Report: Titans target Hutchinson as Peyton bait

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As the Titans plot their run at Peyton Manning, why not enlist one of the guys who once went to Mississippi for the purposes of hog-tying Brett Favre and bringing him back to Minnesota?

ESPN’s Scheftersen tag team reports that the Titans plan to host Steve Hutchinson.  And it’s apparently part of the Peyton pursuit, given that Hutchinson and Manning have a good relationship, which arose during their time together at various Pro Bowls over the years.

The Vikings released Hutchinson, a perennial Pro Bowl guard, on Saturday.

Schefter, who presumably would be the Billy Whitewolf to Mort’s Chief Jay Strongbow, individually reports that the Titans had planned to target Texans defensive end Mario Williams in free agency, but that the Titans have now shifted the focus to Peyton.

They also report that Titans coach Mike Munchak and several offensive assistants will meet with Peyton in Indianapolis on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Munchak played with Archie Manning in Houston 30 years ago, during the 1982 and 1983 seasons.

The Titans joined the Peyton chase late, with owner Bud Adams making it known on Sunday that he wants to bring Manning home to Tennessee, where he attended college.

Manning has met so far with the Broncos, Cardinals, and Dolphins.  The Denver Post reported on Monday that the 49ers and Texans also are interested, but there is no evidence yet that either team has made an effort to meet with Manning.

15 responses to “Report: Titans target Hutchinson as Peyton bait

  1. it’s this kind of idiotic thinking that keeps TEN from becoming a winner. almost as bad as Miami fans thinking Peyton would really play for their horrid organization

  2. As a Titans fan it kills me to say this, but the fact that Bud Adams wants to pursue Peyton over Mario Williams demonstrates why this franchise has no Super Bowl rings. This team needs a pass rusher so much more than a QB right now. I have faith in the Titans front office. Too bad the guy that pays their salaries doesn’t.

    That being said, Hutchinson would still be a nice consolation prize considering just how miserable the interior O-line was for Tennessee last year.

  3. It’s hard to do your job as a GM when the owner gives an ultimatum about getting a specific player. Adams did it with VY, and he’s doing it again with Manning.

    To pass on getting a 27 year old stud for a damaged goods QB (albeit a hall of famer) seems counterproductive. They drafted Locker last year (he looks good actually), and have Hasselbeck. Can you improve the position? Sure. But the defense needs a whole lot of work with the departure of Finnegan, and they can pretty much negate the loss and upgrade the entire D by getting Mario Williams.

    This is a short-sighted ploy if i’ve ever seen one.

  4. This can’t be fun for Steve. He’s used to stabbing a team in the back when he leaves them.

  5. Don’t they know that manning only has a few years left in the tank? The titans are more than just a QB away from being superbowl calibers and its gonna bite them in the ass if the don’t get manning or Williams. They have jake locker and he proved that he can take them to the next level, he was one of the better rookies in last years draft class and doesn’t look like a bust. What makes him think that just because manning played college at Tennessee that he wants to join the titans, I highly doubt it, in that case manning would play in Miami since he has a home there. Adding one o line is not gonna improve that area drastically, adding manning is gonna take up cap that you can use to improve your broken areas. Egos don’t win superbowls, manning is not gonna play like he did in his 20s, hassleback is good enough to carry the offense, not to mention you have CJ legs to accommodate the passing game. Getting manning would be the dumbest move for the titans, he’s not the answer to your problems

  6. Hutch is nowhere near the player he once was. He is still a capable O-lineman but not elite. Not close.

  7. Funny how Titans fans now want Mario Williams after many years spent making smart ass remarks about the Texans drafting said player, allowing the almighty VY to fall into their lap.

  8. I still can’t believe the Titans football ops people are now towing the company line by supporting Bud Adams. They draft a Jake Locker last year with a first round pick and they were going to target Mario Williams. Made sense to me. Targeting Manning makes zero sense and thats why the Titans will remain medicore for years to come. Plus when they don’t get Manning, Williams will be signed somewhere else.

  9. Yup…courting Hutchinson is all based on the relationship built with Manning during a handful of ProBowls…certainly nothing to do with the SEVERAL YEARS that Hutch protected Hasselbeck’s blind side.

  10. “The Denver Post reported on Monday that the 49ers and Texans also are interested, but there is no evidence yet that either team has made an effort to meet with Manning.”

    For one, the Denver Post has no clue what the other franchises are doing. One would think you’d know that by now. But most importantly, there’s no evidence the 49ers and Texans have met with Manning because they haven’t. Nor do they plan to. Only an idiot owner like Bud Adams would be willing to tear his team apart or do something stupid, like passing on a FA that might actually help, to sign a high-risk Manning. Go for it, Bud!!

  11. Whose to say the Titans cant target and get all three players(Mario, Hutch and the Sheriff)? All 3 players are repped by the same agency and the Titans have the cap to do it.

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