Report: Mario Williams won’t sign tonight, will visit others


The Buffalo Bills appear to have fallen short in their quest to make a big splash on the opening day of free agency with the biggest free agent contract ever given to a defensive player.

Instead, Mario Williams will not sign tonight and has scheduled a visit with at least one other team, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports.

So Williams, this year’s top free agent outside Peyton Manning, will continue to look around. What we don’t know is whether his decision to schedule another visit is an indication that he didn’t like Buffalo’s financial offer, that he didn’t like what he heard from the Bills’ football people, or that he simply wants to take his time and weigh other offers.

Among the teams that are reportedly still hoping to get an audience with Williams are the Bears and the Titans. Some team will almost certainly make Williams the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history, and that team might be the Bills. But it won’t be today.

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  1. The Bills are that ugly girl your mom makes you take to dance, to be nice even though there is no sexual attraction. Mario was being a nice guy.

    This is from a Bills fan.

  2. Alex Marvez ‏ @alexmarvez

    · Open

    As of an hour ago, source told me #Texans DE Mario Williams had no solid plans to visit any team except #Bills #nextbrucesmithifhewantsit

  3. Williams Agent: Mario, the good news is the Bills are willing to pay you a fortune. The bad news is you will have to live in Buffalo.

  4. If he left w/o signing then obviously its not about the money its about where he thinks he has a better chance of winning.. IMO if that is the case I think he will sign w/the Chicago Bears & be apart of a dominating defense.. This will get very interesting if he inks w/them!!

  5. The Bills “fully expect” to sign Mario Williams.

    The Bills “fully expect” to win the AFC East.

    I “fully expect” another 6-10 season, and no Williams.

  6. If he takes less money elsewhere, it’ll be interesting to see where he ends up. Perhaps he grew accustomed to the warm weather of the 4th largest city in America, and the thought of going to small market COLD Buffalo didn’t appeal to him, but in order to raise the stakes and max out his worth, he had to visit with Buffalo. But not because he wants to play there.

    I’m very curious indeed.

  7. orlandodawg says:
    Mar 13, 2012 11:21 PM
    I guess the wings are over-rated.


    Clown on the Bills all you want – Lord knows we can take it at this point.

    But the wings are not to be disparaged – especially not from someone from Orlando.

  8. I was wondering if he was going to try and leverage a couple of teams. I was thinking the Bears would be all in on this guy, but after that surprising trade for Marshall I didnt think they would still pursue Mario after taking on Marshall’s contract (which is awesome as it is basically a year to year deal). I thought they were in talks with another DE anyways. I am more surprised that the Bears havent at least checked into one of the ‘top 100’ offensive lineman. For the cost of Mario they should get a couple of good players as an alternative.

  9. Mario honestly you really want to play with Buffalo? If you team up with Peppers will get sick numbers! Envision this Peppers and YOU crashing in on Rogers..That is Priceless!

  10. I guess telepathy works. Sorry for calling you “dumb as rocks,” Mario but preliminary reports had you signing with Buffalo without visiting a credible franchise. Now talk to some competitive teams in the continental US.

  11. Mario, sign with the Seahawks. Our defence is getting better and you will enjoy the noise of the crowd. I know Seattle isn’t as sexy as Dallas or New York, but you could get us to the playoffs. When we have home field advantage, few teams beat us. Ask the Saints.

  12. As a packer fan and green bay resident, I hope like hell he signs with buffalo…GB used to be like buffalo is now where no one wanted to play….until Reggie White signed with us….totally revolutionized the way people/players think of GB…best of luck!

  13. Mario come on really, you want to get big money and get nuttin or get big money and get multiple sacks be a hall of famer and get a super bowl with Da Bears!?

  14. John Clayton of ESPN said yesterday that he expects Mario to go to either the Seahawks or Falcons. Time will tell.

  15. Reports are he is going to visit the Patriots tomorrow.
    Going to take the Elephant position with the pats. 40 mil guaranteed, will also sign mike Wallace 7yr 85 mil 24 mil guaranteed no match from Steelers
    Patriots are all in!

  16. No offense Mario you are a unbelievable DE you and Peppers are FREAKS when it comes to DEs! I really cant believe how AWESOME it would be if you came to Da Bears! Take your underpaid 12 million and make me happy! Love you Mario!

  17. Goodluck getting a plane out of Buffalo after midnight, he’s staying overnight for sure. They also picked him up, so it isn’t like they are going to fly him out tonight.

    I think you better recheck your sources & the Embassy suites guest list, where Mario is staying tonight.

  18. If the team he is meeting tomorrow is indeed Chicago, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bailed because he heard about the trade for Marshall.

  19. If he doesn’t sign, the Bills have committed marketing suicide…why come out and say you “fully expect to sign him within 24 hours” when a deal is not imminent? They better sign him.

    P.S. I cannot stand all the ignorant D-bags on this website who act like Buffalo is Siberia. Have any of you morons ever been there??? The majority of the NFL season is played during the fall (it’s one of 4 seasons which most of you aren’t accustomed to enjoying). A time of the year when the weather is AMAZING in Buffalo. Maybe 2 home games a year are played with bad winter weather.

  20. Conflicting reports if the Bears are in or out. National media is saying we bowed out but local beat reporters are saying we are very much still in the hunt. I guess only time will tell.

  21. As a Bills fan I am fine with this….throwing huge money at one player isnt going to solve the problem.. He is a geeat player, but his team did just fine without him this past year and the Bills are not in position to contend even with his signing.

    Draft a young pass rusher and plan for the future alongside Marcell. Brady won’t be there forever and Sanchez stinks.

