Texans cut Lawrence Vickers

Lawrence Vickers is out in Houston.

The Texans have released Vickers, a fullback who had a $1 million base salary this season, a league source told PFT’s Mike Florio.

The 28-year-old Vickers signed with the Texans last season after playing his first five years in the NFL with the Browns. He’s the latest player to be released by a Texans team that is shedding cap space as free agency approaches.

Now Vickers becomes an unrestricted free agent.

30 responses to “Texans cut Lawrence Vickers

  1. Kids, if you want a big payday…don’t become a fullback. Hate to say it, but it’s true.

  2. All last season, on sports talk radio in Cleveland, there was a small but vocal group of callers who complained ad nauseum that the Browns never should have let go of Vickers.

    Well, here he is, a UFA.

    That said, I don’t know why Vickers is out in Houston, unless it is just due to cap room. In Cleveland, we drafted Owen Marecic, so we didn’t need Vickers too. I liked him when he was here, but if I may get all Brian Billick for a moment — if Cleveland didn’t want Vickers and Houston didn’t want Vickers… well…?

    Aw, forget Billick, this guy will be a good signing for some lucky team. Go get him.

  3. Are you kidding me? Lawerence come back to the Browns I’ll welcome you with arms wide open. But then again I don’t think you would want to come back. Hillis needed you.

  4. OK, first they cut the starting RT Winston and now the blocking FB Vickers. I hope this is all being done to free up the money needed to keep Meyers (C) and Brisiel (RG). If not… Hey Arian – does that new contract have any small print stating you will be required to gain 1500 rushing yards with little to no blocking??

  5. Gut your team of relatively young, and key position players.

    File under: How NOT to land Peyton Manning

  6. Us fans could really care less, it was sad to see Vonta Leach go last season. James Casey was drafted as a tight end but will end up being our fullback which he has actually been in the game a couple of times, Lawrence had horrible hands and cost us a game changing touchdown last season and cost us on other potential huge gain plays with his hands, I’ll take a former tightend with hands over a true fullback anyday.

  7. He’s a great smash-mouth fullback. I wish the Browns would get him back (remember Mangini’s team? say what you will, but they hit people in the mouth up front, and Vickers was a big part of that; that was a physical offense).

    Unfortunately, Shurmur’s too much of a finesse guy to want him back. It’s too bad, because he and Hillis together were (and would be again) a load.

  8. I am kinda surprised with the Winston and Vickers decision but when are they going to cut the real dead weight like Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones. Cutting both of these guys can create about 6.5 million in salary cap space. This is nothing personal as I hope they sign on with another team but they both underproduced in the absence of Andre Johnson before Matt Schaub got hurt.
    This should have been done last week like the Steelers and Mario Williams, Mike Brisiel and Chris Meyers should have been resigned already. I am disappointed at how slow and passive the Texans management has been since the end of the combine until now.

  9. now honestly this is one of about 2 FA’s I would love the Eagles to go after..

    Not a big name, but has great skills.. I bet Arian is quite pissed his lead blocker is taking off..This guy is one of the best fullbacks in the game.

  10. I’m pretty sure they’re getting ready to make a move on Myers, Briesel, and attempt to keep Mario. Also Schaub is up next year and a few others so they may be preparing for that too. Casey is incredibly underrated and will do just fine at FB.

  11. Anyone else thinking we’ll be hearing Mario is staying in Houston this afternoon?? since it appears they’re trying to make cap room…Winston & Vickers though?? The 1st story we read should have been “Texans cut Jacoby Jones and other dead weight”

  12. dalucks, I think it is too early to reach firm conclusions about the Texans’ front office recent performance. They run a very tight ship, so we don’t hear much in the media. Witness the Arian Foster deal. I’ll wait to taste the sausage rather worry too much about how it was made.

  13. CLEARLY an indication Houston is going after Peyton Manning, right Mike? Can you check your sources in Denver to confirm, please?

  14. They have so much cap space that they’re cutting their only viable blocking fullback.

    So yeah, they are serious about pursuing Peyton Manning. NOT!

    In 2010 after Vontae Leach, the only other FB to jump out at you was Vickers, who incidentally put Hillis on the map. That’s why the Texans went after him right away. The result? A beastly combo of Foster and Tate.

    Unless they’re eyeing another pro-bowl caliber blocking (not Casey) FB in free agency or the draft, this was a bad move.

  15. Still one cut on the to-do list for the Texans:

    Jacoby Jones

    The fact that he is a bad receiver combined with his salary and bone head play in the playoffs should have him packing his bags (hopefully).

  16. vickers is cut because he sucked. he cant catch and his blocking was overrated by many of you.. you should get your facts straight before you make the argument as to why foster and tate went off last season.. hint: its the texans ZBS, not a fullback. despite Caseys injury he still played more snaps at fullback than lawrence vickers did, this is fact..

    “Who played the most on offense in the AFC South in 2011?
    Here’s a rundown, with percentage of offensive snaps played: Greg Jones was the only fullback to play at least a third of his team’s snaps. Houston’s James Casey was next in fullback playing time, working 32.39 percent of the Texans’ snaps.”

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