Eric Winston draws immediate interest

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On Monday, veteran right tackle Eric Winston revealed that the Texans plan to cut him.  On Tuesday, they did.

By Tuesday night, Winston has lined up visits with the Dolphins, Chiefs, and Rams, according to a league source.

Winston also may visit the Ravens and Redskins.

A six-year veteran, Winston started every game for the last five seasons.  He played college football at the University of Miami.

23 responses to “Eric Winston draws immediate interest

  1. At least the dolphins recognize that glaring hole at right tackle although reiff would be cheaper in the draft…unless they like Tannehill in rnd 1

  2. Class act and a good player. No idea who they have in mind to replace him but sorry to see him go.

  3. Is the hype of him being one of the best RTs in the game false,is there an injury we don’t know about or are the texans just trying to cut cap… because this didn’t make any sense to me.

  4. Wow so Pioli and Clark are Atleast making a few phone calls from the golf course. They better get serious.

  5. Man I could be wrong and far be it of me to question Ozzie if he was to bring Winston in but from where I’m sitting another right tackle is the last thing the Ravens need.

    Ohre had an excellent rookie season over there and I think after trying him at LT his second season they realized he belongs on the right side where he quietly had another strong season last year not to mention they drafted Jah Reid in the third round last year as another Right tackle.

    With no current center under contract, McKinnie at the end of his contract and career and, in all probability losing Grubbs to free agency RT should be the last O line position the Ravens are worried about.

  6. Eric’s a great guy. Got back to Houston on Monday morning from a USO/NFL trip to visit troops in Afghanistan, was called into the office and was released. Never complained. Look for him to sign with Miami. His brother is a scout for the dolphins, eric played at univ of miami (fl) and Mike Sherman is the OC at the dolphins, Sherman coached Winston when he was with the Texans

  7. Winston would thrive pretty well in a run first offense. He is an excellent run blocker. However, his pass pro is shaky at times. Put him in a power running offense and he will be gold.

  8. It wouldn’t be the month of March if the ‘skins weren’t trying to buy a trophy…again (and again, and again and…)

  9. They really need to change the name from Free Agency to the one time in the NFL year that you can shout Racist chants. Go Redskins! This is your time to shine enjoy!

  10. Not sure where he’d fit in with the Ravens. Right tackle is set, so unless he can switch to left tackle or left guard…….

  11. Redskins will sign him… oh wait he’s not a WR… nevermind. They have no use for non-WR’s

  12. Expert zone blocker who player with Shanny jr. in Houston under a system Shanny Sr. made famous in Denver!!! Sounds like he’s clearly going to become apart of the RG3 fan club security squad!!!

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