Seahawks may target Mario Williams, Matt Flynn

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With plenty of cap space and a wealthy owner who wants to win, the Seahawks can be major players in free agency. So they could be looking to target two of the biggest names on the free agent market.

Danny O’Neill of the Seattle Times writes that there’s a strong buzz about the Seahawks going after Mario Williams. It’s becoming clear that Williams is going to break the bank, possibly getting close to $50 million guaranteed on a long-term deal, and whether the Seahawks end up signing him or not, the fact that they’re in the hunt is good news for the Williams camp.

And O’Neill also says the Seahawks may be players in the pursuit of Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn, who’s going to start making starter money somewhere. Although the Seahawks were reportedly very interested in Peyton Manning, all indications are that the interest wasn’t reciprocated. So now the Seahawks may turn their attention to Flynn, who has started only two games but looked impressive when he did.

A quarterback and a pass rusher are the Seahawks’ top two priorities in free agency, and if they can land either Williams or Flynn they’ll be happy. Land both and they’ll be ecstatic.

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  1. I thought the Eagles had them … and for that matter all free agents … locked up?

  2. Just like the time when I was at the Mecum auction and targeted the 63 split window. Problem is everyone else in the place was also targeting it. Guess what? I didn’t get it.

  3. Who would you rather have….Matt Flynn or Mark Sanchez? At least Mark has proven that he can win in the playoffs with a good ‘cast’ around him and Pete Carroll obviously knows him well.

    Sanchez for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

    Jets trade 2nd or 3rd rounder to the winner of the Payton manning sweepstakes for:


  4. Seattle, where quarterbacks and wide recievers go to disappear into oblivion

  5. Some team will undoubtedly make the classic mistake of paying a fortune to a player for what they used to be. As great as super Mario was, the kinds of injuries he’s had may have moved him prematurely past his prime. As for Flynn, he’ll be an upgrade to the team he goes to.

  6. I just don’t see spending that kind of cash. Seattle has never had good luck with high priced FA’s and they shouldn’t start now. I would rather they resign Hawthorne and Big Red, pickup multiple FA’s to build up the OLine and LB’s and pick up the QB of the future and a rushing DE in the draft.

    Tannehill, even at #12, is a better move than Matt Flynn for huge, overspent $$$.

    With 30million + they can fill a couple of holes and pray, or fill a lot of holes and pickup decent backups, too.


  7. if, and thats a big if, they score both players, they have to be considered at least co-favorites in that division.

    now if that happened and peyton were to sign in arizona, the joke nfc west suddenly becomes a very strong division.

    the entire nfc is shaping up to be a real meat grinder next year….a lot of good/very good teams.

  8. Hasselbeck worked out well and SEA paid a high price for him.The Packers traded him, along with their first (17th overall) and seventh-round draft picks, to the Seahawks for their first (10th overall) and third-round draft picks. A good deal for SEA.
    Maybe…maybe Flynn can do the same.

  9. What? Matt Flynn???

    But I thought they were committed to TJoke as their starter? Afterall they paid him that big contract after he got dropped like a hot rock by the Vikings. Didn’t their head coach even chastise the Vikings for jerking old Affirmative Action Jackson around? Surely they wouldn’t be bringing in a player who can actually play QB so their playoff caliber team isn’t wasted because the guy they have at QB is terrible? I can’t imagine them being interested in Flynn after such a strongly critical statement about the Vikings for doing the same thing.

    Surely they want TJoke to be their long-term franchise QB…

  10. Sounds like a 2 nice moves to solidify two of the biggest needs on both sides of the ball. I’m more or less worried about them retainining Red Bryant and David Hawthorne also though. Pay your own . At least Bryant, Hawthorn may be replacable with the 12th pick in the draft. This would be out of character for John Schnieder as he doesnt usually splurge on free agents.

  11. I agree, go after Matt Flynn full bore but NOT Mario. That dude is going to cost way too much!

    Go get Carl Nicks from the Saints and KEEP building massive depth on both sides of the line………

  12. zn0rseman says:Mar 13, 2012 8:11 AM

    What? Matt Flynn???