    It is nice to see the Bills at least making some offers and making an attemptto be a legitimate franchise.

    To you haters: just because your football team wins games, doesn’t mean you still aren’t a loser.

  22. Stings a little I wont lie but we went 5 -1 last year without him before our back ups let us down. It will feel even more satisfying when Mario ends up on IR and Bills make the playoffs without him. Spend some of that Mario money on depth. Screw him and the donkeys that comment on this site

  23. No way the cheapy bears sign em..hell they had to trade to finally get their number 1 receiver.

  24. Why do you guys type like you talking to the guy directly? Kinda weird.. Any way. Profootball talk wrote this post without properly reading Jason’s tweet. Mario Williams is at the embassy hotel and left with Kyle Williams our pro bowl DL after dinner. Is touring the facility tommorow. And all you bad mouthin fans should have some respect. Ya the bills haven’t been good for a decade. And we lost 4 superbowls in a row. We were great in the 60’s decent in the late 80’s and great in the 90’s where has you team been?

  25. I cant imagine anyone willing to move to Buffalo. Plenty of teams can pay him the money, many of them may even be better in terms of chance of winning. Oh boy, Buffalo.

  26. Michael David Smith must be some Cheetriots or Dolphins fan… notice how he didnt provide the tweet link like most PTF articles would?

    False reporting isn’t cool

  27. eessppnn says:Mar 13, 2012 11:48 PM

    Reports are he is going to visit the Patriots tomorrow.
    Going to take the Elephant position with the pats. 40 mil guaranteed, will also sign mike Wallace 7yr 85 mil 24 mil guaranteed no match from Steelers
    Patriots are all in!
    Still won’t win another SB unless they cheat!

  28. I have a weird feeling he’ll be back in Houston. Has anyone noticed that the Texans’ odd cuts are coming on the offensive side? I think Wade Phillips is pretty much ordering Kubiak to cut offensive plays so they can make a decent offer to Mario. If that doesn’t work, there’ll be a little cap space to get another pass rusher.

    BTW: Eric Winston is overrated. He’s a terrible pass blocker. Sure, he can push guys out of the way. But a few times this year, he almost got TJ Yates killed.

    BTW 2: I think Houston fans will back me up on this: Mario has a little Ricky Williams in him. He’s talented as hell, but he’s kind of weird…doesn’t like attention, etc. I’m surprised he did that NFL commercial where he scares the ticket guy. Anyway, I think he’ll get nostalgic and remember who took him first in the 2006 draft when folks were going nuts over Reggie’s Bush and Vince Dung. Come on home, Mario!!!

  29. You guys shouldn’t be so disappointed… that for when you sign that loser……his sacks are over inflated…in 2010 he played 16 games had 8 1/2 sacks and 28 total tackles.. He is no Julius Peppers. Mario is a one trick pony….speed rusher…….signed a Houston resident

  30. Mario has not left. He is just posting up the Bills for more doe. We will sign him. Buffalo is a great town. Just ask Mario after he signs tomorrow.

  31. Best new since………BMarsh!!!! Please let the Monsters pay you!! JPepp and Mario, opening up a “Cheese Sandwich” shop in Chicago. Best defense perrenially= Daaaaaaaaaaa Bears!!!!!

  32. Pete, John let’s get this done. He is the pass rusher we need!!! He can be the beast mode of the defense. Throw the bank at him!!!!

  33. Bears HAVE to make this play for Super Mario …
    Facing Rodgers & Stafford twice a year, both with legitimate receiving threats …
    That said, boy that division’s GOING to be fun to watch!

  34. This is so discouraging as a die hard Bills fan for over 30 years. It is just that same viscous cycle that we cant break. We cant sign guys because we cant win, and our city isnt attractive to rich young athletes. Then we cant win because we cant sign any real talent. Mario would be SUCH a huge pickup. Regardless of what many Bills fans refuse to believe, big name players are essential in the NFL. Not just on the field, but for confidence and recruitment of other free agents as well. I hope this isn’t over for us!!

  35. I’m still hoping we’ll sign Mario even though it seems hopeless (I AM a Bills fan and we know hopeless). But at least have the decency to leave town before signing with another team like that D-bag Robert Meachem. F*U Meachem!!

  36. It’s FACILITY YOU MORON!!!!! No wonder Detroit is broke, it’s full of morons. Buffalo WILL get Williams and Detroit WILL remian broke….

  37. It’s funny when people accuse Buffalo of being a horrible when in reality it is a nice and historic city. Detroit on the other hand is a cess pool. The team is lucky to have a dome so the people watching on TV don’t have to see that horrible city.

  38. You have to laugh when someone from Detoilet makes fun of you. Your city is a landfill, and I am being nice. Our facility in Buffalo is incredible.

  39. I lived in buffalo for 7 years and went to many a bills game. Like any city it can be warm or cold and although ive been to more cold games than warm games I would say the city gets a bad rap. Its not THAT cold nor is it THAT snowy (ask syracuse about snow). I will say if any year they decide to spend on a d line piece its this year especially since they are switching to a 4-3. I do think however the dont need mario williams. Im no gm but what they need is to sign 2 young athletic DEs whether from the draft or fa that doesnt break the bank so they can have some depth. As a giants fan I understand the value of having linemen depth. Pissing away all their money on one player is a terrible risk mitigation strategy!

  40. ejcecil14 says:Mar 14, 2012 8:51 AM

    You have to laugh when someone from Detoilet makes fun of you. Your city is a landfill, and I am being nice. Our facility in Buffalo is incredible.

    I visited my roommate from college a few times in Buffalo. Buffalo is the next landfill when Detroit becomes full.

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