The Free Agent Hot 100

1. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. Headed to Broncos.

2. Texans defensive end Mario Williams. Signed with Bills.

3. Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. Signed with Buccaneers.

4. Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace (RFA).

5. Raiders linebacker Kamerion Wimbley. Signed with Titans.

6. Chargers offensive tackle Jared Gaither. Signed with Chargers.

7. Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb (RFA). Signed with Ravens.

8. Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Signed with Rams.

9. Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr. Signed with Cowboys.

10. Rams wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. Signed with Patriots.

11. Saints offensive guard Carl Nicks. Signed with Buccaneers.

12. Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones. Signed with Seahawks.

13. Texans offensive tackle Eric Winston. Signed with Chiefs.

14. 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers. Signed with 49ers.

15. Falcons defensive end John Abraham. Signed with Falcons.

16. Dolphins defensive tackle Paul Soliai. Signed with Dolphins.

17. Packers quarterback Matt Flynn.  Signed with Seahawks.

18. Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas. Signed with Giants.

19. Saints wide receiver Marques Colston. Signed with Saints.

20. Patriots defensive end Mark Anderson. Signed with Bills.

21. Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton. Signed with Saints.

22. Raiders running back Michael Bush. Signed with Bears.

23. Saints wide receiver Robert Meachem. Signed with Chargers.

24. Ravens offensive guard Ben Grubbs. Signed with Saints.

25. Eagles offensive guard Evan Mathis.  Signed with Eagles.

26. Jaguars defensive end Jeremy Mincey. Signed with Jaguars.

27. Redskins safety LaRon Landry. Signed with Jets.

28. Chargers offensive tackle Marcus McNeill.

29. Giants cornerback Aaron Ross. Signed with Jaguars.

30. Cardinals offensive tackle Levi Brown. Signed with Cardinals.

31. Bills offensive tackle Demetrius Bell. Signed with Eagles.

32. Rams cornerback Ronald Bartell. Signed with Raiders.

33. Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch. Signed with Lions.

34. Texans center Chris Myers. Signed with Texans.

35. Saints cornerback Tracy Porter. Signed with Broncos.

36. Dolphins defensive end Kendall Langford. Signed with Rams.

37. Cardinals cornerback Richard Marshall. Signed with Dolphins.

38. Panthers linebacker Dan Connor. Signed with Cowboys.

39. Bengals offensive tackle Anthony Collins. Signed with Bengals.

40. Lions cornerback Eric Wright. Signed with Buccaneers.

41. Browns running back Peyton Hillis. Signed with Chiefs.

42. Jaguars safety Dwight Lowery. Signed with Jaguars.

43. Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton. Signed with Cowboys.

44. Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne. Signed with Colts.

45. Lions offensive tackle Jeff Backus. Signed with Lions.

46. Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham.  Signed with 49ers.

47. Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant. Signed with Seahawks.

48. Steelers cornerback William Gay. Signed with Cardinals.

49. Chargers running back Mike Tolbert. Signed with Panthers.

50. Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne. Signed with Saints.

51. Bengals safety Reggie Nelson. Signed with Bengals.

52. Redskins linebacker London Fletcher. Signed with Redskins.

53. Broncos defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley. Signed with Saints.

54. Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne. Signed with Jaguars.

55. Ravens linebacker Jarret Johnson. Signed with Chargers.

56. 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Signed with 49ers.

57. Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon. Signed with Redskins.

58. Patriots defensive end Andre Carter.

59. Jaguars defensive end Matt Roth.

60. Bengals linebacker Manny Lawson. Signed with Bengals.

61. Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Signed with Bengals.

62. 49ers wide receiver Josh Morgan. Signed with Redskins.

63. Saints defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin.

64. 49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

65. Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson. Signed with Vikings.

66. Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo. Signed with Chargers.

67. Giants offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie.

68. Lions running back Kevin Smith. Signed with Lions.

69. 49ers safety Reggie Smith. Signed with Panthers.

70. Jets safety Jim Leonhard.

71. Bengals running back Cedric Benson.

72. Seahawks running back Justin Forsett. Signed with Texans.

73. Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell. Signed with Bears.

74. 49ers offensive guard Chilo Rachal. Signed with Bears.

75. Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws. Signed with Rams.

76. Bears safety Brandon Meriweather. Signed with Redskins.

77. Ravens defensive end Cory Redding. Signed with Colts.

78. Chiefs fullback Le’Ron McClain. Signed with Chargers.

79. Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin. Signed with Redskins.

80. Cowboys wide receiver Laurent Robinson. Signed with Jaguars.

81. Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett. Signed with Giants.

