Bills want Mario Williams badly, making huge offer

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The Buffalo Bills are serious about Mario Williams, and they want to get a deal done now.

We already noted that the Bills are hosting Williams tonight, and that they’d like to get a deal done tonight, before the three other serious contenders for his services can get him to come to town. Now we have more information about the nature of the Bills’ offer.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills are doing all they can to get Williams to sign now, before he leaves Buffalo. The Bills want to make Williams the highest-paid defensive player in the league, with a deal better than the six-year, $91.5 million contract that Julius Peppers signed with the Bears in 2010. The Bills’ offer to Williams will apparently include more than $91.5 million in total money, more than the $40.5 million in the first three years that the Bears gave Peppers, and more than the $42 million guaranteed that the Bears gave Peppers.

Buffalo’s full-court press for Williams started with G.M. Buddy Nix and defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt flying to North Carolina to pick Williams up, and Williams is now having dinner with Nix, Wannstedt, CEO Russ Brandon, head coach Chan Gailey and defensive tackle Kyle Williams. The whole gang will try to get Williams to sign tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest.

The fact that Williams decided to start free agency with a visit to Buffalo strongly suggests that he’s very interested. Now the Bills need to close the deal.

73 responses to “Bills want Mario Williams badly, making huge offer

  1. Thats a whole ton of money. Bills could really use him but I dont know. That just seems like a real ton of money for Williams. He is a really good player so I get it, its just alot I feel like they could get it done for less than Julius Peppers money

  2. Do it Bills.

    Pretty loud in the NFC so far.

    If any AFC teams feel like participating in free agency feel free to go ahead.

  3. If he signs with them then you know he cares about money and not winning. The bills are a NOTHING organization. If he wants a ring he will sign with the Bears

  4. Good for the Bills. There a team I always like to see do good, and hopefully he signs with them. I can see him putting up big numbers with the other pieces on that D-Line

  5. RW clearly has nothing to do with this. I am freaking out. I will be so freakin’ ecstatic if this happens tonight! GO BILLS!!!!!!

  6. This is exactly what keeps certain teams hovering around futility. Poor organization just throw money at players and just assume they will make their team better.
    Try maintaining and developing a legitimate roster. Have fun with that contract Buff.

  7. Kinda wanted him to at least talk to Seattle, but if they’d have to match or beat that price, forget it.

  8. “The fact that Williams decided to start free agency with a visit to Buffalo strongly suggests that he’s very interested.”

    I disagree. He knows that the Bills would have to offer more than anyone else initially, because they aren’t that formidable a team yet…essentially, they have to overpay to get good players in. Williams is a smart guy. Go to the team that will overpay first, to help establish the floor that you’re going to take when you visit those 3 other teams.

  9. Like seeing my Bills actively looking to get a great player, but at what cost? We need players that can make it through a sixteen game season. Yes, I am looking at you Merriman.

  10. Is any DL really worth that much? And isn’t Fitzpatrick still their QB? They aint winning a Superbowl with him anytime soon.

  11. If Mario Williams’ Wikipedia is accurate, he seems to enjoy himself some guns. New York state is an awful place to live for a gun owner. Though anyone that serious about their guns would have them nice and legal, but we cannot discount that this is an NFL player we’re talking about here.

  12. not a bills fan, but being from upstate NY i’d like to see buffalo fans catch a break for once and land a guy like this.

  13. “The fact that Williams decided to start free agency with a visit to Buffalo strongly suggests that he’s very interested.”

    No, it suggests he wants a team that he actually wants to play for (see: not Bills) to open their checkbooks/drive up his price.

  14. Throwing money at the problem is never going to solve it. The Bills need to build through the draft and get a good coach to make a winning team.

    Here is the Bill’s football cycle:

    They start off strong and get everyone’s hopes up.

    Teams figure them out and they drop to .500

    They finish the season losing more games than they won.

    Offseason comes around and they make some noise to re-energize their fanbase.

    Rinse, repeat.

