Report: Bills “fully expect” to sign Mario Williams, Robert Meachem

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The Bills planned to make a big splash in free agency.  If they get their way, they’ll do a Ted Washington cannonball from the high dive.

Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550 in Buffalo reports that the Bills “fully expect” to sign Texans defensive end Mario Williams and Saints receiver Robert Meachem within the next 24 hours.

Williams, the first overall pick in the 2006 draft, would be the biggest free agent since Reggie White, but for the presence of Peyton Manning on the market.  Choosing Buffalo would breathe life and legitimacy into a franchise that long has been ignored.

Meachem, who started slowly in New Orleans after joining the team via round one of the 2007 draft, would be paired with Stevie Johnson, giving quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick another weapon.

74 responses to “Report: Bills “fully expect” to sign Mario Williams, Robert Meachem

  1. No one can ever say Ralph Wilson is cheap ever again! LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!!!


  2. on behalf of all Bills fans…..



  3. It’s been a long time since I said this about the Bills, but, coming from a Dolphins fan, I don’t like where this is headed.

  4. Wow, just wow. First year as a season ticket holder, and I am pumped. Even if they don’t sign, this is a wonderful sign! Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey could be the next Marv Levy and Bill Polian.

  5. Bills “fully expect” to sign Mario Williams, Robert Meachem and they will still Suck!

  6. I’m not a Bills fan but go Bills! Now you can put the Jets at the basement of that division, that will make a lot of people happy

  7. Probly the last team in the league i would see williams go to..but good for you buffalo,i hope things get turned around for ya.

  8. maaaaaan it must really suck in Buffalo if you can be offered to be the highest paid player in the league on your side of the ball and you still tell them you’re gonna think about it! HAHA!

    I think the Bills are prepped for a huge year without Mario Williams or Meachem assuming they’ll be healthier than last year. Adding these two will make them a solid contender. I’ve never been to Buffalo but seriously, how bad can it be that you would actually turn that down?

  9. It hasnt happened yet Bills faithful. Just wait and see. I dnt want to hear about anyone jumping off any bridges tomorrow if something goes awry.

    THAT being said.

    “please please please please”

  10. I love how all the bills fans all of sudden come out of hibernation after that epic collapse last year haha super owls aren’t won in the offseason

  11. Peyton Manning better rethink any plans to sign with Miami
    once Super Mario joins Marcel Dareus, Kyle Williams and Chris Kelsay on the revamped LIGHTS OUT Bills D!

  12. txndave says: Mar 13, 2012 9:13 PM

    Mario Williams= INJURY
    Never missed a game in his first four years. Tore a pectoral muscle, which is a fluke. Get your facts straight hater.

  13. The Bills have been the “Ugly Girl” of the NFL for more than a decade. The media paints the city as a Siberian wasteland when in reality, the weather isn’t much worse than Cleveland or Boston. They call them cheap, which is a fair assessment. But if these signings take place, and add the Stevie Johnson signing. It is a HUGE step toward reviving the name of a team with a hungry fan base. It puts them in the news, and it sends a message that Siberia isn’t so bad. Sure they will have to overpay to make it happen, but that’s OK they have been saving money for 10 years.

  14. As a Browns fan, it’s hard to toe the “build through the draft” party line when teams like Buffalo in comparable markets go off in free agency. After 20+ years of hearing Cleveland is too cold a destination for free agents…Buffalo??

  15. The psychology of teams in the AFL East appears fragile. That’s what happens when one team dominates a division for ten years and looks to dominate for another five.

    Miami has an owner that has fallen in love with Peyton Manning and gave away the team’s best (or second best) offensive player to make the Dolphins more attractive to the free agent quarterback. The New York Jets have guaranteed more contracts than AIG while extending a coddled quarterback they nicknamed “Sanchize”. Now, the Bills are “breathing life” into the franchise by breaking the bank in free agency.

    What will the Patriots possibly do to compete? They will sign some relatively inexpensive free agents that want to play in New England and maybe spend a little more on a key position or two. Then they will do what they always do, draft a plethora of players with the extra picks they have stockpiled.

  16. REPORT: Bills will still suck, will secure third place in the AFC East with these signings.

  17. congrats buffalo….hope springs eternal…but I’m still feeling pretty good about being a Pats fan. Brandon Lloyd coming aboard, an add at RB if BLGE leaves, 2 firsts and 2 seconds again this year…oh yeah….and Brady and BB.

    Nice to see you improving, but I’ll stick with tacking another 5 years of AFC East dominance on to the decade plus we’ve already had.