82. Vikings offensive guard Steve Hutchinson. Signed with Titans.

83. Raiders tight end Kevin Boss. Signed with Chiefs.

84. Rams center Jason Brown.

85. Jaguars quarterback David Garrard. Signed with Dolphins.

86. Raiders defensive end Jarvis Moss.

87. Chargers fullback Jacob Hester. Signed with Chargers.

88. Bears cornerback Tim Jennings. Signed with Bears.

89. Redskins safety O.J. Atogwe.

90. Colts tight end Jacob Tamme. Signed with Broncos.

91. Bengals defensive tackle Pat Sims. Signed with Bengals.

92. Raiders defensive end Trevor Scott. Signed with Patriots.

93. 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn. Signed with 49ers.

94. Packers center Scott Wells. Signed with Rams.

95. Cardinals wide receiver Early Doucet. Signed with Cardinals.

96. Bears tight end Kellen Davis. Signed with Bears.

97. Bears defensive end Israel Idonije. Signed with Bears.

98. Seahawks tight end John Carlson. Signed with Vikings.

99. Bears defensive tackle Amobi Okoye. Signed with Buccaneers.

100. Colts tight end Dallas Clark. Signed with Buccaneers.

75 responses to “The Free Agent Hot 100

  1. Carl Nicks is the best interior lineman in the NFL… I think he should be higher on this list

  2. Im not sure how Mark Anderson is a better free agent than Andre Carter. I know Carter was hurt last year but Anderson is a one dimensional player, Carter helps in all aspects of the game.

  3. Alex Smith is a free agent? Wow, I could have sworn I read SF signed him to an extension….

  4. A lot of great names out there, it’s going to be a great free agency!

    I was also very delighted to see Vince Young ranked #100. Very well deserved

  5. How is Vince Young on the list? After watching him for 6 or so years and seeing Rich Eisen run the 40 I say you take ol’ bricks for brains off the list and put Eisen; undrafted rookie from the University of Michigan.

    Special bonus is that he isn’t on a team right now so anyone can pick him up before 4PM!

  6. Wow, that has to be the sexiest list of free agents ive ever seen. If you could build a team with those players available you’d have the most talented roster in the league.

  7. how is Scott Wells 92nd? I might be a bit biased because I’m a Packers fan but i’ve heard other experts talk about how he was a top 3 Center last year and has been so consistent…

  8. HUH ?
    Chilo Rachal at 72 and Steve Hutchinson at 80 ???
    Rachal lost his starting RG job early in the season
    The 49er line play immediately improved

    gatorguar says:
    Mar 13, 2012 10:14 AM
    Alex Smith is a free agent? Wow, I could have sworn I read SF signed him to an extension….’

    They’re close, but not quite yet
    The 49ers jsut signed Randy Moss

  9. @cmutimmah

    Couldnt’ agree more…2 years ago Dallas Clark had 100 receptions for over 1100 yards. Then he gets hurt and then he’s got Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter throwing to him.

    Jared Gaither is awfully high as well…he had a strong come back year but he has been very injury prone.

  10. I realize all “lists” are subjective, but Scott Wells – Pro Bowl Center at #92 ???

    Come on.

  11. Jared Gaither at 5? I know LTs are a hot comodity, but this is a guy that was cut midseason last year. Any team could have had him!!

  12. For awhile now, Ive wanted the chief to get manning.

    But looking at this list (and even who is NOT on it), I realize that i would much rather have 3 of these guys than 1 injury risky manning.

    If we could sign winston, soliai and a guy like atogwe for safety depth for the same price as one manning… then id much rather have those 3 than manning.

    Maybe we draft decastro…. and our line looks like albert, decastro, hudson, asamoah and winston….. that doesnt look too bad.

    If we can get orton back along with a healthy charles, berry and TE… I think we had a shot at the division even with a manning lead bronco team in it.

    gawd i love the offseason lol

  13. Jared Gaither at #5? Really? I guess if you ignore the injury history and attitude problems maybe. Putting him above Nicks is ridiculous, much less at 5.

  14. Reading comments about which players should be higher on the list than others is about as interesting as listening to a Q&A about who should start this week on someone else’s fantasy team. Guys, the point is just to provide a central place to keep tabs on the top 100 FAs. PFT, thank you for putting that together.

  15. Vince Young is ranked way too high at 100. In fact just count how many free agents there are, add another 100 empty spots to that total then place Vince Young in that next spot.

  16. In the future, rather than a subjective overall list…

    how about positional lists? Easier to browse makes me want to look at it more than once. This list is more or less worthless to me and I won’t be looking at it again.

    (the object being page views, correct?)

  17. Wow only 2 of the top 100 are signed… Niners need to lock up Rogers.

    Trade the 30th for Wallace 🙂 And with Alex or Peyton Win the SB!!!

