Rams do five-year, $50 million deal with Cortland Finnegan


FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez reports that the St. Louis Rams “have a deal in place” with cornerback Cortland Finnegan worth roughly $50 million over five years. It sounds like Finnegan will sign the contract, officially, during his Friday visit to Rams headquarters.

One of the most versatile cornerbacks in football, Finnegan played right corner in Tennessee’s base defense and kicked inside to cover the slot in the nickel. Though not blessed with prototypical size — Finnegan is generously listed at 5-foot-10, 188 — he is a physical defensive back with playmaking ability.

He’s piled up 14 interceptions, three forced fumbles, and six sacks over his first six NFL seasons.

Finnegan, who turned 28 in February, will quickly assume No. 1 cornerback duties in St. Louis based on his fat paycheck and knowledge of Jeff Fisher’s schemes.

Finnegan was the No. 1 cornerback on PFT’s Hot 100 Free Agency list.

Next up is Brandon Carr, who was in Dallas on Tuesday night visiting the Cowboys.

27 responses to “Rams do five-year, $50 million deal with Cortland Finnegan

  1. Last time Finny got a contract he took it easy the next season.

    Best of luck Rams. Hope you get a FULL five years out of Finnegan.

    He was voted to be one of the team leaders this last season with the Titans yet we saw very little leadership.

  2. Finnegan was not the #1 corner on PFT’s Hot 100 Free Agency List. That would be jar-jar Ladarius Webb.

  3. That’s a ton of money for a guy who plays on the right side. Rams needed to sign a corner bad though, and with his attitude at the very least that D will have some fight in them.

  4. As a Rams fan I’m pretty happy with this move but most would agree..they are paying him way too much!

  5. He reminds me of Eric Davis. He’s a good player, not sure about this deal until I see the actual numbers. Rams better put a bigger corner on Moss though.

    Rogers isn’t going to get the big deal he wants and might end up back here is SF unless the 9ers get Carr or Wright first.

  6. 14 interceptions over six seasons. You don’t say. That’s a blistering 2.3 picks per season, coupled with one sack and a half of a forced fumble. All in one season??!?!! How did he escape Tennessee to be able to fleece an obviously desperate and deprived organization? What a douche.

  7. For an undersized and physical corner, he’s on the down-slope of his career. Way too much money for him. One more good season and he’s cooked (or moving to safety).

  8. I’m a Cowboys fan and I was optimistic about him signing for them, but $10,000,000 a year? Nnamdi got $12 mil and he, frankly, wasn’t worth that money with Philadelphia. Too expensive, and although he’s a good corner, there’s no way he can live up to that contract.

  9. All players are overpaid. So get the good ones and let the owners sort it out. Ram’s are on right path.

  10. 2 Things:

    1) Apparently you get $50 million as a consolation prize every time you get a beat down from Andre Johnson

    2) Brandon Carr is gonna get PAID SON!

  11. Seriously? He is a Nickel CB at best and StL gives him Asomugha money?

    2011: Asoumugha gets 5 yrs/$60million w $25million guaranteed.

    And that was an uncapped year!

    I’m guessing the Rams had to fork out above market money to get a legit player to sign.

  12. Rams stacking up finnegan,this years 2 first rounders plus 4 first round picks next two years omg they have a chance to build with young talent and few experienced guys and become a force like my lions .congrats rams I’m pulling for you cuz you sucked like us .

  13. When I think of that guy, I think of Andre Johnson ripping off his helmet and pummeling him with his fists.

  14. At least the new owner is willing to pour money into the team to win and not be in a perpetual rebuilding phase.

  15. way to overpay Finnegan. he’s not worth $10 million. Looks like the Rams have all of the Titans’ leftovers. also looks like the Rams with Fisher will be another mediocre team!

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