Chan Gailey: Bills are confident we can win the AFC East

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The Bills have finished in last place in the AFC East for four consecutive years, tying them with the Redskins for the NFL’s longest streak of consecutive last-place finishes. The Bills have also missed the playoffs for 12 straight years, the longest streak in the league.

But Chan Gailey likes the Bills’ chances to change that this year.

Gailey said today that he thinks the Bills, based on the team they already have and the additions they’re going to make in free agency and the draft, have a good chance of being the 2012 AFC East champions.

“I think we have a legitimate chance to win the division,” Gailey said, via the Bills’ Twitter. “We beat New England last year, went to New York and played good. Played bad against Miami [but] we match up well in the division.”

Gailey pointed to the Bills’ Week Three win over the Patriots last season as a reason for confidence heading into this season.

“The team believes we can win the division,” Gailey said.

So no one can question the Bills’ confidence. Of course, considering that after the Bills beat the Patriots, they went 3-10 the rest of the way, including 0-5 in the AFC East, some might think they’re overconfident.

62 responses to “Chan Gailey: Bills are confident we can win the AFC East

  1. The Bills Cant be stopped…

    With Jim Kelly under center and coupled with Reed and Thomas, this offense cant be stopped.

    Ooops, sorry…. I think I nodded off there…

  2. And if the Dolphins get Manning and Wayne the Bills will be like the Jets SOL. With Manning with the Dolphins and Brady with the Patriots (providing they get a pass rusher) Those two teams will dominate the AFC East.

  3. LOL! Good joke. The JETS are gonna come into Buffalo like last year and put and end to your miserable season.

    Life sucks. It sucks worse when you live in Buffalo.

  4. shockwaves are going to be felt all across the nfl and even in the profootballtalk offices . nix and gailey are about to ‘shock and awe’ the rest of the nfl beginning with the free agent signings and then dominating the afc east.

  5. Confidence is the key to winning, you can never have too much.

    Now if Gailey talked up his team the way Rex Ryan did last year about the Jets… now that is too much. Saying your going to win the Super bowl is a lot different than saying you think you can win your division.

  6. And in New England we are confident to win the division AGAIN.

    But I do think with all the cap space the Bills have that they try and make a big move. Mario Williams ???

    This is Chan Gailey’s third season as HC. If the Bills do not make the playoffs how hot is his seat?

  7. LOL a WEEK 3 win over new england? has gailey ever heard that a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile to?

  8. nineroutsider says:
    Mar 13, 2012 1:26 PM
    I’m confident they can start great and have another epic collapse. Haven’t they done that at least 2, maybe 3 years in a row?

    The Bills collapsed after losing half of their starters by mid-season. They had the second most players on IR. Don’t you think that had something to do with it?

  9. The Bills might even edge the Jets in hype per win.

    Fast start>fashionable hype>swan dive. Repeat.

  10. They’re headed in the right direction. Fitzpatrick is solid enough if the other pieces improve.
    That said, they ain’t finishing ahead of N.E. next year.

    And in all honesty, as has been suggested, I don’t think the “chalk” in the AFC East changes until Brady & Belichick are gone.

  11. indycolts1 says: Mar 13, 2012 1:27 PM

    “And if the Dolphins get Manning and Wayne the Bills will be like the Jets SOL. With Manning with the Dolphins and Brady with the Patriots (providing they get a pass rusher) Those two teams will dominate the AFC East.”

    WWWOOOOOWWW going out on a limb with that statement aren’t ya?


  12. Normally, when I read about the coach of an AFC East team making far too bold of a proclamation, I immediately assume it’s Rex Ryan.

    Nice surprise, Chan. Good luck living up to it.

  13. stanmark says:
    Mar 13, 2012 1:29 PM
    maybe the 2nd most injuries in the league had something to do with last years record
    Maybe a complete lack of depth had something to do with last years record.

    Maybe not being able to live off turnovers all season had something to do with the record.

  14. As this is the division they actually play in, I suppose their chances of winning it are indeed slightly higher than the 0% chance they have to win any other division.

  15. i love how commentors are so confident in their picks on who will finish where. Because everyone called the giants last year. we all saw that the niners were going to the nfc championship game. At home. Denver was a lock. The bucs didn’t disappoint. Get a grip people. anything can happen. except maybe the bills winning the afc east 🙂

  16. i like chan, he’s a decent coach. Better than most in the leauge right now, including my Steelers Mike “it is what it is”Tomlin. He’s Better than Jeff Fisher without a DOUBT. He’s always landed HC jobs in the wrong places at the wrong time. They(bills) played & competed very well last year. Lost quite a few close games.

    4— 23-20 bengals
    6—27-24 giants
    12—28-24 jets
    13—23-17 titans
    15— 30-23 phins

    obviously close losses count for nothing but losses but they do have reason to be optimistic. If they somehow find ways to win the close one like those above…they are an 11-5 playoff bound squad.

    They are a young and talented team. If they can keep these guys together and continue to grow they will be a force in that division. i mean look at it(division) Phins are a joke, the Jets are a circus and the PATS are the PATS.

    they DO NEED A QB though!!!

  17. 2012 season results prediction:

    Pats: 14-2
    Fins: 10-6
    Bills: 8-8 (there ya go Chan, out of the cellar)
    Jests: 5-11 (great results from the Dirty Sanchez extension and hopefully another Super Bowl prediction from Fat Boy )

  18. If your head coach isn’t at least confident he can win his division then you need a new head coach.

  19. If the Bills get Mario Williams, a healthy Kyle Williams, add V. Jackson, I’ll buy what Chan’s selling. Show us the baby Chan the man!!

    SKooby Lives- Shout out to TBD / The ZOne / B. Range!!

  20. Chan!!! – I’m rooting for you & rooting with you! … Just let Rex be Rex and show us the W’zzz

    Timing is for Free Agency recruitment & sales …

  21. I think when you are openly saying your highlight of the season and source of confidence going into next season is the outcome of a week 3 game, you may have problems.

  22. realnflmaster says: Mar 13, 2012 1:30 PM

    “LOL! Good joke. The JETS are gonna come into Buffalo like last year and put and end to your miserable season.

    Life sucks. It sucks worse when you live in Buffalo.”

    Life sucks more when you live in the b-hole of America that is New Jersey

  23. The Patriots have won the division 9 of the last 11 years. On the two occasions where they didn’t win it, they finished tied for first in the division and lost on a tie-breaker – and one of those seasons was when the Patriots won 11 games with Brady on IR. I don’t see anything on the immediate horizon that’s likely to change that, for the Bill, or anyone else. New York had their chance and they couldn’t get it done. Their window has closed. The Dolphins and Bills are just too far away to be considered serious contenders. I don’t blame Chan for saying this, but I hope he’s not betting his house on it actually happening.

  24. It’s not likely, and it will take a heck of a lot of hard work and luck bouncing they way, but sure it’s possible. They’ve shown that they have the talent to beat anyone on a given day, and with a few tweaks and better consistency – both significant things – why not? Competitive divisions are much more interesting.

  25. Yeah, that 49-21 anal pounding the Pats gave them in the season’s last game is indicative that they are ready to step up and be the division’s alpha male.

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