he could put together a season without recurring injury than maybe they would have given him another year to rehab. Last time I checked he got paid a full salary last season…

    The Browns still paid the fool who got in a motorcycle accident when they easily could have released him (Marcus Benard), so I don’t want to hear about them being classless.

  10. It is a business but its foolish to think players arent aware of these situations. Not a good reputation for the Browns to have.

  11. Well, he isn’t as upset as the fans were in the 2010 and 2011 seasons when he was getting millions while sitting on the bench hurt. Even the limited time he did play was below average at best. Good, see who else will pay you that amount of cash.

  12. Wait a second folks. Pashos signed a mega $12 million deal and promptly missed 75% of regular season snaps over two lousy seasons.

    Two lousy seasons which saw him paid every red cent owed during that time period, in spite of his absences and poor play when healthy.

    I’d say Pashos came out on top and should be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Stay uninformed and unoriginal, “stairwayto07”.

  13. In the actual report, his agent says he thought Cle. would have his back and he’s just a guy trying to feed his family. Hope he can figure that out on the dismal amount of money he got from the Browns. 400,000 Clevelanders can show you how to budget on your menial salary, we do it everyday. Whatever happened to being thankful for what you’ve been given. If I was in charge of player personnel, I would have never signed you anyway. Good luck taking care of your family on your millionaires salary, provided you were smart enough to save some.
    Though these were tough guys, not whiny b$tches?!

  14. He didn’t get cut because he was hurt. He got cut because he sucked. I think the majority of negative comments here are being posted by disappointed AFCN pass rushers.

  15. isaacnewton hit the nail on the head. Pashos was a bum, and made our young RG look worse than he is. Did we ask him to play hurt? No. Hell we might have been better off if left to Hicks or Cousins in there (though that’s not the issue here). You’re old as dirt, Tony; healthy or not you were probably done anyways. Time to start prepping for some color commentator job now, just like all the other washed up old fogies. And quit complaining.

  16. Sorry, to disappoint you guys who think the Browns are jerks for releasing him. But Pashos couldn’t stay healthy and dude was getting beat on so many plays and all the sacks were coming from his side.

    He wasn’t the remedy, he wasn’t all to blame – but he didn’t help the matter.

  17. Why on earth would anyone post a response with pity towards Pashos?

    Since all that have, I’m certain, have absolutely no background on the guy:

    A)He was ALWAYS hurt

    B)He was absolutely abysmal at the position

    Let it be the team you root for dealing with a combination of the above two. I’m sure you’d all say that your team was classless, and “poor guy” him.

    All of you who badmouthed Cleveland would gladly re-sign a player that can’t stay healthy, and when he is, performs terribly, RIGHT?
    (crickets) Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    A thank you for the contract you didn’t earn will suffice Tony. Wish you could’ve shown your gratitude on the field.

  18. Boo hoo Tony, they paid you way too much in the first place and now you expect them to continue to pay you when your not even playing? Get real dude

  19. There was a reason his nickname was turnstile.

    He sucked.

    Maybe Eric Winston will be a better fit. We could have had him out of college in the draft, I guess our evaluators couldn’t evaluate. Maybe the new regime is better.

  20. stairwayto7 says:
    Mar 12, 2012 5:30 PM
    Stay classy Cleveland
    Leave it to a Pitts fan to come up with that comic genius, Until you loose that bloated deviant Qb. you should prob. keep the old piehole shut. In 10 years this guy will still be posting “stay classy” and the username will still be stairway to 7 as they will not be anywhere close to a Lombardi in the next decade.

  21. Big Ben’s escapades in restrooms and hotels… Mendenhall’s 9/11 theories… Hines Ward’s DUI… James Harrison shooting off his mouth and his cheap shots….
    STAY CLASSY Steelers!

  22. They showed loyalty to him by paying him money for him to perform his job. If he cant “work”, why should they keep paying him??

    He could’ve had his surgery instead. Then, he still would’ve got paid and been ready for this season. Instead, he chose to do what was the best for his team. Despite his failure to live up to his contract, he is right to feel that way, not that it should guarantee to remain employed at the rate that his contract had him paid at. They should’ve offered him a deal to take a paycut and remain employed; it would’ve been a win-win with The Browns getting him at a justifiable rate and he getting praised for putting the team first. If he would turned down a deal that paid him at what he deserves, then the team would be absolved and morally justified in their actions.

  23. The Browns cut Pashos the pig who was downright awful everytime he set foot on the field whether he was healthy or not and people wanna call Cleveland classless. So…..I guess finding a better solution than a fat tub of goo at right tackle makes us classless? This makes no sense. The team has sucked for over a decade and we’re classless for trying to make it better? Just idiotic. Browns fans suffer through enough heartbreak, I think it’s time people just let us suffer in silence for a change.

  24. @applecool1981

    Instead of getting paid a multi million dollar contract to be a non factor on his team he gets 1 million for getting injured and fired. Can’t really feel for the guy. I wish I could do less than minimal work at a job and get paid 1 million dollars as severance pay.

  25. The Browns have plenty of examples in the past of continuing to pay members of the team who were unable to play. Hell, they honored a verbal agreement with Daven Holley a few years back, even though he suffered a season-ending injury while he wasn’t under contract, and he never played for the team again. It’s not like they’re cutting a longtime Brown who’d given his heart and soul to the team at the drop of a hat. Pashos has NEVER perform up to the level that he was expected to play at, and he’s missed a ton of time with injuries. They’ve given him plenty of chances to lock down his job, and he’s blown every opportunity. At some point, you’ve just got to cut ties and move on. If he can’t handle that, he’s in the wrong line of work, and he’s in for a rude awakening when he tries to keep a job in “the real world” after he hangs up his pads.

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