Kyle Orton to visit the Cowboys

Getty Images

Kyle Orton was a starter for two different teams in 2011, but as he enters free agency in 2012, his first visit will be with a team where he would only be considered as a backup.

Orton will visit the Cowboys, who are looking to sign a backup quarterback for Tony Romo, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

The Cowboys’ interest in Orton is no surprise, because they put in a claim for him last year when the Broncos put him on waivers. They liked hims as a potential backup to Romo then, and they still do.

The question is whether any team is interested in Orton as a starter. If so, Orton would likely go to that city. The fact that he’s going to Dallas instead indicates that he’s resigned himself to signing with some team where he’s going to be a backup.

In seven NFL seasons, Orton has started a total of 69 games, including 33 with the Bears, 33 with the Broncos and three with the Chiefs.

UPDATE: Schefter reports that Brandon Carr will also visit the Cowboys.