49ers sign troubled cornerback Perrish Cox


The San Francisco 49ers announced Tuesday that they have signed cornerback Perrish Cox to a two-year contract.

Obviously unafraid to take fliers on players with major character concerns, the Niners are signing Cox just under two weeks after he was acquitted of rape charges. Cox was also red flagged by NFL teams coming out of Oklahoma State in 2009. Considered a first-round talent, Cox was banned from the school’s Pro Day and had to schedule his own personal workout.

He fell to the fifth round.

Cox did start nine games as a rookie in Denver.

The Niners likely gave Cox minimum salaries in both seasons, and just like any “camp body,” he’ll have to earn a roster spot in training camp. Ultimately, it’s a high-upside, low-risk move.

43 responses to “49ers sign troubled cornerback Perrish Cox

  1. The Niners are doing a lot of low risk, high reward signings so far. I like it. Its a technique that will help keep the team competative for a while.

  2. I hope this young man gets his life straightened out.
    I will applaud the 49ers more for that, than any contribution he makes on the field.
    Of course there may be a strong link between the two, i.e. 49ers keep him around because he plays well, but I am hopeful he can accomplish both.

  3. @trollhammer20

    Doesn’t necessarily say the team isn’t re-signing Carlos Rogers as CB was a position where depth was a need too even if Rogers re-signs.

  4. Good to see the 49ers signing high quality locker room leaders in the off season. I understand Albert Haynesworth is also available.

  5. @ sledgehorn:

    That was his entire punishment … he was sentenced to drink the bottle.

  6. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” – A Bronx Tale

    Troubled kid, low risk, high rewardas Silva said. Talent trumps all. There is talent there, unfortunately there is a bonehead 20-something kid there too.

    Can he grow up and be the player that he can be? This may be his last chance to prove that he can do it at the NFL level. Because of his checkered past he will never get the big dollars that he could have gotten, maybe for the rest of his career. I wish I was born with multi-million dollar talents.

  7. He did have a great rookie year and he has huge upside, plus the 9ers locker room should help him a lot, but he is still a dirty turd…don’t care what the jury said.

    Oh well, in Trent and Harbs we trust…I have to wish him the best and hope they turn him into a pro-bowler and a model citizen.

  8. If it’s true this is for league minimum, this is NO risk ALL reward for the 49ers. He’ll either perform and get straightened out, or they cut him and move on.

    The 49ers are not stupid — be assured, this contract (as well as Moss’) are riddled with out-clauses.

    They will not rest their hopes on these types of guys. But they will certainly give them an opportunity to succeed.

  9. Character does count but he also believes in second chances. Notice no matter how good the player the contract is very low.

  10. It’s like baalke and harbaugh thought we didn’t have enough cancers in our locker room. “hey let’s add these guys. That should create some problems next season”.

  11. With the addition of Cox, Randy Moss looks like he’s the character guy signing of the last few days.

  12. With Moss and Cox, Harbaugh’s just taking a page from Belichick’s book.

    Bring in dudes with issues and chips on their shoulders for no guaranteed money, and everything to lose to a team that’s locked ‘n loaded and will sweep the West again this year.

    Niners are just looking ahead to the playoffs again next year. Like they really need to be worried about the Seahawks, Cards, and Rams. Yawn.

  13. Congrats Cox. Happy to see that you are able to get on with the rest of your life.

  14. Does the defendant have to prove he’s innocent or does the prosecution have to prove he’s guilty and the burden of proof? Why didn’t the prosecution call the other two people who were in the apartment to testify? The girl she had sex with and Vaughn who witnessed the girl on girl sex Maybe Cox was just as drunk as the alleged victim or just panicked when talking to the police. According to a Vaughn the alleged victim had girl on girl sex after Demetrius Thomas left the apartment. Demetrius wasn’t sure if she fell asleep or passed out. Where’s the proof to send Cox to jail for 10 years and ruin his life?

  15. If a team sign enough bad boys you will end up having a gang of bad boys is that good I think not.

    Good luck To The 9ers
    Rest In Hell
    A Bad Boy

  16. dyna5ty says:
    Mar 13, 2012 2:34 PM
    It’s like baalke and harbaugh thought we didn’t have enough cancers in our locker room. “hey let’s add these guys. That should create some problems next season”.


    Dude, what are you smoking? Seriously.

  17. In other news, female employees for the 49ers have been given a lifetime supply of Starbuck’s coffee, Red Bull and No-Doz at no charge, and are advised to use it at all times when Cox is in the vicinity.

  18. Loving all this 49er love today from the MEDIA!! GO 9ers !!

    Check list

  19. Another low risk move, possible return man, but most likely won’t see much action on defense. Has to make it through the summer to make the team.

  20. 49ers also required the rights to Rae Carruth.
    No, I hear Rae thinks he 49ers have too many “low character” guys for him to be interested.

  21. Carlos Rogers thinks he is 20 something and headed to his prime fact is he’s 30 past his prime and wants top corner money for five years not going to happen

  22. Its like Moneyball. I have to think Coach at least has an idea of how to judge character. It really is a no-lose situation for both of these guys.

    Either they pan out to be great contributors and the coach/front office are geniuses or they are the ones that gave a couple of troubled guys another shot at doing things the right way and it won’t affect anything beyond that.

  23. Coach Hairbow doesn’t seem to care who’s on the team now. San Fran is becoming more like the Oakland Raiders … the new Bad Boys of the NFL. Too bad the coach is a poosy.

  24. wow…let the haters keep hating on the niners… i sure aint used to this. must mean we have a good team now!…lol it says he was ” acquitted ” for anyone who doesnt know what that means, ill save you a trip to the encyclopedia britanica. it means “not guilty”.

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