    But I thought they were committed to TJoke as their starter? Afterall they paid him that big contract

    I quit reading right there. If you’re looking for a long-term franchise QB, you don’t sign him to a two-year, $8 million contract.

    Oh, wait, I get it, Viking fan. Two years and $8 million probably seems like a lot when you work at Taco Bell.

  13. You lost me when it is stated that the team has an owner that wants to win. Take a look at Paul Allens other toy. Once the shiny paint starts to wear off of it he becomes bored and tends to let things rust away. A super bowl run a few years ago, a flyer at a hot name in college coaching, and now some sub 500 seasons. A couple of more seasons of finishing out of the playoffs and he will have had enough of caring or trying. Good luck in that division, they seem to have the weakest outlook of the group. A free agent splash will not change the way things are with ownership.

  14. Who would you rather have….Matt Flynn or Mark Sanchez?

    Easy answer…. anyone other than shancheeze in hopes that they have “some” upside. SOJ

  15. Flynn is a big question mark.. Not only because seattle won’t know how good he is, but is he worth the money. Mario williams would be an upgrade,, but for fifty million guaranteed? That’s to much risk, based on if he can stay healthy.. Build thru draft. Resign bryant. Get tulloch in fa

  16. It looks like Khan is filling the Kismit at the Jax landing. Hopefully, for an afternoon cruise with Super Mario. Hell, just give him the boat if he’ll sign….

  17. Mario Williams will break the bank and then your heart. HE IS INJURY PRONE! Finished the last two seasons on ir and every season before that dealt with nagging injuries. If you want him Seattle you can have him.

  18. If I had to choose between any of the Sea QB’s and Flynn it would be a slam dunk choice of Flynn. As a GB resident I’ve watched him since day 1. As a 7th rounder with limited snaps he was hands down better than 2nd rounder Brohm. In 2010 he goes to NE in his first NFL start and instead of winning the game gets derailed by his own coach. (stupid onside kick end of first half the Pats return to the 3, eventual TD and terrible clock management by MM end of game down 4). He outplayed Brady the whole night.

    Last preseason there was talk weekly in camp that Flynn was outplaying Rodgers, not a bad statement since AR was NFL MVP of a 15-1 team. Detroit’s is not good defensively but that almost 500 yd game was less fluke than ppl think. He’s smart, has decent pocket presence and the ability to make plays (throws) on the run.

  19. I like tha fact signing Rio will allow us to draft another position but at 50+… Hell nah Chris Clemons can averages more sacks for under 3mill. The Draft has been our greatest asset so far so let’s keep doing it that way & go crazy at other positions AFTER we have or QBOTF in place.

  20. bangitfootball says:
    Mar 13, 2012 7:27 AM
    Seattle, where quarterbacks and wide recievers go to disappear into oblivion
    That not fair!

    EVERYONE that goes to Seattle disappears into oblivion.

    That’s where it’s located.

  21. Mario Williams needs to come to Dallas where he can line up on the opposite side of Warewolf and dominate the NFC sacking Manning, Vick, and the new Vick (RG III).

  22. Seattle, where quarterbacks and wide recievers go to disappear into oblivion *************************************************** That not fair!

    EVERYONE that goes to Seattle disappears into oblivion.

    That’s where it’s located.

    These are comments about “Players Disappearing” are worse than Seinfeld reruns, kome up with somethin new.Doug Baldwin was pretty well recognized & I never remember us getting penalizes for not having enough players in the huddle… Maybe you ppl have cataracts.

  23. Given Seattle’s biggest needs are QB and DE, is it really a surprise that they’re interested in both of these players?

    Make ’em offers, and if other teams outbid you, don’t stress it. Flynn would be an upgrade, but there’s a pretty deep QB class with guys like Tannehill, Osweiler, Foles, Weeden, etc., so if you don’t get him at your asking price, don’t panic.

    Kinda hoping the Manning thing drags out. This may make some teams slower to make Flynn an offer, and could keep the price down.

  24. Hey joetoronto-

    Diss Seattle all you want, but it’s kind of ironic given that you live in a COUNTRY nobody cares about.

    Stick to your hockey and leave football to the cities that actually have a team.

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