Reports out of Chicago say Bucs are favorites for Vincent Jackson


Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun Times reported late Sunday that the Buccaneers are the favorites to sign free agent Vincent Jackson. Specifically, Jensen said the Bucs have the “inside track.”

Dan Pompei, who works for the competing Chicago Tribune, wrote on Twitter Tuesday that he’s “hearing” the same thing.

The Bears are also expected to be in the hunt for Jackson. The fact that two reporters from the town of the team against which the Buccaneers will compete for this year’s top free agent receiver are saying Tampa is the favorite could hint at two scenarios:

1.) The Bears are not as serious about Jackson as we’ve been led to believe.

2.) Jackson’s agents are instilling some urgency in Chicago, attempting to drive up the Bears’ offer.

There aren’t supposed to be any “offers” before the official start of free agency, of course, but we know better. Tampering is prevalent in the NFL.

Jackson, in case you were wondering, is the No. 3 overall player on PFT’s Hot 100 Free Agency list. Only Peyton Manning and Mario Williams are rated higher.