Redskins talking to receiver Eddie Royal, too


No matter how much salary cap space the NFL docked them, the Washington Redskins were serious about improving the wide receiver position in free agency.

The Redskins moved quickly to sign free agent receiver Pierre Garcon, they’re reportedly deep in talks with free agent receiver Josh Morgan, and now we have yet another report of yet another free agent receiver landing in Washington: Eddie Royal.

According to 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C., the Redskins have agreed to terms with Royal. However, we’ve heard that there’s no done deal yet.

Whether the deal gets done or not, it’s clear that we’ve got our second straight offseason of the Redskins looking to sign free agent receivers. Last year it was Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney and this year it’s Garcon, possibly Morgan and possibly Royal.

Last season Royal played in 12 games for the Broncos, starting eight of them and finishing the season with 19 catches for 155 yards. Those aren’t particularly impressive numbers, but then again the Broncos’ offense wasn’t conducive to big receiving numbers last season. But Redskins coach Mike Shanahan knows that in the right offensive system Royal can put up big numbers: As a rookie in 2008, Royal caught 91 passes for 980 yards and five touchdowns. His coach that season was Shanahan.

So it’s easy to see why Shanahan would want Royal as one of the new receivers for Robert Griffin III.

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  1. Goodbye Santana and Jabar…..Coach wants to see you, and bring your playbook.

  2. As a Skins fan I hope Morgan and Royal are coming under really reasonable contracts.

    And I’m also starting to empathize with the Bears due to the current lack of o-line signings. Hope we get some decent lineman or at least draft some. Still have CB and MLB needs. Probably need a safety…

  3. Apparently the Redskins are recruiting from their home base now and Morgan is from DC and Royal is from near Redskins Park. Both went to Virginia Tech. I hear they’re looking at Sean Glennon as a backup QB.

  4. Wow. Garcon and and Manning combo is back. Look out NFC East..Washington is for real!

  5. The Redskins don’t get it and they never will. They may get RG3 but he needs an offensive line to protect him and the Skins have 1 of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

  6. This is interesting… I dont see where Santana and Gaffney are gonna fit in. Figure we have hankerson that was coming into his own before injury. garcon. morgan and now royal. I say they ditch AA, stallworth, and banks…and keep these 2… Hopefully they know what they are doing!

  7. @skinsfanwill

    They already have them. Their names are Leonard Hankerson and Niles Paul. You must not be much of a fan if you don’t know the roster.

  8. morgan has break out potential and fits the system, eddie royal has already played in the system and was at his best when he played for shanny and garcon well his skills speak for it self you all saw the way he ate us up on the field and hes familiar with the west coast to. these are all good signings btw dont forget about hank because hes gonna be a beast! this is a real change and rebuilt team and i like the direction! hail!

  9. As a Bronco fan, if the Redskins want to overpay for Royal then go ahead. Royal is a good returner and decent slot receiver but he is injured more than not and is not worth a big payday.

  10. the one reason (well 2 to be honest) why i didnt want rg3 to go to the redskins is cuz they didnt have weapons they had an aging santana moss and up in coming tight end in davis and then it kinda fell off (cooley, gaffney,armstrong,banks(btw great k/p returner) but now it looks like my boy rg3 will have the weapons for success if they get him i wish him the best

  11. Great moves. Young guys who can grow and develop along with RG3. For those of you bashing Dan Snyder, stop being ignorant. For years he overpayed veteran players who proved to be way past their prime. Since Allen and Shany took over, they’ve been signing young, hungry, high class competitors who have yet to reach their full potential. These signings are positive moves which provide high upside to the Redskins offense. They’re getting younger, and I predict a bright future for the Redskins.

  12. Any and all receivers want the ball coming from the hands of the great one-RGIII. They are lining up at the door to get into a Redskins uniform now.

  13. Have I missed something here…or how in the world have they made all these “fast connections” with athletes w/out making them before Free Agency actually begins.

    Maybe I’m clueless and that won’t be the first time but something seems a little “fishy”.

  14. As a Niners’ fan, living in Denver, I’m a big fan of both Josh Morgan and Eddie Royal — both are better than any remaining 6’5″ guy on the market.

    Both should really benefit from being in an offensive system that can throw the ball. Can you imagine how happy Royal has to be for the opportunity to get away from the Worst Quarterback of All-Time? I bet he catches a minimum of 800 yards next year on that team.

  15. raylewis52 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 6:38 PM
    And where the hell does this money come from ? With 30 mil less in cap space !

    18 million, they can split the 36 million penalty over two years.

  16. raylewis52 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 6:38 PM
    And where the hell does this money come from ? With 30 mil less in cap space !

