Reggie Wayne isn’t tied to Peyton

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With free agency starting in less than two hours and receiver Reggie Wayne sounding downright giddy last week about the prospect of playing once again with Peyton Manning, some think that Reggie will wait for Peyton to pick a new team before doing the same.

That’s not necessarily the case.

A source with knowledge of Wayne’s thinking says the soon-to-be-former Colt will do what’s best for him.  Though that may include playing with Peyton, it may not.

It’s also possible that a team that wants Peyton will try to sign Wayne now, as what we’ve begun to call “Peyton bait.”  (The trademark application is pending; the T-shirts will be available next week.)

An eleven-year veteran, Wayne joined the Colts via the first round of the 2001 draft.  He has 862 career receptions, 11,708 yards, and 73 touchdowns.

36 responses to “Reggie Wayne isn’t tied to Peyton

  1. Wayne wants the ball. I think the people that think he’d love to join Manning (if he signs with the Cardinals) and Fitz in Arizona are dreaming.

  2. peyton is experienced, thorough and hardworking. He needs good receivers to be successful, but Reggie Wayne is not necessary to that success.

  3. After Manning threw him under the bus a couple seasons back and after Wayne publically disparaged Manning for not getting him the ball enough in their SB loss, I’m surprised they’d want to still play together. Then again I guess the benefits out weigh the consequences with a tandem like that.

  4. Where are all the New York Jets headlines?!?!

    I am sure that Sexy Rexy has something up his toe!!’

    Can’t wait for 4:01 to hit……The New York Jets signed……..!!

  5. Man, Im sure glad the Eagles picked Freddie Mitchell that year. We could have ended up with a head case like Wayne or something…

  6. Reggie and Randy in SF; I could see Wayne not getting top dollar which makes him a candidate for the 9ers. Anyone getting top scratch has no chance with the 9ers.

    Would prefer to keep Joshua Morgan though…

  7. WOuld some team just sign Payton already? This is getting old. And while we’re at it how about a decision on the bounty scandle?

  8. Peyton Manning will visit the Edmonton Eskimos tomorrow morning at an undisclosed location.

  9. Peyton needs to sign with Houston, oh and Reggie can come too if he’d like.

  10. I’d love to see Reggie Wayne with a KC Arrowhead on the side of his helmet. While his best days may be in the rearview mirror, he still had 80+ catches last year, and I think his work ethic may rub off of D-Bowe in the end.

  11. Wayne knows peyton may not go to Miami. He wants to… Peyton will do what is right for Peyton..Wayne should do the same.

  12. Reggie was giddy last week at the idea of playing with Peyton in Miami. In Miami is the key. Wayne will be a Dolphin and he’d. Wry much like Manning as his QB, but if Manning goes elsewhere (he will), then so be it.

  13. astrosfan75956 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 2:39 PM
    Peyton needs to sign with Houston, oh and Reggie can come too if he’d like.

    Houston has zero cap room for EITHER – stop living in fantasy land

  14. Touchdownroddywhite, you consistantly have the dumbest post on here. When did Manning ever throw Wayne under the bus? Never. And the only time Wayne ever complained about not getting enough touches was after the Jets playoff loss, not the Super Bowl. Manning and Wayne have always had a great relationship. Quit making up stories.

  15. You mean he is a grown adult with his own family and personal goals?! And that his teammates were coworkers and not his actual brothers?! Wow!!! What a shock…

  16. Help us begin our dynasty with the newly signed and motivated Sanchez?

    Hey… how are those knicks doing? Dynasty and the nj jet franchise should never be used together… check that, their dynasty of losing would qualify.

  17. I am not into predictions like those who act like they know something by saying “you heard it here first.”

    But RW’s best friend is Ed Reed. There are other U connections in Baltimore. He could do worse, much worse. And a huge upgrade from Lee Evans.

    I’d love to see it.

  18. indywilson40 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 3:18 PM
    Touchdownroddywhite, you consistantly have the dumbest post on here.


    Well JD Mastermind is in the running for the title!

    Wayne better go with Manning –

    to Denver!

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