The Cowboys/Redskins salary-cap mess, from square one

On Monday, a bolt from the blue in the form of a $46 million cap charge against the Cowboys ($10 million) and Redskins ($36 million), with $1.643 million redistributed to all other teams (except the Saints and Raiders) angered, to say the least, Dallas and Washington fans.

It’s a confusing situation, to say the least.  We devoted a full portion of Tuesday’s PFT Live to breaking it all down, from the start.

For those of you who missed it, here it is.

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8 responses to “The Cowboys/Redskins salary-cap mess, from square one

  1. Very well articulated, upon further review the NFL is out of control. Clearly the Redskins/Cowboys were punished unjustly and the NFL (in their minds) are above any labor laws that any other business has to be aware of.

    I don’t see Snyder taking this lying down.

  2. It is a BUNCH OF CRAP…THE NFL has purposely set these 2 historic franchises back 5 years. Prove that they operated outside of what was legal?

  3. If I was a member of the NFLPA, I’d want De Smith fired. He’s allowing the NFL to get away with collusion and the salary cap should have decreased if not for an agreement with the NFL. The agreement doesn’t even help a lot of the players because as you mentioned, they are not required to spend that extra cap space. NFLPA got raked over the coals here.

  4. Nice piece. I understand the whole “collusion” idea better, & I can understand people are upset. But the NFL is made of many component parts, & dumping salary in an uncapped year despite warning from the league, still represents an organization that is above the rest. If they managed their assets better, they would not have to dump salary in the 1st place. It is both an honor & privilege to be part of the NFL, & owners/players/fans should never lose sight of that! Does anybody out there honestly think that the Redskins & Cowboys are completely innocent? I would argue that more likely… they knew all along what they were doing, & understood the potential implications, but still did it anyways. Perhaps what they did was legal, but I don’t care because it was dishonest. I love the NFL:)

  5. Maybe the Cowboys and Redskins didn’t agree to collude with the other owners to limit player salaries in 2010 because they received legal advice that doing so was a violation of U.S. law?

    How could their attorneys possibly anticipate the NFLPA selling out its own members by agreeing with the NFL to punish teams that did not collude to protect their?

    If the NFL hadn’t played hardball on the 2012 salary cap number and gotten the NFLPA to go along with their plan to punish Dallas and Washington, then the players could have sued the NFL at some point. The damages they would have received could easily have dwarfed the amount the players get in this arrangement.

    I was a strong supporter of the NFLPA during the lockout, but the stench from this rotten deal makes me regret that now.

  6. Why won’t you post a view that might differ from the boss? Why not show perhaps the other side of the story? You can’t possibly be afraid someone else may have a point.

  7. Seems to me the NFL’s argument that this maintains “competitive balance” ignores the fact that the Cowboys and Redskin’s already maintained such competitive balance by having inept front offices….

    the NFL should slap New England by requiring Bill Belichick to formulate at least 3 gameplans while drunk next season. THAT would help competitive balance.

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