  18. 38. Lions cornerback Eric Wright.

    Seriously??? This stiff is ahead of 62 other players on the list? We used to call this bum “crouton” when he was in Cleveland because he is beyond toast

  19. hsteacher says:
    Mar 13, 2012 2:20 PM
    Where’s Anthony Spencer for the Cowboys?


    He was franchised.

  20. Plaxico Burress is #100 but the Jet he replaced who was cut before the year ended is #68? Chad Henne is #52, ahead of a QB who made the NFC Championship Game? I’m guessing glue takes up 50% of PFT’s office supply budget.

  21. Where is Addai? So so runner, but hard to beat pass blocker. Would have put him up over Tamme. And wtf is up with Clark at 99?

  22. No Eddie Royal?!?!?! Just kidding, he’s awesome and all (Westfield High School, woo!) but this list is freaking awesome.

  23. This list makes sense. Its a great way to keep track in case you missed something.

    Honestly, if I made this list, I would have put Manning somewhere between 20 – 30. No one knows where he is in recovery. What a circus for a guy who could get hit just right in his first game back and be done forever. I have the utmost respect for him, but COME ON MAN

  24. So many people whining ab where players are ranked and why they think others should be on the list (and where).. so many idiots think they are NFL analysis now.
    This is just a helpful tool to fallow free agents.

  25. I hear so much on the other pages of how the Bucs have spent too much money on these contracts… people still dogging the Buccaneers, you notice, they have no FA’s.

    Players tend to stay with them, and they dump the players that aren’t working out. I am loving it, and look forward to what people say at the end of this season.

  26. Mario Manningham at #44? I would have him a decent amount higher… Not sure why Meachem is so much higher…

  27. Diehard Saints fan and would have put Garcon & Manningham ahead of Meachem in a heartbeat. SD overpaid for Meachem who has never had 40+ receptions in a season.

    Overall a good list but also surprised that Red Bryant, David Hawthorne, and London Fletcher were not top 40 FAs.

  28. When everyone on the list is Signed, you should do a reverse tally (aka #1 = 100, 2 = 99, etc.)

    And then figure out which team scored the highest… Because, obviously, that’s all the matters…

    Right Dan?

  29. @somoanjungle : Evan Mathis was rated as the best guard in the NFL last year by Profootballfocus and dominated in Howard Mudd’s system . Also im an Eagles fan and have seen plenty of Trevor Laws and this guy doesn’t deserve to be on this list . Just swap his name with Derek Landri who was a beast last year .

  30. i wish this could be updated to show what teams the players that are still unsigned are talking to/intereted in. Peyton needs to sign in san fran already, if i was Peyton i would want to play there just to be a part of that QB legacy.

  31. Mar 13, 2012 10:47 AM
    How is Vince Young on the list? After watching him for 6 or so years and seeing Rich Eisen run the 40 I say you take ol’ bricks for brains off the list and put Eisen; undrafted rookie from the University of Michigan.

    Special bonus is that he isn’t on a team right now so anyone can pick him up before 4PM!


    Rich Eisen would have to declare for the draft, if he went undrafted he would be free to sign with a team. He has fulfilled the requirement of three seasons having passed since his senior year of high school.

  32. LaRon Landry is waaaaay overrated on this list.

    He looks like a beast, but he doesn’t know how to pace himself and he has limited football smarts.

    He routinely over pursued on blitzes and edge coverage.

    He blew numerous tackling attempts, even easy tackles where he had guys in his grasp but allowed them to squirm away. His biggest problem is trying for a vicious hit. He goes for the big hits when he’s the last man in coverage and either misses entirely or doesn’t take the guy down. He doesn’t wrap up his targets.

    Finally, he’s terrible in coverage. He bites on every double move and he’s far too slow to make up for his mistakes. He was perfect when he was healthy and had Sean Taylor with him. They played one deep because Taylor was a monster. He could go from one side of the field to the other to break up a play or make a pick. Landry could play low as an extra linebacker. With more conventional players and schemes Landry’s been out of place. He’d be a perfect fit for the Jets and their overall dysfunction.

  33. I love this list, and I know it’s uncool to criticize placement, but I do have to wonder why, as far as 49ers guards go, Chilo Rachal made this list and Adam Snyder didn’t. Rachal was Snyder’s backup, and he sucked. Snyder can also play every position on the line. This is probably why he got signed already and Rachal hasn’t. Whenever he got put in a game because of injuries, Niner fans around the world simultaneously facepalmed.

  34. I can see lots of empty seats in cleveland next year. Dont worry browns fans. Holmgren says be patient. We dont need any of these guys. He promises a winner by 2022.

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