Bucs bag Vincent Jackson

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As expected, the Buccaneers have agreed to terms with receiver Vincent Jackson, according to a source with knowledge of the deal.

It’s a five-year deal worth a grand total of $55,555,555.  (I just realized that’s ocho cincos.)

He gets $26 million fully guaranteed, via a $2 million roster bonus in 2012 and a fully-guaranteed $11 million base salary in 2012.  For 2013, he gets a $13 million base salary, fully guaranteed.

The last three years aren’t fully guaranteed, with a $10 million base salary in 2014, a base salary of $9,777,777 in 2015, and a base salary of $9,777,778 in 2016.

And so Jackson will get an average of $13 million over the next two years.  The Chargers could have kept him in 2012 for $13.7 million.

That said, it’s a lot of money for a 29-year-old receiver.  And if he doesn’t have a pair of big seasons, the $10 million due in 2014 may never be paid.

75 responses to “Bucs bag Vincent Jackson

  1. That’s why there the Bucs. Think u can throw money at 1 player out of 45 and think this is how u build a team. Losersof 11 games in a row last year. They will contend when VJ is 35……..maybe.

  2. Wow.

    Biggest free agent WR signing in Tampa since Alvin Harper or Bert Emanuel.

    Good luck this time though.

    (Pretty sure Galloway and Keyshawn were both trades)

  3. Good for them.
    It’s easy to buy the ingredients.
    The cooking part is harder (looking at you too Washington)

  4. That’s a lot of cheese for a WR that never topped 9 TD’s in a season with an elite QB throwing to him.

  5. Only the Beginning! Some one else had it right, VJ day in Tampa Bay. Read it and Weep.

  6. Bad move for Vincent, should’ve stayed wth strong armed Rivers, he will get exposed in TB! !!

  7. Now Courtland will want to come here even more and Nicks is all but signed!!! Lets go BUCS!!!!

  8. For Vincent Jackson? ….he’s almost past his prime already. Seems like a lot, but they covered their bases by making the last 3 years not fully guaranteed I suppose. They must feel they gotta be aggressive to try and build Josh Freeman’s confidence after he fell off the map last year.

  9. Marques Colston
    449 catches 6240 yards 13.9 yards/catch 48 touchdowns in 6 years

    Vincent Jackson
    272 catches 4754 yards 17.5 yards/catch 37 touchdowns in 7 years

    Yet Colston is #18 on the Top 100 here while Jackson is #3. I smell non sequitur.

  10. So Mike Williams falls to #2 and Free needs to step up! The Bucs need to spend some more cheese, but not a bad start. Better hope he doesn’t get injured too long…he’s an old 29 in my book.

  11. Perfect. Takes him out of the AFC West. Here’s to hopin the Broncos not getting Manning (with a heartbroken Tebow), the Chargers not getting any OL and the Chiefs getting injured. GO RAIDERS

  12. Percentage of plays he takes off: 55%

    Blood alcohol level at last DUI: .55

    Number of INT’s his new QB threw last year: 55

    Percentage chance Phil Rivers misses this guy: 555%

  13. Now if Josh Freeman can’t do anything with that and Williams, there’s a big problem.

  14. Im not sure how others percieve him but Ive always viewed VJax as a decent reciever that follows 2 bad games with one monster game then follows that with another 2 bad games. Hes always questionable with minor injuries and has that ” Just want to get paid” vibe to him. He just doesnt come across as a great receiver to me. Just good.

  15. Surprised it wasnt more since rumor was SD was planning to offer $11 million a year.

    Big addition to the team. Glazers trying to send a message to the fan base that they are serious about winning again. Not only does this help the Bucs on the field but will help sell tickets again.

  16. wow…so many haters…”who is going to throw him the ball…” Bucs lead the league in drop balls in 2011 so a bunch of the problems Freeman had was his receivers. Freeman did make the 100 best players voted by players just the previous year.

  17. That being said… are you kidding! The bucs killed this one. When he slows down in 4 years make him a TE. The man is is a beast and worth every damn 5

  18. Welcome to Tampa Mr Jackson. Run your routes, make touchdowns, murder the ‘Taints and Dirty Birds; and stay away from Aqib Talib (until he is thrown in prison) and you will do fine. Oh, and keep away from 717 on South Howard. Thats Raheem’s old hangout.

  19. As a Charger fan and San Diego native, I can’t for the life of me comprehend what game AJ Smith is playing with this team. He is leaving holes everywhere in this roster that no single great draft can fix, nor does it seem he’s going after any real free agents.

    I’ve long since felt the Chargers were leaving for LA. Maybe they’re gutting the roster to avoid costs in a move and tanking the season. They’ll justify it by the contracts given to Gates, Rivers, and Weddle. Meanwhile the rest of the team is a cheap scrubfest. I hope Peyton comes to Denver, I think they can win a superbowl right now. Go AFC West from your new bitch… Chargerfan!

  20. he should have taken less to go to a real team, like NE or the giants

    now he’s shown what everyone knew, he’s only out for the payday

    this is why high priced FA winners fail

    because they’re usually just about the money, no team chemistry at all

  21. Money wasted….bucs still the third best team in that division….they’ll cut him after 2 seasons after guarantees are up.

  22. Good luck Vincent Jackson:) I wish you could have taken less to stay with the Chargers, but understand… I just hope that you don’t miss out on a Super Bowl.

  23. What people fail to understand is that some teams overpay but if that player works out for that team and gets them a step closer who gives a rip about how much they are making.

    Good on the Bucs.

  24. Historically the Bucs offense has not been that great, and with a new HC with no NFL experience, this move will end up being a bust, plus this guy has Saran wrap for hamstrings will miss 3-5 games a year.

  25. 29 is not old for a WR. Galloway was older in Tampa and had 3 thousand yard seasons.

    Freeman is a great QB…and for the guy asking who will throw deep to him, you clearly don’t know anything about Freeman.

    But this signing was not just about Freeman. It was for Sullivan too.

  26. Huge pickup by the bucs. The vertical threat we have been missing, bucs are gonna roll in 2012

  27. People thought the Cards were nuts when they laid the big money contract on Larry Fitz as his rookie deal was expiring. He played up to it and then some. Then they did it again, and even more people winced, and thought the money was insane. With VD now getting the money he signed for today, Fitz just officially became the biggest bargain in the entire league. Well played, Mr. Bidwill. Horrendous gaffe, Mr. Glazer. Hindsight will be 20/20 – this is a massive mistake by the Bucs.

  28. Now Bowe is undeniably the best in the West, although he probably already was anyway.

  29. Really? This guy’s never even had 60 catches in a season has he? Not to mention he’s one bender away from being out of the league and is almost 30 years old.

    Alvin Harper 2.0. God, the Bucs are a stupid organization.

  30. kylemc1986:

    So none of our other receivers count but all of yours do?? Have fun with 3 average players and we will be good with VJ, Mike Will, and more than enough slot players (Benn, Parker, Brisco, ect…)

  31. It is amazing to me that there are so many haters out there for the PFT #3 Free Agent, especially when #1 and #2 are Peyton Manning and Mario Williams respectively. Should the Bucs just pass on free agency like in the past 10 years and rely on the draft for WR help?…that formula will only get you a winning record every two years or so at best.

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