With Alex Smith at quarterback, Moss as a Niner makes no sense

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I’ve always liked Randy Moss.  There’s a touch of country charm about him, even when he’s saying things he shouldn’t say and doing things he shouldn’t do.

Even when he utter something ridiculous, like taking a page from T.O. and blaming the media for a reputation that Randy worked hard (or, all too often, didn’t work hard) to create, he’s still one of the most talented players to ever put on a football helmet.

But I don’t get his decision to sign with the 49ers.  Last season, when there was talk that he may unretire, he was interested only in teams with elite quarterbacks.  Alex Smith, while better than he once was, isn’t elite.

And so while Moss may be happy for now, he won’t be thrilled when the ducks start flying and the bounce passes start bouncing.

For more along those lines, here’s a little piece of Tuesday’s PFT Live.

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56 responses to “With Alex Smith at quarterback, Moss as a Niner makes no sense

  1. Alex actually has a decent deep ball, his struggles are more with the intermediate stuff…for what its worth.

    Moss probably really liked Harbaugh. I think any player would. Moss will be going all out for him, even blocking. Watch it happen.

  2. Well, there may be multiple reasons for Moss going to the 9ers.
    He might have actually tilted the NFC championship game in the 49ers favor.
    With a year + full offseason in Harbaugh’s system, Alex is bound to get better.
    Also, confidence is a great intangible and the niners are bound to be brimming with it after last year. Gritty close wins, never say die attitude, come from behind victories – the team has to be believing it can win any game.
    In the end, its a team game and players know more about what makes teams tick than we as fans and the press know.

  3. Alex Smith threw some good deep balls last year, mostly to Davis in the playoffs. Maybe because the Niners didn’t, and haven’t, had a deep threat at WR, (I don’t count Ginn Jr.)Smith didn’t have a chance to do so. There are only a few QBs with “rocket arms” – Ben, Flacco, Rivers, Rodgers, maybe a couple of more. Moss could give the Niners the deep threat they needed last year.

  4. Alex Smith was keeping Colin Kaepernick’s seat warm. The kid from Nevada has deep ball speed and accuracy.

  5. true alex smith isn’t an elite qb but the thing goin for alex and the niners is that there in the top teir of the nfc minus a few mistakes n the nfc championship game and the niners are n the super bowl so randy is eyeing a championship not a team with an elite qb he’ll be fine with the 9ers

  6. With Collin Kaepernick (sp?) it makes total sense. Why does everyone assume Alex smith will be the starter next season?

  7. It comes down to this: the 49ers need his skill set primarily for vertical, jump ball and red zone opportunties.

    I strongly doubt Moss will be a “starter”, he’ll be a situational guy and if he and Alex develop chemistry and Moss shows he can dominate, then of course, he’ll play more.

    But let’s also not forget that last year, Alex and O were LEARNING ON THE FLY since they had no OS. Also, the 49ers really had no threat like Moss at any point in the season.

    So as much as this could not work out (cheap gamble), it could also put Alex over the hump.

  8. Moss changed his mind from “a team with an elite quarterback.”


    “a team.”

  9. Wait till Randy Moss starts barking at Alex Smith in the middle of the game because Smith cant reach Moss downfield. And then Moss takes the rest of the game off talking to himself on the sidelines. I see a freak show looming.

  10. It especially makes no sense given the franchise history with Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards.

    Oh well, I guess they had to do SOMETHING about WR. At least they can tell their fans they tried.

  11. Wow mike you my friend , your a hater !!! 13-3 5 turnovers no he doesnt throw 50 tds and 5000 yards but last year alex won !! Dont be a hater all your life closet saints fan

  12. Didn’t you get the memo from 49er fans that Smith was anointed elite in December? Word is that he and Moss are going to create The Catch IV next season.

  13. With Alex Smith at quarterback, Moss as a Niner makes no sense
    Really? Think a little harder. He is not chasing stats…he is chasing a ring. The 49ers have an awesome defense, a fairly weak division (that will likely get stronger this year) a decent run game in a capable offense with a QB who has gained much confidence (and finally gets to run the same system 2 years in a row). They were a back-up kick returner away from the SB last year. Moss believes he can make a difference. It is not hard to assume that the 49ers have as good a shot this year as they did last year.