    When Brady and BB cal it quits, maybe you’ll have a shot.

  18. As a Texans fan, it’s sad to see him go. Buffalo is going to get a Freak athlete. Only if he could “Turn it on” for every play.

    Best of luck to you Mario. I can’t blame you for chasing the $$$.

    Warm weather, 1st class facilities, and #2 defense here in Houston.

    Buffalo on other hand, Cold bad stadium, and avg. team at best.

  19. Dude, whoever mentioned Merriman, bad form. A line consisting of Williams, Williams, Dareus, Kelsay and a potential 1st round pick is damn scary if you ask me. We will have depth too, Spencer Johnson is no slouch, same with Alex Carrington. Lets just hope Shep can develop at stuffing the run, and maybe, just maybe, we can sign Landry. Thats a pretty formidable interior D. And, whats great, is all this team really needs is a single Big splash in FA to make it over the hump, the Bills aren’t built like the Eagles, Cowboys, ‘Skins, or Raiders. They have a lot of youthful, homegrown talent, along with the necessary FA Veterans.

  20. Oh silly Buffalo fans…you’re still gonna suck. As long as Brady and Belichick are around you will be irrelevant. Signing FA’s to massive contracts doesn’t equate to championships. Silly Buffalo fans.

    Go Pats.

  21. There’s a guy in here that thinks free agents are looking at which teams will win the most games, rather than just taking the highest bidder. That’s cute.

  22. I never thought I would see the day Buffalo steals the free agency headlines, but congrats to them.

  23. Gonna be a serious defense to reckon with. Guess they liked the Giants formula for closing out the Pats. Brady is gonna so banged up by the time the playoffs come, the whole league owes the Bills a thank you.

  24. When was the last time a team made these kind of huge free agent moves and was one of the last 2 teams standing at the end of the year? Buffalo fans should think about getting their team to 8-8 before worrying about anything else.

  25. As a Jets fan I’m excited about these moves. The better our rivals are, the better we need to be to beat them. I’d rather see my team trying to be excellent than winning a weak division and finding ourselves overmatched in the playoffs.

  26. Tom Brady just peed a little. Rex needs a change of diaper and Peyton is looking for real estate in Denver.
    Mario Williams, Dareus, Williams, and Merriman. Wow.

    You did not just try to insinuate that Shawn Merriman has something left in the tank; are you serious?!?

  27. Can they hold the Super Bowl parade early? I’m thinking tomorrow sounds about right. The Bills haven’t even signed Mario yet and you’d think it was a done deal if you read their fans reactions right here.

    Listen here Bills fans, I’m a Raiders fan, and just because Al Davis said his 2010 team (and his 2009 team, and his 2008 team, and his 2007 team, etc) was going to win the Super Bowl, doesn’t mean it’d happen. He also compared Jason Campbell to Jim Plunkett. In my neck of the woods, assumptions are not fact. The Bills may “fully expect” Williams to sign but he’ll seriously think twice. He can make big money elsewhere with a better shot to win titles.

  28. can we at least wait until the contracts are actually signed before all you bills fans get all pumped up? and for the record as a patriots fan even if you were to get mario williams the bills still don’t scare me

  29. @portnoychunk

    Maybe not right away, but it worked for the ’90’s Packers, Reggie white made that team a perennial Playoff team, not Brett Favre.

  30. Wow, lots of unnecesaty Bills hate. Grow up people. It’s not ridiculous for the Bills or their fans to be excited about this if it’s true.

  31. Someone tell me when this Circus story is over….I just don’t see it, but call me blind….

  32. the best DE they have had since likely Bruce Smith, if they get him. that would be huge and would help vs the patroits.

  33. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Mar 13, 2012 9:10 PM
    Tom Brady just peed a little. Rex needs a change of diaper and Peyton is looking for real estate in Denver.
    Mario Williams, Dareus, Williams, and Merriman.

    Who is Merriman supposed to scare?

  34. bucrightoff says:
    Mar 13, 2012 9:11 PM
    Awesome, lets hope Buffalo can do what the Jets couldn’t: Take New England down


    You mean like go to new England and beat them in a playoff game like the Sanchez and jets did a little while ago. I’m happy for the bills and Thier fans.. The jets used to be the team that never made the playoffs and couldn’t sign any stars I know how you guys feel. Just relax.. Because in what was supposedly a disastrous 8 and 8 season the jets still swept the bills pretty easily.

  35. happy the bills didn’t sign Meacheam at the price the Chargers paid for him. Stevie barely makes more than that and he is much much better

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