    18 million, they can split the 36 million penalty over two years.

    Not to mention structuring deals so the cap hits are less up front and greater on the back end.

  17. And where the hell does this money come from ? With 30 mil less in cap space !


    Aside from Garcon, I doubt the Skins broke the bank, also its 36 million split up over 2 years, Skins still have cap space this year…so there you go, thats where the money came from.

  18. Some of you all are just being negative. Eddie Royal was drafted by Mike Shannahan in Denver and like the author said he caught 91 passes for 980 yds. His rookie year under Shannahan plus the guy is an underrated kick/punt returner. If you have a hole at WR and KR, why not sign a guy that your familiar with that can do both? It was a no brainer and it probably didn’t cost us much at all

  19. You can’t buy a Super Bowl. Anyone told Mr Snyder that.
    These are targeted signings of guys who are upgrades that someone in the organization has direct knowledge about – e.g. Shanahan used to coach Eddie Royal in Denver. Get a new talking point.

  20. If you’re going to sign Eddie Royal, you had better have an extremely accurate quarterback. Royal is like the opposite of Brandon Lloyd, he’s got one of the smallest “adjustment windows” you’ll find. If it’s aimed right at him, he’ll catch it and have some sweet moves, but if it’s off, consider it incomplete. Neither Tebow nor Orton could figure out how to throw to him. Royal has a really crappy drop rate (worse than other receivers that Tebow and Orton threw to) these last couple of years, and all those incompletions somehow end up looking like the quarterback’s fault when they happen, due to Royal’s inability to adjust.

  21. Dag them redskin boys is cleaning up on the wr market ny mean so they still jus gonna always be the 3rd or 4 th best team in division word to the mother. ice ice catfish to cold to cold money. platinum platesi

  22. You don’t say… Eddie Royal? My god the Redskins could have as crappy a receiving corps as the Bears did pre-Marshall

  23. Looks like they are putting in this years dream team. I’ resembles last years Eagle push. Hows that workin for em..

  24. If you waste your time reading all the comments on this article, as I just did, you’ll see how repetitive, stupid, and self contradictory Redskins bashing really is. Negative comments go back and forth, in an almost perfect pattern between comments about the quality of the receivers and comments about how Snyder (who, by the way, is no longer in charge of personnel decisions. Thank God, or we would have just made Vincent Jackson the highest paid receiver in the league) is trying to by himself a championship. The discussion ends up looking kind of like:
    “Good luck with your squad of midgets, bozos. RG3 should pull an Eli and get the hell out of DC.”
    “Trying to buy a championship again, Danny boy, how’d that work out for you last time?”
    “None of these receivers are Calvin Johnson. Good Luck cellar dwellers.”
    “”Dream Team 2.0. Good luck with that. Redskins are the Raiders of the NFC.”

    These two concepts are self-contradictory. Can’t all the Redskins bashers just get together in some big meeting and settle on one issue to attack the Skins about, like having DeAngelo Hall on our team, for example (Really, y’all are welcome to use that one, go ahead, knock yourselves out)

  25. Some people are complaining about short receivers. You have to be tall when you aren’t open. Eddie Royal gets open. Ignore Fox and Dunce’s misuse of him. Shanahan knows how to use him.

    Also, even though he isn’t tall. He’s very strong. 24 reps at the combine. Better than some guys on the d-line. The is quick, fast and extremely hard to jam at the line. Ask Nnamdi. Nnamdi tried to jam Royal in Royal’s first game and got pushed to the ground and beat for a catch.

  26. The Redskin haters can hate all they want… They are probably Cowboys, Eagles or Giants fans or, they are mad they are not getting RG3. The fact is that since Dan Synder has finally let go of the decision making and let his GM Bruce Allen and his Head Coach Shanahan make the decisions the Redskins are finally on the right path. Starting with last years draft, trading down to stockpile picks. That would of never happened if Dan was making football decisions. Trading up to get RG3 was smart and if he is as good as the Skins think the NFC East is in trouble and the haters are just scared of that. Also, today’s WR FA signings were smart, once again. Got 3 solid wr’s instead of one big name big $, older wr. Leonard Hankerson will be off IR this year (he’ll be a pro-bowl wr) and DE jarvis jenkins will be back off IR too. The Redskins are going to be scary this year and the NFC East haters know it. The Redskins are finally doing things right. Thank you Mr. Synder for finally seeing things clearly and letting your GM and HC make the football decisions and just write the checks. Hail!

  27. To the Redskins… (like they read this) please keep Brandon Banks. This guy will be the next Devon Hester mark my words. Keep Jabbar Gaffney and Santana Moss too and develop Hankerson into the #1 WR that he will be.

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