Report: Peyton chase down to four teams


It started at 12.  It quickly was whittled all the way to two.  Then it grew to six.  Now it’s back at four.


According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, four teams remain in the Peyton chase:  Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Titans.  Klis writes that the Broncos are one of the top two teams.

And despite speculation that Peyton Manning had concerns about playing in Miami with receiver Brandon Marshall, Klis reports that Manning considered Marshall an asset.

There’s still no timetable for a decision.  With each passing minute, the Dolphins come closer to missing a shot at quarterback Matt Flynn, who spent four years in Green Bay with new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin.  And with the Cardinals having to make a decision on Kevin Kolb’s contract by 4:00 p.m. ET on Friday, additional teams could slide off the list not because Peyton removes them, but because they remove themselves.

In our view, it’s still impossible to rule out some other team swooping in and quickly closing the deal.

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  1. I can’t believe he’s not even considering Kansas City. Put Manning on that team with either Hillis or Tolbert and maybe Carlson with the weapons already there, plus a potential top 5 defense, plus a weak division, and they might get homefield.

  2. And despite speculation that Peyton Manning had concerns about playing in Miami with receiver Brandon Marshall, Klis reports that Manning considered Marshall an asset.

    and now were down to three

  3. Can’t believe he’s not considering the Chiefs here. They have a better roster, fanbase, stadium, staff, and cap room than all of these teams. Must be some truth to that Condon/Pioli beef.

  4. If he goes to ARZ, tell him to give me a call. I’ll play left tackle for him.

    I might have to play right tackle, too – since they’ll need to cut$20M more just to even give him a basic QB contract.

    Good luck with that.

  5. How would Arizona manage to find the cap room to even be able to sign Manning? Seems to me that his best bet would be there or Denver bc of the weak teams within each division. Sign with Titans and the road to playoffs goes through Houston, sign with Fins and the road to playoffs goes through NE.

  6. I can see Flynn going to the Browns. Manning would have more control (offense, maybe input on roster additions — see Brandon Marshall) if he went to the Dolphins (and an easy schedule this year).

    I think he’s just teasing the Titans; they have Hasselbeck and just drafted Locker and he doesn’t want anyone looking over his shoulders.

  7. I’m telling you, Andy Reid and the Eagles have shocked people before. Do not Be surprised if it happens. Mike Vick’ contract is trade-able. Don’t rule it out.

  8. I think if he does go to Denver, he will play for 2 years and then become a coach in denver. Tebow needs someone like that. IMO. Best Option for everyone!

  9. I think Klis sniffs glue. Peyton tells the Fins Marshall is an asset so of course, they turn around and trade him away. I think this a clear case of clueless reporting run amok.

  10. If there is a mystery team it’s not going to be the Eagles. No way he joins the NFC East and competes against Eli. It’s probably the main reason the Redskins were immediately ruled out.

  11. Someone’s going to be throwing away lots of money when he finishes the Season on the beach….

  12. I find it odd that for the past several weeks, Matt Flynn has been the subject of rampant speculation of getting franchised and then all the reports of interested teams as one of the “top free agents available”. Now that the FA period has started…nothing. No rumors or reports of any scheduled meetings.

  13. Reggie being out means it’s really down to Ariz and Denver. The Cards are in cap jail! Manning has to come to Denver.

    No offensive weapons? Wow at the ignorance of DThomas and EDecker along with more supports coming soon via FA with our $45mm in cap space!!!

  14. manning = broncos. weak division
    rg3 = skins. modern day doug williams.
    appeals to D.C african american
    Luck = Great White Hope just like # 18
    Flynn = I know the offense coach.

  15. Pardon me for disregarding any sort of hometown journalism on this one.

    I echo the common sentiment on the Chiefs. There must be an issue there, because on paper, that’s the fit. Manning, Charles, Hillis/Tolbert, Bowe, Breaston, Moeaki, Baldwin, a defense on the verge of elite, and 20 million in cap space AFTER they sign him…yikes.

    That must be some deep seated anger between the Manning camp and Pioli.

  16. He considered Marshall an asset. That is typical NFL talk for “I’m not the reason he’s no longer here”.

    It’s been Miami all along. He lives there. This is proof of it.

  17. I am sick over Jeff Irelands bone head decisions!. It is so hard to be a Dolphins Fan. B.Marshall is a head case and drops passes galore, he only scored 6 TDs last year, but do you think we could have gotten more for him? I realize this move frees up cash to gives spending $21M more to get Winston ( top Tackle) and maybe this was for Manning too, but now that we have the one of the best olines, what if Manning doesnt sign and who the heck is he throwing to? Freakin’ Hartline. Ireland and Ross better have one heck of a plan here or Dolphins Games might as well be played at a local Davie High School!

  18. Texans are going to swoop. They’re the only team built for the postseason that play in a dome and are in the AFC. Others may be in contention, but really Peypey just wants to win.

  19. Finfan68: you are silly. Flynn having talks with Browns and your team right now. Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore will be the Phins QB next year. Book it.

