Pierre Garcon: “I will be signing with the Washington Redskins”


Pierre Garcon says it’s official: He’s signing with the Washington Redskins.

Garcon, the free agent wide receiver who has spent the last four years with the Colts, wrote on Facebook les than an hour after free agency began that for him, free agency has already ended: He liked the offer the Redskins gave him so much that he signed it on the spot.

“I wanted you all to hear it from me 1st before u saw it on the news,” Garcon wrote. “I will be signing with the Washington Redskins and I’m very excited about the opportunity in front of me. I want to thank all Colts fans from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you’ve shown me the past 4 years and I hope that at some level u will still follow my career, as I will continue to share my life with you on here.”

Garcon is a speedy receiver who at age 25 should have plenty of good years ahead of him. The Redskins will hope he spends those good years catching a lot of passes from Robert Griffin III.

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  1. If I were a Skins fan, which I am not, I think I might begin to get slightly excited right now.

  2. RGIII brings the talent. Should be a solid combo. Side news, Peyton Hillis just posted on Myspace he’s signing with the CIA.

  3. So he worked out a deal in 45 minutes?

    Yeah, because no one contacts players before the deadline….

  4. But hey, there is no tampering in the NFL. 20 minutes is totally enough time to weigh all offers.

  5. Nice!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s bring in Eddie royal, re sign fletcher and I think we will be looking good… Maybe Arron rose could come in as a 2 CB and push josh Wilson to 3 CB

  6. I’m sure this signing had everything to do with RGIII and the Redskins being a winning program and nothing to do with money. The Redskins lost out on Jackson and threw money at the first person to visit.

  7. trollhammer20 says:Mar 13, 2012 4:53 PM

    So he worked out a deal in 45 minutes?

    Yeah, because no one contacts players before the deadline….


    Eh, that’s only a “gentleman’s agreement”…the NFL would never enforce that! 🙂

  8. For all those with pithy comments on tampering. How long does it take to count the zero’s?

  9. As a Redskins fan, I am very excited by this move (barring potential outrageous contract).

    Garcon fits the mold of recent free-agent signings: young, productive and positive character. He had a career year last year with CURTIS PAINTER throwing to him. His numbers weren’t even that far off from Vincent Jackson’s with a top-five.

    Plus, he is probably cheaper (I hope) than Jackson and doesn’t have a habit of DUIs.

    Welcome to Washington, Pierre. HAIL!

  10. @zaggs –

    When you consider how the ‘Skins over spend, I’m sure 2 minutes was enough to count the 0’s and smile.

  11. So relieved the Skins went this route instead of the 29 year old Jackson. Garcon’s numbers last year were extremely impressive given the overall ineptitude of the Colts offense and who was throwing to him. He’s already had some huge playoff games in his young career, which I’m sure Shanahan and Allen love.

  12. For all you crying tampering, you can’t contact the player before FA. But, you can have the parameters of a contract already in place. The player’s agent has an idea of the market. They have informal discussions to guage interest.

    But yes, 45 minutes is enough time to look at a piece of paper that says $15M and a piece of paper that says $12M and say, I’ll take the $15.


  13. Because hey, what’s a tampering charge on top of that salary cap and bounty thing?

  14. not a redskins fan either but seems to me the redskins need a #1 receiver to pair with rg3 if they want to be successful for the future and to me garcon is more of a complimentary piece…they needed to go big with vjax and i guess they couldn’t because of the cap penalty so they settled for garcon…decent move but not what they need going forward

  15. Oh dear. First, RG3. Now Garcon. Call me a skeptic, but given the Skins’ track record, they’ll have overpaid on one of these two guys. My guess is Garcon, who will never ascend to #1 WR status unless they legalize stick-um again.

    As a Colts fan….SMMFH…Who the hell is Luck gonna throw the damn ball to? LOL

    Good luck Pierre!!

  16. skins should get hit with another fine/penalty for this garbage. You’d think they wouldn’t want him announcing this less than 1 hour into FA….tampering without a doubt. idiots.

  17. Colts fan here.
    I’m excited for P. Garson catching passes from RG3.
    He took alot flack for drops in Indy, but I think he’ll work through that.
    His speed and yards after are awesome to watch.
    Expect to be entertained Skins fans.

  18. if they knew they wanted him and they knew what they were gonna offer him before free agency started how long does it take him to say yes??

  19. brenenostler says:Mar 13, 2012 5:01 PM

    Colts WR depth chart:

    1. Austin Collie


    Didn’t he play with John Beck at BYU? I’ll bet Kyle was standing on the table begging them to trade for Collie…

  20. It is funny, I was watching NFL Live on ESPN while the first Garcon to Washington post came up here and some guy had just posted (on here) how Garcon was another small, undersized reciever like Washington has been mostly plagued with. Literally within a minute, Bill Polian was on TV talking about the possible signing, saying what a good size the guy was at 6’2″ 200+ lbs(not sure if he said 205 or 210).

  21. vdaigglesfan says:

    “Doesn’t that max them out on cap space?”

    How so, with the 18 million hit we still have about 17 million in cap space, not a lot but more than half the league.

  22. I wonder how much the Skins paid for a #2 WR? Good luck without Reggie Wayne pulling double coverages from you. Good luck Alvin Harper, I mean Pierre, I’m sure you’ll be paid handsomely.

  23. I love how Rotoworld was dogging him in every writeup in the lead up to free agency after he declined Indy’s offer, how he’ll get nowhere near what he wants in FA, etc…..signing on the first day without any visits…sounds like he broke the bank.

  24. n0hopeleft says:
    Mar 13, 2012 5:14 PM
    WOW. The Redskins are really scary now.

    Are you people serious?

    Yes they are and they’re about to get scarier now that Josh Morgan is signing with them…

    Helu, RGIII, Garcon, Moss, F. Davis, Morgan – that’s lot of weapons.

  25. OVERATED, probably dropped the pen while signing, he’ll be cut this time next year

  26. Same old Redskins…there they go winning the offseason again! Can’t wait until the games start & the losses start piling up again. 🙂

  27. Congrats Pierre on getting paid.

    Pierre is a nice compliment #2 WR who wanted #1 money whether he was worth that much or not. The Colts are completing the clean slate to then rebuild a young squad around Luck.

    Sorry to see him go, but glad the Colts didn’t overreach.

  28. At least he slept on it and analysized the roster to see if they are a contender. Signed it on the spot, it not about the money I’m sure!.

  29. Don’t be so excited. DC is where free agents come to die! Most of his catches last year were when teams were already up by 27 points.

  30. Everyone keeps saying what about the Redskins deep threat. Well they still have Hankerson and Davis and with RG III and his running ability the redzone should become less of a problem.

  31. I suspect the Redskins grossly overpaid for Garcon. Because he signed on the spot, even though there are other teams that could use a receiver. It will be very interesting to see his contract terms. The knee-jerk reaction is to be happy if you’re a Skins fan…but the reality is this could be a very bad move. We will see.

  32. Who said Garcon was going to be the #1 receiver??? Leonard Hankerson is going to be the Redskins #1 receiver when he’s healthy. Hankerson is a beast.

  33. This shows that the Redskins are working with the penalty. I think that Garcon cost less and was easily accessible.

    I am sure he got money, but he wasn’t going to get the really big money.

  34. Garçon was a very serviceable receiver and I was hoping the Colts could hold onto him. Yeah he might drop a few but he also catches some that you wouldn’t expect him to.

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