Thomas Davis restructures, stays with Panthers after third ACL tear


Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis played just two games last season before tearing the ACL in his right knee for the third time. Now his goal is to become the first person ever to play in the NFL after three ACL reconstructions, and if he accomplishes that goal it will be with the Panthers.

Davis has restructured his contract to remain in Carolina and give the Panthers $3.8 million in salary-cap space, Pat Yasinskas of reports.

Under his old deal, Thomas was due an $8 million roster bonus tomorrow. He won’t receive that bonus now, and his base salary will be reduced from $2.25 million to $700,000.

The new deal is backloaded, with Davis’s base salary in 2015 going all the way up to $7.25 million. Realistically, it’s a long shot that Davis will still be playing in 2015. But if Davis plays even one more NFL game, he’ll have overcome enormous odds. After playing a total of just nine games over the last three years, he’s going to give it another shot with the Panthers.

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  1. We love ya T.D.!!! I have no doubt this time next year…the contract will have to be restructured by 4pm or we could lose you. Give em hell!!

  2. This time they took a healthy ligament from his other knee (from the patella) to reconstruct his ACL. The last two times they just ‘fixed’ his original ACL. It’s actually quite likely that he plays this season.

  3. @ flapjackdaddy

    Yeah, first 2 surgeries were by team doctors… third one was by James Andrews, quite possibly the best orthopedic surgeon around. Hopefully getting this done by the best of the best will help his chances of it holding up.

    And also, all you people saying why let Conner go and keep TD? Maybe because they play completely different linebacker positions? So they aren’t even battling each other on the depth chart. And with TD making 700K base salary, its not like we are paying out our a$$ to keep him.

  4. Good for TD and the Panthers. Davis is a total MONSTER when he plays. I hope he proves everyone wrong

  5. Why do you guys keep saying how stupid it was to keep TD and let Dan Connor go? TD is an OLB Connor is a MLB and will never start over the “beast” Beason…..thats why Connor didnt stay, he said he would love to stay in Carolina but knew he could never start a top Beason.

  6. Dont forget Rivera is a D and special teams guru. The TDavis move is a no brainer. he comes back and plays for nothing and balls out all yr to collect incentives. win win. Conner wants big money, let him have it. win. I say shop the 9 pick..drop and pick up J Jenkins w our first pick. so many dt in the draft..easy 2nd round pick ups. more winning. Watch Rivera work his magic this summer, we will be the talk of the nfl much like our offnse was.

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