  20. Hey “FinFan68″… The Dolphins and Browns are in contact with Flynn. My problem with Flynn and I wanted him all along instead of this Manning nonsense was WITH our best receiver. Can you imagine why not throw Cameron Wake in the Trade…. All so we can get Flynn? This is going to be Tough year. At least we can still beat the Jets with any squad we put on the field. Atleast this guarantees we dont Draft another OLineman. Hmm… With our Front Office we might! God, I wish I liked Baseball.

  21. So you are saying that there are four teams left in the Manning sweepstakes? Would you come to that conclusion based on the fact that those four teams were the only ones to have a meeting with him? It must have took you hours on in to come to that conclusion!

  22. Since when is Mike Klis a close confidant of Peyton Manning? He said on Saturday that it was down to two teams, Denver and Arizona. Now it’s four. How many tomorrow? Until I hear it from Manning standing at a podium, I won’t believe it.

  23. To the previous post d Thomas and Decker together only out put 1100 yards and megahee is getting old how much tred is left on him 20 million in cap space ain’t going to fix ur guys problems.

  24. I don’t think there is a mystery team to come in at the end, but if there was Baltimore comes to mind. No other AFC possibilities.

    In the NFC 49ers are the only other team that makes sense. Remote possibility of Atlanta, but don’t think they would give up on Ryan.

    I still think Denver.

  25. Mike- So I see you are spreading that crap from that Denver Reporter who told the lie that Houston was talking to Peyton.Well Mr. McNair told the were he stands about team the TEXANS.

  26. kcroberto – you do know who was throwing to Thomas and Decker last year, right? That’s as bad of a stat as when Bronco fans say they were the #1 rushing team in the NFL. When your QB can’t throw so he runs all the time, that pads those rushing stats a bit.

  27. The first time manning gets sacked,he’ll be back on injured reserve.
    Even if he can throw,his neck injury should have told him its time to get out.
    The dolphins should know this better than anyone as we seen this movie already ie chad pennington

  28. Can’t believe anyone is still suggesting the Eagles. Coach who can’t be trusted plus the worst, most unforgiving, fair-weather fans in the league, and having to play Eli at least twice a year.

    No NFC East. Ain’t gonna happen.

  29. To everyone who “can’t believe he’s not considering my team,” gives you an objective view of what the rest of the league thinks of your team.

  30. pewitttyler says: Mar 13, 2012 9:48 PM

    I’m telling you, Andy Reid and the Eagles have shocked people before. Do not Be surprised if it happens. Mike Vick’ contract is trade-able. Don’t rule it out.

    I think Nmandi Asomugha was the hottest free agent last season. Eagles got him, and went 8-8. Raiders lost him, and went 8-8. First day free agents don’t always make a big difference.

  31. The eagles have no chance of getting him he will never play Eli in a playoff game he said. He said if anything they will play in the superbowl against eachother.

  32. Conflicting reports if the Bears are in or out. National media is saying we bowed out but local beat reporters are saying we are very much still in the hunt. I guess only time will tell.

  33. mjkelly wins the kewpie doll again today. He’s nailed it perfectly: if you’re wondering why your team – say, KC – isn’t in the running for Archie’s boy, the most likely explanation is that they had the unmitigated gall to politely ask him, pretty-please, to toss this little ball around a bit, which ain’t happening till after – after! – the ink is good and dry on the gazillion dollar fully guaranteed contract. Otherwise, we would all be looking at the film of him tossing deep outs to, say, Fitz or somebody.

  34. “To the previous post d Thomas and Decker together only out put 1100 yards”

    Wow, do you guys even watch football? Decker is a fine complimentary WR and would be the Stokely/Collie type for Manning. And D Thomas is simply a beast, just waiting for a decent QB to break out big time.

    And you do know Thomas missed the first 7 games last year, and averaged over 100 yds per game in his last 7 including playoffs. And, oh by the way, he had Tim Tebow throwing to him.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Manning might be a little better than Tebow.

  35. Doesn’t matter who was throwing to them neither has ever sniffed 1000 yards. By the way the chiefs were the #1 rushing team the yr before. Ur running back is in his mid 30’s the end is near.

  36. Interesting dilemma for Denver. On the one hand, signing Manning is the easiest way to ditch Tebow. And Tebow needs to go.

    On the other hand, Manning will expect and probably demand full control over the offense. Does Elway and the coaches want to cede that much control? While that will sometimes work well for awhile, in the end, it always turns out badly.

    And while signing Manning gives them time to get and train a real QB to take over in a couple of years – we know Manning will have nothing to do with that since he has shunned mentoring duties his whole career.

    All of this is assuming Manning can even play and who knows if he can.

    There is going to be a huge power struggle there that could get real ugly real fast.

  37. finsfan22 says:
    Mar 13, 2012 11:31 PM
    The eagles have no chance of getting him he will never play Eli in a playoff game he said. He said if anything they will play in the superbowl against eachother.


    I agree, no way he goes to Philly.

    As the NFL becomes more like the WWE (scripted), I also gotta think that it is in the leagues cards (not the team) to have the Mannings go against each other in a Super Bowl. Imagine the press imploding if that takes place……

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