Matt Flynn talking to Browns, Dolphins

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This year’s best free-agent quarterback has narrowed down his choices to four teams. This year’s second-best free-agent quarterback is currently talking to two teams.

Matt Flynn, the former Packers backup quarterback, is engaged in contract talks with the Browns and Dolphins, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

The Browns are interested in bringing in a quarterback to replace Colt McCoy as the starter, and Flynn would be a sensible option. Cleveland isn’t in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes and was beaten out by the Redskins in the Robert Griffin III derby. If the Browns don’t land Flynn, that’s another step toward another season of McCoy as the starter.

The Dolphins signing Flynn makes a lot of sense because he and new head coach Joe Philbin spent four years together in Green Bay. But the Dolphins are in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, and as long as that’s the case, they’re not going to sign Flynn.

If Flynn wants to sign with a team that is ready to make him its starter, Cleveland might be his only option right now.

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  1. This might not be the sexy QB addition that a lot of Browns fans were wanting, but it could be an important one. Matt Flynn is well schooled in the West Coast offense, has performed exceedingly well when given the chance, and is still young. It’s impossible to say for sure that this guy would give the Browns a big boost, but it’s a real possibility. As a Browns fan, I’m rooting for Flynn to be given an orange helmet.

  2. Don’t look now, but Ted Thompson is starting to look pretty smart for not slapping the franchise tag on Flynn. It’s looking like the market for his services is not as overheated as previously thought.

  3. I think that Flynn will land with the Dolphins, but I’m not over estimating Flynn’s relationship with Philbin. Flynn might also consider that the Dolphins are installing a new system whereas the Browns have already done so, which is the same WC system that he ran in Green Bay.

  4. Why not just commit to Matt Moore? I can see Flynn getting s huge contract, Kolbing it, then basically playing out like the John Beck/Grossman derby. Matt Moore has Romo potential.

  5. Colt McCoy will not lose the starting job to Matt Flynn. The only three QBs available that are better than Colt this year are Peyton Manning and the guys that will be drafted #1 and #2 overall.

  6. I hope the Browns sign him. I’m afraid my Seahawks might sign him. Next years college QBs are better.

  7. Oh, Seattle will get a guy named Matt, but it won’t be Matt Flynn. They’ll tread water this year, add some talent to their roster in non-QB positions and wait for Matt Barkley to become available in next year’s draft.

    There are a lot of Matt’s at the QB position, now that I think of it. Besides Flynn, there’s Stafford, Ryan, Cassell Leinart , Shaub, and Moore. Maybe others, but still, that’s a lot.

  8. There’s no market for Flynn because he hasn’t made himself available until AFTER Peyton signs. If Miami doesn’t sign Peyton, there will be a bidding war of desperation between the fins and browns. Flynn’s worth would dramatically rise.

  9. I actually am hoping for Flynn over Manning. Dolphins need a long term solution at the QB position and Manning is nothing more than a 3 yr stop gap.

  10. i’m really tired of people comparing flynn to kolb? is flynn peyton manning, tom brady, aaron rodgers? no, he’s not. and he may never be anywhere close to any of those guy’s. but comparing him to kolb is ignorant, he hasn’t played enough yet. but when he has(started) he has looked very good. makes good decision’s and is accurate. those are good quality’s to have for a qb.

  11. Fellow gatorfan,

    If Manning really is a 3 year stopgap, the phins can find a better replacement than Flynn during those 3 years and get him ready. Remember after those 3 years, Flynn will be 30 anyway.

  12. I would think cleveland would be a great fit with a lot to offer for Flynn (especially chili’s “kickass” offense). the browns have a bunch of draft picks and would think this will be a team on the rise with Holmgren as GM in the next few years meaning an organization actually showing some promise like detroit & SF (minus moss). this team will be young and ripe with talent in next few years which should help make it a winner & promising for free agents.

  13. I don’t understand all the hype about Flynn if Miami gets him Moore will beat him out and start and Flynn will be on the bench again not a good move and after Cleveland jacks his price up he definitly won’t be worth it

  14. And who are the browns WR’s? Exactly, thats why colt Mcoy is not producing anything, if the browns drafy a WR and a decent RB in the draft and a WR i. The 2nd rd yhey would be a good team , their QB is fine just give him some targets

  15. Flynn is this years flavor of the month. He was hoping for a big bidding war. That isn’t going to happen. He is small for a QB and has a noddle arm.

  16. As a Browns fan I must say Matt Flynn is Kelly Holcomb v2.0 Holcomb looked fantastic in the wildcard loss to the Steelers with 26 of 43 passes for 429 yard and 3 TD’s. And promptly sucked the following year when he was the starter. I don’t want Flynn, ride out a year with McCoy and if he blows sell the farm, the shed, and Holmgren’s gold card at Ponderosa for Barkley.

  17. biglebronski says: Mar 13, 2012 10:21 PM

    Colt McCoy will not lose the starting job to Matt Flynn. The only three QBs available that are better than Colt this year are Peyton Manning and the guys that will be drafted #1 and #2 overall.

    Peyton did not play last year AND I can think of at LEAST 10 that are better than Colt…..I admit I thought he was pretty good his 1st year but they never put anyone around him so even Flynn will suck under those circumstances although I would fear Flynn more than Colt

  18. No way Cleveland….WR is a priority and I see that the Browns are not making any moves (again). I am about at the point of hoping the Browns just shut it down. Pathetic every single season…

  19. Browns fans keep assuming Flynn is the next Kevin Kolb.

    Interesting because if Peyton signs with the Cards, Kolb will be cut loose. If the Browns then lose out on Flynn, Kolb could easily end up on the Browns radar.

  20. realfootballfan says:
    Mar 13, 2012 11:05 PM
    This year’s best free-agent quarterback …..
    Peyton Manning didn’t get cut last week?

    Finish the paragraph. You will see that he refers to Flynn as the second best free-agent QB.

  21. I am not sold on Flynn but if they want to go that direction and use our first 3 picks on 2 wideouts and a rb (given Richardson somehow falls to #22) and let Colt and Flynn try to win the job then I am fine with that. If we still tank then we will be able to draft another supposedly great qb next year……..

  22. We get it he had [one] good [game] this year, but to say he’s the best free agent quarterback this year when PEYTON MANNING IS A FREE AGENT QUARTERBACK THIS YEAR is ridiculous. You’re giving him far too much credit

  23. Don’t like it all of you how think who think he is good the same ones that think Robert Griffin III is going to be good I would give him a 2 year contract at most with no money guraunted

  24. 2nd best FA QB?

    1) Manning
    2) Orton
    3) Campbell
    4) Garrard

    Let’s not anoint Matt Flynn the next best thing on God’s green earth like you did Kevin Kolb. The guy has two games against teams that didn’t give a ****.

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