Chad Henne to visit the Seahawks, too

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Free agent quarterback Chad Henne has a somewhat surprisingly hot market.

He’s visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars first. According to NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington, the Seahawks have also scheduled a free agent visit for Henne.

The Jets were considered the likeliest landing spot for Henne throughout the pre-free agency period, but Mark Sanchez’s contract extension made it less likely New York’s quarterback job would be open to competition. So while Henne has drawn some interest from the Jets, he’s looking around elsewhere first.

Henne is the No. 52 overall player on PFT’s Hot 100.

27 responses to “Chad Henne to visit the Seahawks, too

  1. It’s only surprising to people who have no clue what Henne is capable of. The Dolphins gave him ZERO chance to make a decision for himself. Whoever signs him will get a very solid QB. Is he going to be a hall of famer? Probably not, but he can be a top 10 QB if given the opportunity.

  2. “Chad Henne has a somewhat surprisingly hot market”

    Not really. He’s a young QB who has ability and lots of starting experience. He underachieved on some crappy Dolphin teams with not so good coaching so a fresh start with a new team could serve him well.

  3. Henne has talent. The offensive schemes never took advantage of his strengths and actually seemed geared to exploit weaknesses. He will thrive in a good system. Once he gains confidence he can be top 10

  4. Mr carroll and Mr schnieder.. Please don’t sign Henne or Orton. Fans will be more forgiving/willing to see the team draft a low round qb And have him sit behind tjack till time is right. mediocore backup qb’s can’t win us a ring.
    Thank you, Hawk nation

  5. Henne is better than T-Jack. But we need to look around more. Flynn seems like the best fit, but I’d hesitate to pay him what he’s probably asking. I suppose if we can get Chad Henne for a bargain then the Seahawks will probably be better off. And if he does well we can always restructure his contract. What Seattle needs is a solid 5 or 6 years out of the next QB, at least. We need stability at the position. And that stability needs to be more talented than Hasselbeck in 2005.

  6. for all you seahawk fans….the dude is waaaayyyy better than anything you have on the roster as a qb now!!!that’s for sure!!

    he never had a fair chance and when he started coming around last year he got hurt. HAve faith in your cheating, run for the hills, and leave usc to clean up the mess coach and your front office!

    oh yeah and quit crying about superbowl 40 already!!!

  7. Henne can play. He was in a terrible situation in Miami with some awful coaches and a complete lack of skill position talent. Jets fans can talk all they want but I can’t imagine Henne wanting anything more to do with Tony Sparano. He’s got a legitimate chance to start in Jax and/or Seattle so he’s smart to be visiting there.

  8. When Henne shows you all how badd he sucks then you all will stop saying ” oh hes a solid starter, he has talent, or my personal favorite ‘miami didnt give him a chance’. Dude had 3 years. hes trash

  9. This guy can play. I’m a Dolphin fan and Henne stood no chance in that system. Until last year he wasn’t even allowed to audible at the line. Under the right system this guy can throw for 4,000 yds easily.

  10. The Seahawks obviously have a fluid situation at the quarterback position. I am amazed at the number of fans on this site who don’t understand a team bringing in a player like Henne to compete for a spot that is obviously not settled. There is only one Manning and he is not coming to Seattle. The coach and gm can sit around and bitch about how nobody wants to come way out here or they can go find guys to compete for a spot on the roster. They have made over 500 roster moves in the past two years and will continue to look for talent. They have done a tremendous job of upgrading the talent in a short time and if you don’t think so then you have no idea how bad the roster was when they got here.

  11. Henne? HENNE? If you think he has something, give up following football. You’re clueless.

  12. Henne is definitely a young QB with some good starting experience, but it can’t all be blamed on the Phins and other players… when Moore took over he smoked Henne..

    so can Henne have a breakout year somewhere new ? yeah

    is it a lock for him to become a significantly better player? no, it’s a significant gamble

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