Jason Campbell is Jay Cutler’s new backup in Chicago


The Chicago Bears announced Tuesday that they have reached an agreement with quarterback Jason Campbell on a one-year deal.

Florio reported earlier in the day that the sides were in “deep negotiations,” and the contract was finalized late Tuesday evening.

Campbell, undoubtedly a big upgrade on Jay Cutler backups of yesteryear Todd Collins and Caleb Hanie, is still only 30 years old. He holds a career touchdown-to-interception ratio of 74:50 and has completed 60.8 percent of his career passes.

The one-year contract means Campbell will likely reach unrestricted free agency again in 2013.

43 responses to “Jason Campbell is Jay Cutler’s new backup in Chicago

  1. Skins fan here, and I am happy for Jason, and think he is a huge upgrade to the depth chart behind Jay Cutler. Sorry it never worked out for him in DC.

  2. I guess if you aren’t willing to improve the O-line, then a backup QB becomes a priority. See last season. Brandon Marshall was a great move though, I’m not looking forward to seeing him twice a year.

  3. Kind of suprising he didn’t wait and see if he could get in on a team with a shaky qb situation. Maybe Arizona if they don’t Manning or KC. I’ll take it though.

  4. Good move for the bears, but this guy should be starting somewhere like Cleveland, Seattle, Miami, he’s better than the guys they have

  5. Smart move for the Bears and a smart move for Campbell.

    Smart for the Bears — There is nothing like a backup QB who has over 20 or so NFL starts. Nothing replaces starting experience. Nothing. See Batch in Pittsburgh. Kitna in Dallas. etc.

    Smart for Campbell — Coming off of a serious injury it is better to go in for one year as a backup and hopefully use that year to get back to 100%.

    Then see what happens next year.

  6. We will miss you in Raider Nation Jason and even though we wish you would have staid in OAK, we understand that you dont rent a room a to your ex wife when your new wife just moved in and replaced her.
    Sorry to see you go and wish you much luck.

  7. While this is definitely an improvement, I think we could have done better. Although the Bears are my #1 team (only for 40 years now) the Raiders have always been my #2. So I watched every game Campbell played for them. He did have some good games. But he also had some games where he looked totally lost out there, like he had never seen a football or a football field before in his life! I was astounded at those games. So, I would rather we would have gone after Orten or Henne. But at least Campell should be better than Hanie or ever McGown.

  8. bleedgreen11 says:Mar 13, 2012 8:38 PM

    Solid back up QB. Excellent game manager and a vast improvement over Caleb.


    What? Campbell an “Excellent game manager”? Based on what?

    As a Skins fan its good to see a good guy like Campbell find work, but an excellent game manager he is not. To be an excellent game manager you first need to have above average decision making and the stones to follow through. That is something Campbell does not possess.

    Campbell is what he is, a solid #2 NFL QB.

  9. Da Bears now have a real backup, just a year too late. Plus reuniting Marshall with Cutler, the NFC Central is going to be a dog fight next year (well excluding the Vikings).

  10. Bears need more than one guy like Williams. Can’t say I would pass him up but if Emery is as smart as he’s been touted and and fill in a lot of quality instead of one OMG I’d be fine with that. Overall our backups sucked last year. We need a lot of help.

    So far, I’m liking what’s going on in Chicago.

  11. Good for Campbell. He’s an excellent backup. It’s a good spot for him.
    I’m glad he didn’t let his ego continue to insist that he’s a starter. He’s really not. He’d always end up in the 7-9 win range. Won’t carry a team farther.
    Raider fan here…

  12. Skins fan here…Good Luck Jason. Class act IMO, get that clipboard money…heck..maybe even save a game or two. Good pick up.

  13. i really like this move. as a skins fan ive always rooted for jason but always knew he was nothing more than a great backup QB. congrats jason.

  14. Da Bears still need a math lesson because

    1 mediocre QB + 1 mediocre QB= 2 mediocre QB’s

  15. Leave it to the faiders to ship out the best QB on the team. This will haunt them when the old man goes down early and often.

    PS: Another pick 6…

  16. This guy should be a starter somewhere. I wanted him in Buffalo before the Fitz shoes some magic. What a back up to have though. Wow.

  17. I dont understand all the hate for Cutler you would be grumpy too if your OC was calling seven step drops every passing play with a horrible o-line. Imagine you are Cutler and you look down the line of scrimmage to your right, hester to your left, knox your tight end, kellen davis and a patchwork o-line your next thought is oh sh*t If he doesnt perform this year then all you haters have at it. to *nflfollower* its day one of free agency lets see what they do with the o-line before you say they are unwilling to improve it

  18. This Raider fan also wishes JC well. He showed class and professionalism at a time when they were in short supply in OAK. BTW – who’s the back up for Raiders now?

  19. I Love how Bears fans …think their team is good now after signing one good free agent since 2009…they still got a long way to go to be as good as Packers or even Lions for that matter!

  20. Anyone who calls Cutler a mediocre QB is a stupid football fan. You can hate his attitude all you want, I don’t care. But he’s far, far better then mediocre. Please keep your biased ignorant retarded comments to yourself. Ok, go back to your pathetic trash lives now.

  21. I think Jason Campbell is a better qb than Jay Cutler is Cutler is not a proven leader, but for Jason Campbell he should be starting somewhere like K.C. Arizona, Dallas, Miami, Buffalo, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Denver etc… etc… etc…….
    What are this morons thinking in Chicago, if they had a brain in their head they would have traded Jay Cutler to the Washington Redskins and could have signed Payton Manning or Dennis Dixon or Brady Quinn or then sign Jason Campbell but then again these are the Bears that’s why they don’t play in the Super Bowl much with dumbbell moves like they do, they have no offensive line and not much of a defense and they need a new head coach like Bill Cowher, Dennis Green, and speaking of Qb’s what about David Garrard and Duante Culpepper why is a guy like Culpepper out of football when you have a jerk like Tony Romo the dumo and Alex Smith as starting Qb’s this is why I say we need better leadership in the NFL people with some brains
    That’s my opinion and like always “I callz em AZ I seezz em”

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