  14. I’ve always like Moss too, this coming from a Raider Fan. Hard to hold it against him TOO much that when he was in Oakland the team was mired in the seventh ring of hell and incompetence was everywhere. Think he’d be a great fit with Carson Palmer, but that’s old news. If he’s there to stretch the field but never gets any deep throws I suspect you’ll start seeing the half-hearted routes and giving up on plays. They better design plays to get the ball to him quick, in space, so he can rack up the RAC.

  15. Love all this Alex hating! Keep it coming! Harbaugh will continue to take a page out of walsh’s psychological and use it to the team’s advantage.

  16. Smith has a lot of the tools you want in a Franchise QB but really hasn’t had the weapons around him his whole career, especially at WR. He may not have a rocket laser arm but he throws a good accurate deep ball and if he can run Moss should keep defenses honest enough for Alex to hit a lot of short and intermediate stuff. Should be fun to watch!

  17. A lot of you need to go view some film. Alex did have a really great year. I believe at least 2 of his 5 ints where tipped passes, or passes the Crabs dropped! Crabs is terrible at times!

    Randy and those big paws should catch a lot, and being the #1 Alex just toss it up, Randy/Calvin will go up and get it!

    Main reason Niners lost the Champ game, i would say due to Inj/Coaching issues. Losing Josh Morgan in a BLOW OUT Game was LAME!! Cutting Edwards right before Playoffs with a depleted WR Core, wasnt wise unless you have depth.

    Only have 2 WRs in the Champ game, One that drops a lot, and Williams we all know how that turned out.

    Walker coming back from a Broken Jaw…

    So with Randy, SF gives up the 30th for Wallace 🙂 And ALEX Will lead this team to the SB!

    There where games where he was On fire!! Look at those LASERS To VD to beat the SAINTS! Between 3 defenders! And those Runs!

    Alex is finally coming of age….

    Of Course a Healthy Manning trumps Alex, but as someone who meet the Kid his rookie year, and has always pulled for him to be succesful. Best of Luck Alex! We are Faithfull and we Believe!

  18. “It especially makes no sense given the franchise history with Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards.” What are you talking about? Owens had a great career as a Niner, both with Young and Garcia. Though he threw Garcia under the bus, once his ego got big, his numbers as a Niner were great. When TO first started in the NFL, he had an axe to grind, mostly vs NCAA Div 1 teams that passed him up, but he wasn’t an issue and worked hard.

  19. I don’t get this… watch tape. Alex smith has a long ball, he just didn’t have guys who could get separation, or he felt could go up and fight for a ball so he didn’t risk the INTS.

  20. “ducks” and “bouncing passes”

    Do you actually watch the games? Really wasn’t much of that last season.

    You don’t only throw 5 picks, some which were the receivers fault, tossing a bunch of ducks.

  21. You’re hate for Alex Smith is astonishing. What will it take for him to gain respect? If proving himself in the regular season wasn’t enough, he was awesome in his two playoff games. I know it’s hard on you guys to not be able to make fun of Alex like you did two years ago, but you’re starting to look desperate now. He’s a (prepare yourself for this) good QB now.

  22. Alex drops dimes on Vernon Davis every time he streaks deep (Just watch what they did in the playoffs together). His 70 yard TD against the Giants was a WR route outside the hashes. I see no reason why he cannot learn to do that with Moss. Don’t forget, before Gronk broke it Alex/Davis held the NFL TE Touchdown record. Most of those were 9 routes and go routes down the seams.

  23. But Alex Smith does not throw balls to WRs…

    I really thought we had enough of the Alex Smith project. He will never be a Superbowl QB. He is just not that good.

    And I am not “hatin” Dude barely broke 3,000 yards in a league year where four hit 5,000. That is about 100 yards a game!

    Alex Smith may have won the Saints game but one game does not make you a stud. Even with the Kyle Williams snafus, Smith should have scored more. The Giants were giving us the game.

