Soliai has suitors, but Peyton chase could be a factor


Mike Freeman of raised an interesting point earlier today on Twitter.

When does the Manning backlash begin?

The answer could be “very soon,” when fans and media begin to realize that Peyton’s indecision could keep teams on the sidelines in free agency.

Multiple league sources have pointed out already that some teams will wait to see whether they land Peyton before opening the change purse for other players.  One guy caught in that dilemma, we’re told, is Dolphins nose tackle Paul Soliai.

Soliai played under the franchise tag in 2011, and he’ll hit the market at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.  A league source tells PFT that the Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs, Colts, 49ers, Patriots, and Falcons are interested.

But three of those teams (Denver, Miami, San Fran) reportedly are (or, at to the Niners, may be) in the Peyton chase.  And so, while other teams that aren’t maneuvering for Manning are interested in Soliai, it’s hard to max out the market if half of the interested teams are twiddling their thumbs for Peyton.

The Broncos have the cap space to allow them to start spending while waiting for Peyton.  Still, they need to know how to best budget their money, especially if Peyton will be bringing Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday.

Bottom line?  While free agency begins in five hours, it may not really get going until Peyton picks a team.

27 responses to “Soliai has suitors, but Peyton chase could be a factor

  1. Miami’s front office needs to man up and pass on Manning if they get to the point that they’re going to lose out on other needs because they’re waiting for his decision. If Ireland thinks his rear is hot now, wait until he lets Matt Flynn sign with another team, Manning escapes, then the top three QBs in the draft get selected before #8.

  2. As a dolphin fan please bring this guy back with Langford and sign Winston for RT and get Flynn!!!!!

  3. I don’t know if I agree.. Just because the teams who may get Manning may wait to pull the trigger on other free agents doesn’t mean other teams not interested in him will wait.

  4. Hmmm, you add Peyton, Reggie and Dallas and Jeff Saturday your team gets mighty old real quick…and whatever happened in Indy for those 4 doesn’t necessarily translate to success at their next stop…

  5. As a Dolphins fan I have to say that signing Soliai to big money scares me. He has Haynesworth written all over him. He has played well when going for the contract but he wasn’t great before that time. Will he get lazy once he has the bucks, we’ll see. Miami is right to let the market set the price.

    Imo, he is a two down run stopper. With the Fins going 4-3 they need a DE more. I would let Soliai go and sign Red Bryant. Less $$ and more bang for the buck.

  6. packnfc – dolphins have BEEN running a 3-4 for a number of years, and he was their NT.

  7. I have been a Ireland defender and I think he has put together a team with talent, but if the Dolphins don’t drop out of the Manning Madness by 3:59, then I am going to turn on the phins front office. If you don’t get him before this afternoon you have to assume you wont. If Flynn goes for a decent price and the phins don’t end up with him then I hope we stink, get Barkley and a new front office.

  8. How dare a veteran hall of famer who has been surrounded by terrible teams throughout his career want to take his time to see if he can find a perfect fit that may allow him to go out on top?

    This is a huge decesion for him, and the teams involved. I think most rational people understand if it takes him a week or so to sort out all the pros and cons…

  9. Why can’t teams decide they’re not going to wait and proceed with filling FA needs, and that drives Manning’s decision. Snooze/lose.

  10. Peyton got released less than a week ago and we’re already talking about his ‘indecision?’ Come on, man.

  11. I’m a big broncos fan and would love to have Manning as a bridge to our future QB. But the team needs to hit free agency running get what they need like they are not going to get Manning and let the chips fall where they may.

  12. Peyton only had 12 teams interested in him. He can’t meet or talk with them and do a little research on 12 teams, have them get comfortable with his health either by throwing for them or talking with his doctors, discuss possible contract terms, etc. all in 4 days? What’s his problem? How can a team trust him if it’s going to take all that time to get these things done? They should just move on and not put up with his prima donna a$$.

  13. Mike – I agree with an earlier poster – “Peyton’s indecision” – can we realize this is people’s careers (the teams GM’s, coaches, players – along with the family’s attached to each) and not fantasy football that costs you $100 to have a team? Yes they make a lot of money – but give the guy a little time, huh?

  14. I dont know why the niners keep getting mentioned on this. The niners already have a capable DL and a good NT and a good backup NT. and as for Manning, i’m pretty sure the president and GM have gone on record multiple times that they are not interested in Manning.

  15. packnfc says: Mar 13, 2012 11:03 AM

    Aren’t the dolphins switching to a 3-4 d? If so, Soliai is most likely out the door

    My company has an office in wisco, so i have learned that the folks up there aren’t very bright and you have further proved that.

    The dolphins HAVE BEEN running a 3-4 for years now. AND NOSETACKLE IS VERY IMPORTANT to a 3-4. they take up space/blockers to allow the linebackers to be free to make plays. CHEESEHEAD…get a clue pal

  16. @bmue42

    that would actually be a nice place for him to land.

    but according to @packncf he would’nt be needed in green bay, as g.b. runs a 3-4 and a nosetackle serves no use in a 3-4…lol

  17. buffalomafia says: Mar 13, 2012 11:26 AM

    Squish the fish!


    Hey dude, dolphins are mammals, not fish.

    Are you an insect?

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