  15. My bills are doin it right, evaluate your young talent, add pieces, then third year fill in with free agents strong

    Can’t wait for more idiots to chime in on the Bills talking outta their a$$. Keep hatin, best fans in the game #BillsMafia til I die, sorry our economy in new york state is stellar.

  16. Oh, okay. We can’t have two DE making 40 million dollars on the same defensive line. If he asking that much Buffalo can take him.

  17. Super Mario, Kyle Williams, Dareus…
    Heck – you could even add little-ol’-me as the other DE and that’s pretty nasty. I hope One Bills Drive finds a way to get it done.

  18. So around 15-16 million a year? Hot damn. It’s probably worth it. The Bills line is going to be more disruptive than the Giants and thats a good thing with Brady in the AFC EAST.

  19. I find it interesting that the top three players of that draft class are all on different teams now. . And that the Texans were right to take Williams no. 1 overall.

  20. You can’t lead the league in sacks if you seem to be injury prone. How many full seasons has he played? If he stays healthy he is a monster for sure.

  21. okay if this does happen we get to see super mario square off against reggie bush twice a year. who would have thought two years ago that they would be playing for new teams.

  22. D lineman and DEs everywhere have got to be thanking the 2007 and 2011 Giants – they’ve shown what you can do with a hugely disruptive defensive front four.

  23. This would be a HUGE turning point in gaining respect back to Buffalo from around the entire league. C,mon Mario, it’ll be a blast!

  24. Single digit sacks the last three years injured the last two and your going to make him the highest paid defensive player. I’ll take Demarcus Ware, Suh, Suggs, Hiloti Nata, Patrick Willis, Revis, J.P.P. all over him. Not saying he doesnt have big upside but he’s no Reggie White….more hype than stats

  25. Buffalo has a real shot here. Bears are out so if the check book opens up, dont see why Williams wouldn’t bite.

    He’s got a chance to play in a 4-3 and on a line that has some real talent that could do serious damage.

    Make it happen Buddy!!

  26. 91.5 million! wow. damn that’s alot of money. remember when the Texans were ripped apart for drafting him ahead of reggie bush and vince young? down here in houston all the longhorn fans were so pissed the Texans didn’t draft young. BTW whatever happened to vince young? and what did he score on his wunderlich? LOL

  27. pryor4heisman says: Mar 13, 2012 7:40 PM

    If he signs with them then you know he cares about money and not winning. The bills are a NOTHING organization. If he wants a ring he will sign with the Bears

    What exactly have the Bears done besides show the world how an offense can be so bad?

  28. If any AFC teams feel like participating in free agency feel free to go ahead

    Belichick is too busy watching tape of rookie free agents he’ll sign after the draft.

    And still win the division.

  29. Go get him Buffalo!! I don’t wanna see this cat in the NFC….only problem I can see is his injury history. Buyer beware on that front, but hey, he’s gonna get huge $$$ from somebody, may as well be Buffalo.

  30. Mario Williams is a guy the Bills should be going strong after.
    Teams that are in their position, tough division, playoff drought, small cold weather market, need to come strong to land a blue chip FA.

    While the Packer method should be a great blue print for Buffalo, Mario is a beast that is worth getting.

    Whoever is advising obviously made the right call to start up north and get Peppers money thrown at him. Its all in his hands now.

    I wouldnt mind to see him back in his home state of NC either.

  31. If Buffalo signs Super Mario and still drafts a stud defensive player like Melvin Ingram or Courtney Upshaw their defense with Dareus , Kyle Williams et al. will be

  32. did someone actually say that nys has a thriving economy?????? wow…..born and raised in buffalo….moved to houston five years ago(thank gawd)……williams is stupid to want to leave houston…….as long as they dont deal with injuries for a second season in a row…they are super bowl contenders……williams wants to leave …fine….use that money on someone else……i still support the bills …but at the end of the day…they always crash and burn… go drown your sorrows in a labbatt blue lol!

  33. pryor4heisman,

    If the Bills are a NOTHING organization, then the Bears are a NEXT to nothing organization. Cut any drug dealers lately?

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