Source: Kellen Davis to visit Cowboys, Steelers, Bengals


A league source tells Florio that free agent tight end Kellen Davis has scheduled three upcoming visits.

Per Florio’s source, Davis will be visiting the Cowboys, Steelers, and Bengals.

Davis, 26, has deceptive athleticism for a 6-foot-7, 262-pound tight end who spent most of his time blocking in Chicago. Davis ran in the low 4.6s coming out of Michigan State, and Bears coach Lovie Smith always wanted to incorporate him more into the passing game.

Outgoing offensive coordinator Mike Martz would have none of it.

Davis caught 28 passes for 300 yards and nine touchdowns in four seasons with the Bears. He would be a No. 2 tight end in all of the three potential destinations mentioned above.

12 responses to “Source: Kellen Davis to visit Cowboys, Steelers, Bengals

  1. Correction:

    Davis, 26, has deceptive athleticism for a 6-foot-7, 262-pound tight end who spent most of his time *attempting to block* in Chicago.

    He was terrible at doing so.

  2. watch this guy have a career year with whatever team he signs with. having to be on the same team with a coach who did ot believe in using the tight end will not make you look good. has there ever been a more over rated coach than martz? he had a good run with the rams but his system sucked everyplace else he went after.

  3. As a Bears fan he was way underused. 28 career catches with 9 TD’s tell you how good he was in the red zone. Having Mike Martz as OC killed the TE position in Chicago. Traded Olsen and wanted Davis (who wasn’t a great blocker) to only block.

  4. The Bengal scouts are just doing their diligence, as the Bengals have a strong TE Group. Gresham, Bo Scafie, (although injured for 2011 was as good a blocker as anyone.) Donald Lee, and Collin Cochart.

  5. Plain and simple Martz did this guy no favors…Martz’ offense was only effective with Hall of Famers playing for him, and it’s been a long time….

  6. I’m still going to be a bit surprised if he doesn’t end up in Chicago. The Bears wanted him back, and he’d be the starter there. In the new offense, he’d be a bigger part of the passing game, being worked in the seams (people forget how athletic this guy was … he played 2-ways in collegE).

    That said, maybe the Bears land Carlson. Have a hard time seeing it right now, though. Besides Carlson? The TE market is thin in FA. Maybe they go after a TE like Fleener in the draft.

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