Cardinals have 72 hours to cut Kolb

Time may not be of the essence for Peyton Manning.  For one of the teams near the front of the pack (perhaps) in the Peyton chase, it is.

If the Cardinals are going to declare victory and retreat regarding the Kevin Kolb trade, they need to do it by 4:00 p.m. ET Friday in order to avoid owing him another $7 million.

As Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic explains it, Kolb is owed the money if he’s on the roster on Saturday.  And so the Cardinals must get him off the roster on Friday.  Since the league closes for business at 4:00 p.m. ET, the Cardinals need to pull the plug by then.

Somers joined PFT Live on Tuesday to discuss the Peyton chase, the Kolb trade, and various other issues relating to the Cardinals.

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40 responses to “Cardinals have 72 hours to cut Kolb

  1. LOL..You give up a starting CB and a 2nd round draft pick to keep a QB for one year ?It would be funny if they did cut Kolb and Manning does not even come to the Cardinals then Kolb goes else where and becomes a star.

  2. I’m a Dolphin fan but Manning to DENVER makes too much sense. They have an o-line in place. They have 40 million in cap space, which is enough to get Manning, Garcon, and another WR. Elway will make this happen so he can say goodbye to Tim Tebow.

    Arizona would be a good fit if they had cap space. But, they don’t. If they cut Kolb they would be still under 10 million and lost Levi Brown to FA. Fitzgerald is a nice target and I really like their RBs, but I feel like it’s not a team quite yet ready to compete. They should still cut Kolb and go get Orton, though.

  3. Add another team to the list pursuing 2-3 QB’s.

    The RG3 trade is looking better by the day. In the end I think that was a trade that will greatly benefit both franchises.

    For a couple of these teams their 2012 season never came because they sat pat and will go through the season handicapped without a blue chip QB.

    Peyton must love having everyone by the balls.
    Now he and Archie will squeeze them for every $.

  4. I don’t know if I’d give up on kolb this soon. The guy hasn’t even been there a year yet. Let him go through a full offseason with the team and then see what happens. If he pans out he could be there for another 10 years. You’d hate to release him and then watch him tear it up somewhere else. But then again, I never watched him play last season so maybe I don’t know the extent of how bad he really sucked.

  5. To the 1st comment, they’re not cutting him without knowing #18 is coming. So in 72 hours, we’ll know if Manning will be a Cardinal or not.

  6. Well DRC actually sucks, or at least has the past 2 seasons, so that was no big loss for Arizona. Bigger issue is paying Kolb all that $$ and cutting bait a year later.

  7. I’m trying to keep quiet, because if I say it, it won’t come true, but….

    What if the deadline comes, Kolb gets released, and he immediately signs with Seattle for a contract with about half the value of the one he signed eight months ago?

    OK, that wouldn’t be funny in and of itself, but if Kolb then lived up to potential and proceeded to beat the snot out of AZ twice a year for the next 6-8 years, it would be hilarious in a legendary sense.

  8. I would take him back in Philly in a hearbeat.

    Vick is going to miss at least 3 games.

    I would rather have KK there than Kafka or Trent Richardson…

  9. So a player is supposed to honor a contract by playing it out but a owner isn’t supposed to honor a contract by paying it out?!

    Why even bother signing a contract any more?

  10. I don’t think Manning is going to rush a decision for the sake of any team. Cards are going to have to go with their gut on this one.

  11. I agree, Matt Flynn was over rated. The Cardinals never should have signed him based upon one good game. Wait. Who are we talking about again?

  12. Right when the Cardinals signed him I told everyone it was a bad decision. They gave up way too much for him. I live here in AZ and can tell you that people aren’t very optimistic about him anymore.

  13. They could still probably trade him for a late-round pick, even with the $7M bonus. Plenty of teams would be happy to give that up for a backup that may be good enough to start. AZ should know — they gave up even more for him after he couldn’t keep his gift-wrapped starting job in Philadelphia.

  14. Why the Texans are missing from the Manning sweepstakes is preposterous to me.

    That team should have been making any possible attempt to sign Manning.

  15. I would take Kolb on the Niners above Smith actually.

    But Manning would be better. We have enough pieces and a division he could make the playoffs every year (unlike the Dolphins)

  16. Trouble with Kolb is he looked scared in the pocket and he has had 2 serious concussions the second of which took him 2 months to be symptom free. Similar to Jahvid Best his career is in serious jeopardy and based on what we saw last year I would rather have PM. If we don’t get him roll with Kolb one more year and see what happens.

  17. With bs like this people question why the players want their money now…wait til later and the owners get rid of them at their discretion. People always talk about the players fulfilling their contracts; what about the owners doing the same?

  18. This is why Matt Flynn shouldn’t be so high on teams radars.. At least you don’t have to trade for him, but one or two good games does not make you a star. He could prove me wrong, but, if you overpay for him based on a few games, you might find yourself owing a mediocre QB $7MM

  19. Dolphins will have a problem on Saturday. Losing manning, Flynn, RGIII they will have to decide whether to take Kolb, Tebow or Chad Henney. I suggest Pennington

  20. greenbleeder: I think some team would sign him to be a starter. I’d love him back in Philly, but he doesn’t want to be a back-up.

  21. He will not come back to Philly when the two executives who wanted Kolb the most are in Cleveland. My money is on the Browns (ok, Dolphins too)

  22. Kevin Kolb is awful. The draft picks are gone you can’t get them back. Save the money and the reminder of this stupid trade and cut Kolb. Don’t waste another season with him as QB.

  23. If Arizona goes and cuts Kolb,,, that would make them the laughing stock of the league.., they would have absolutely nothing to show for the trade that lost them a pro bowler and a second round pick…

    If i were peyton,, that would be enough to cut them out completely.

  24. Seems like Manning is going to screw up quite a few teams while he waits to make his decision.

    Not his fault. It’s theirs for being idiots.

  25. please cut him. the seahawks will welcome you with open arms. i’m not sold on matt flynn yet.

  26. The Eagles would probably take Kolb back in a heartbeat for $1 million, but Kev probably thinks he can still be an NFL starter somewhere. Some people just never stop being delusional.

  27. Just do it then!!!

    Come on!!!!

    The Patriots went to the Super Bowl after goofing up with Brandon Meriweather, Darius Butler, Pierre Woods, Ron Brace, and seeing blooming guys disappoint like Sebastian Vollmer and Devin McCourty!!!!!

    Shouldn’t they just forget about the 2nd Rd pick and just get better no matter what?????

    Hell, as “tolerable” compensation just sign Asante Samuel from Philly and “pretend” he was a part of the Kolb deal!!!! In addition, the Cards are BAD with draft picks as well! Look at Alan Branch, Levi Brown, and Early Doucet. They went to the Super Bowl using pretty much no one from Denny Green’s last draft!!!

    Cut Kolb TODAY!!!

  28. Kolb should call Manning and say: keep em busy till friday thinking you aren’t coming… I’ll give you 3M and then you can sign….

  29. Eagle fans thought he was the next Joe Montana. The cheese stakes are laced with LSD in Phily.

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