Patriots place second-round tender on Brian Hoyer


Patriots backup Brian Hoyer is the top quarterback available on the restricted free agent market. Restricted free agents, of course, don’t usually generate much action. Especially when teams extend them high tenders.

Per Adam Caplan of, the Patriots have placed a second-round tender on Hoyer. In other words, any team interested in signing Hoyer to an offer sheet would have to surrender a second-round pick to close the deal.

Hoyer probably isn’t going anywhere this year, but next offseason could be a different story. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent in 2013.

Hoyer, 26, hasn’t seen much regular season action during three years in the NFL, but he’s been impressive in exhibition games. In three career preseasons, Hoyer has completed 86-of-143 passes (60.1 percent) for 1,121 yards (7.84 YPA), five touchdowns, and one interception.

Keep Hoyer’s name in mind. He may be the Matt Flynn of 2013 free agency.

22 responses to “Patriots place second-round tender on Brian Hoyer

  1. Or, if Brady goes down and Hoyer plays impressively while filling in for him, Hoyer could be named starter in 2013, and Brady may get the “Manning Treatment”. Or better yet, the “Bledsoe Treatment”.

    It sounds ridiculous, but if I told you Peyton Manning was going to be an unrestricted free agent this time last year, you would’ve laughed at me.

  2. Belichick believed he’d get a look from a team if tendered at a lower level. It makes sense. Plus now the Pats have someone they trust for if Brady goes down.

  3. He wont be the next Matt Flynn, Flynn is a free agent (remember the post about how GB does not do business that way). Well NE does, The cheat will find some fool to give up picks for him.

  4. Makes sense for them to want Hoyer to walk to add anothe second rounder if they’re (foolishly) going to go afte Amendola. Plus didn’t they just draft a competent back up QB last year?

  5. With the value put on the quarterback position in this year’s draft and free agency one has to appreciate what Bellichick has done with the QB position behind Brady. He got a 2nd rounder for Cassel (a 7th round pick) a couple of years ago; he developed a street free agent in Hoyer (a QB needy team would be smart to take him and his reasonable salary for a 2nd round tender); and, he grabbed Mallet in the 3rd round a year ago (adding value as he apprentices under Brady and Belichick).

    The Colts should have kept Manning and took the bounty the Rams received but they couldn’t because they did not have an alternative to Manning if he went down. They could have signed Hoyer, kept Manning, and had three number one picks in a trade for the #1 pick. Is Luck worth those five players?

  6. hoyer might be the matt cassel (just without being hurt) of next offseason…tradeable backup capable of starting for a QB hungry team…i could see the patriots franchising him and packaging him off for picks provided they sign chung and everyone else they need to sign to free up the tag

  7. IF you think Hoyer is a starting quality QB why would you not give up a second round pick and get him now. Its a year earlier, he is a year younger and there will be no competition for him. Instead you wait another year to sign a player you MAY have an interest in and end up getting in a bidding war (possibly).

    If he is going to be good enough for any team the time is now not next season!

  8. kspec1982 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 11:31 AM
    Who the hell has Hoyer beatin?

    At least when Flynn played the Pats he was tearing it up.
    I think it’s harder to name a QB who didn’t tear it up against the Pats secondary. Nothing against Flynn, he has the tools, but throwing to Jennings, Finley, Nelson, James, Cobb and Driver doesnt exactly hurt

  9. “Makes sense for them to want Hoyer to walk to add anothe second rounder if they’re (foolishly) going to go afte Amendola. Plus didn’t they just draft a competent back up QB last year?”

    Could != will.

  10. He could also be the NEXT Tom Brady,
    none of us know. What we do know is Brady came “out of nowhere” when Bledsoe went down and created a Dynasty along with BB and a great run with tremendous teammates.

    Who knows, maybe it could be history repeating itself, all over again? Redundant, I know…
    Hanging with TB in NE could have a tremendous effect on him, like it did Matt Cassel

  11. Hoyer can play. I’d rather take a fly on a second round tender that has sat behind Brady and had to deal with Hoodie, then drafting a second round player with no NFL experience. Unlike Cassel, Hoyer also had a solid college career at MSU. Lower risk.

  12. .

    Hoyer has three years experience running the complex Pats offense and learning under Brady . He’s worth more to NE than any other team. Belichick would never keep him on the roster for three years if he didn’t think Hoyer was a serviceable backup QB.


  13. My guess is he’s not a stiff. He’s actually looks like he “gets it” when he’s been called upon. To me, he looks kinda Andy Dalton-ish.
    I don’t think the Pats will get a 2nd but they have nothing to lose by asking for it.

  14. skolvikesskol says:
    Mar 13, 2012 12:25 PM

    Who cares? Oh yeah… Delusional shut ins, living in moms basement.

    So what kind of shut-in does that make you while living in your mom’s basement? Seeing that you commented on what you think is a non-story.

  15. skolvikesskol,

    the sad part for you is that Hoyer is better than any QB on your Vikings roster.

  16. Good point made here by rodyman: The guy has been good enough for Brady’s back-up. He is certainly worth a 2nd round pick of unknown NFL ability than waiting till next year and paying a bigger price.

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