Carriker’s deal worth $20 million over four years

Getty Images

Now that several new contracts have been negotiated, we’re starting to get our hands on some of the official numbers.

On Tuesday, defensive end Adam Carriker re-signed a four-year deal with the Redskins.  It has a base value of $20 million, with 3.7 million in fully guaranteed money and another $2 million that is guaranteed for injury only.

In 2012, Carriker receives a signing bonus in the amount of $3 million, a fully guaranteed base salary of $700,00, a $250,00 roster bonus, and a $50,000 workout bonus.  In 2013, the base salary increases to $3.7 million ($2 million is guaranteed for injury only), with the same roster and workout bonuses.  In 2014, the salary moves to $4.7 million, again with the same roster and workout bonuses.  Ditto for 2015.

Finally, a $2 million option bonus comes due on the final day of the 2014 league year.

There’s a strange provision that allows Carriker to void the last three years of the deal by paying $1 million to the team during a 15-day window opening the day after Super Bowl XLVII.  Though terms like that aren’t unprecedented, it’s hard not to wonder whether this is some creative way to manage the 2012 salary cap, given the sudden loss of $18 million in cap space.

Carriker, a first-round pick of the Rams in 2007, was traded to the Redskins in 2010.