Eagles sign tackle Herremans to three-year extension

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The Philadelphia Eagles announced Tuesday that they have signed offensive tackle Todd Herremans to a three-year contract extension.

According to Adam Caplan of TheSidelineView.com, the deal is worth just over $21 million in “new money,” and contains slightly more than $11 million guaranteed.

Herremans is now under contract through 2016. He had two years left on his old deal with scheduled salaries of $2.2 million (2012) and $2.6 million (2013). So the contract has been upgraded to a five-year, $25.8 million agreement.

Herremans is entering his age-30 season. Moving out to right tackle from left guard, Herremans started all 16 games in 2011.

17 responses to “Eagles sign tackle Herremans to three-year extension

  1. If theres anyone on the eagles roster who deserves a new contract it him. Besides jason peters, herremans is our best lineman he can play anywhere on the o line. im glad to see he got an extention. Good Job Eagles.

    Now go sign a linebacker

  2. Ignorant statement…Vick will have a resurgence this coming season with the Howard Mudd having a full off-season to work with the line….he won’t be running for his life in day one.

  3. Right on, sb50! Herremans is #2 to Peters. I’m optimistic about Mudd’s changes to our O-Line. It’s been rough at times but I think there’s reason for hope with them.

  4. Glad to hear this got done. Vick was 5-1 last season when the O-line starters were all healthy… Herremans being a huge part of that.

    You’re up next Mathis!

  5. Eagle fans are distraught over G-Men winning their 4th SB. They wake up in tears daily. They should replace Reid with Lovie Smith. He can bring his AA’s for Obama campaign to Philly. Imagine a white people for Santorum campaign? How racist.

  6. “greenbleeder says: Mar 13, 2012 12:22 PM

    Remember the time he was caught smoking weed in a van with Juqua Parker and 2 chicks from Lehigh? It only made him more endearing.”

    haha yes that was hilarious. my buddy actually was a responding officer on scene there.

    I’m really happy about this deal, always been one of my favorite guys on the team. You can tell he works his butt off day in and day out, and I am glad he will be able to afford some better pot now.

  7. There has to be something behind the timing of this particular extension. Perhaps a way to try and set the value for Mathis.

  8. kozmo it is understandable why you are so proud, but you need help! You take a sports blog to a new low. Lovie, Obama and Santorum in one rant. Reid’s one bonehead move was putting an offensive line coach in as Defensive Coordinator. Had he not done that and actually gotten someone qualified, it is likely your beloved G-Men would have been bounced from the playoffs all together. But go ahead and puff up your ignorant chest, it’s probably all the success you will ever know.
    I can’t believe I wasted time on such a looser!

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