  24. the majority of you must be 9er fans..Smith is weak..he looked great because of his Defense made quick play of the opposing Offenses…

    he will be a one hit wonder..I still think Peyton will end up in San Fran..

    with PM, this team will be the odds on favorite, with Smith, look for the 9ers to miss the playoffs this year, book it!

  25. How about we wait until the season starts before we say it makes no sense? Like all he’s going to be doing with moss on the field is throwing 60 yard bombs? Moss was a great yac reciever too ffs do some research.

  26. That’s easy. Because of said reputation…none of the teams with elite qbs wanted him. Sometimes…you have to serve your time for your crimes and in this case…its spending a season on the 9ers with Alex Smith. If he works out…maybe there will be a job for him next year on a different team.

  27. Both guys are terrible. Kaepernick should get a shot at competing for the starting role this year. Really, Smith is just bad.

  28. Alex Smith has Career Red Zone Stats that say he’s elite. TOP FIVE in the League amongst Active Starting QBs’ as a matter of fact.

    So go ahead an ignore the guy. You won’t be wondering long when the 9ers start droppin Bombs on your team and Smith is the guy doing it.

    Oh and fyi? Smith targeted #15 a total of 15 times in the Playoffs. #15 caught 5 of those Passes and dropped 7. 1 was completely uncatchable and the other was well defensed. Look what Smith did with Vernon Davis. Did you see many “ducks” thrown Davis’s way? No. Why? Cause Davis is at least consistent. There is no reason to distrust him so Smith will put it right on the numbers. You can’t name another Receiver on the 9ers that afforded Smith or any QB we’ve had since ’05 the opportunity to put it in there without thinking about it.

    But yeah go ahead an knock Smith. His alter ego will come out an smack ya in the mouth. haha

  29. Niners played out of their minds last team with an easy schedule. Back to Earth this year and Moss will not work well with Alex Smith and Niner run orientated offense. Moss is sulking by the National Anthem during the 4th preseason game

  30. Actually, the opposite makes sense. Moss, with his ability to get open deep, is just what Alex Smith needs to get himself and the Niners to the next step. In the NFC championship game against the G-Men, Alex could have used ANYONE to get open, especially a guy like Moss. Who know, maybe Harbaugh may go after Mike Wallace, to get Alex even more help.

  31. This article makes no sense. Why would Moss NOT be interested in going to the 49ers?

    Up and coming young team with a very stout defense, and an offense that will be better this year.

    Sure, Alex Smith isnt a top tier QB. But having Moss there, along with Vernon Davis, Crabtree, and Gore, will give him stats on par with the elite QBs. Hell, look at what Moss did for Culpepper in his younger days. He actually made it look like he was a real QB or something.

  32. Randy Moss thinks it will work.

    Jim Harbaugh thinks it will work.

    Trent Baalke thinks it will work.

    An ex-lawyer, blog writer thinks it will fail.

    Got it.

  33. Niner fans are so pathetic.

    We’ve heard nothing but complaints from them about how Smith is garbage blah blah blah for 6 years.

    After one fluke season, they’re now Smith’s biggest fans.

    Get a grip.

  34. Hey Dram-orio,

    I liked you a lot better before you made up stories on pure conjecture. Maybe that had to deal with you selling out to NBC sports, but that’s also pure conjecture.

    Who were the niners receivers in the championship game? Nobody. their no. 1 receiver was Crabtree. The no. 2 was a dude off the practice squad.

    Give me a break. you’re creating drama for no reason. Peyton to the niners my ass.

  35. Every year we base the upcoming schedule strength on last year’s results. I’ll tell you who Ended having a cream puff schedule this past season and thats’s GB. The 9ers schedule wasn’t that easy ppl. And if you’re mindlessly basing on the alleged fact thathey’re in a weak division then they get to play in said division again in 2012. You lemmings make no sense.

  36. Moss changed his mind from “a team with an elite quarterback.”


    “a team.”


    its more like the team with an elite qb, the saints, said no thanks.

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