Reggie Wayne isn’t tied to Peyton

Getty Images

With free agency starting in less than two hours and receiver Reggie Wayne sounding downright giddy last week about the prospect of playing once again with Peyton Manning, some think that Reggie will wait for Peyton to pick a new team before doing the same.

That’s not necessarily the case.

A source with knowledge of Wayne’s thinking says the soon-to-be-former Colt will do what’s best for him.  Though that may include playing with Peyton, it may not.

It’s also possible that a team that wants Peyton will try to sign Wayne now, as what we’ve begun to call “Peyton bait.”  (The trademark application is pending; the T-shirts will be available next week.)

An eleven-year veteran, Wayne joined the Colts via the first round of the 2001 draft.  He has 862 career receptions, 11,708 yards, and 73 touchdowns.