Browns cut Eric Steinbach

Eric Steinbach is out in Cleveland.

The Browns announced that they released Steinbach, who, when healthy, has been the team’s starting left guard since 2007.

“These types of decisions are the difficult part of this job, especially when it involves a player such as Eric Steinbach,” Browns G.M. Tom Heckert said. “Eric exhibited tremendous leadership and passion for the game during his time here. We want to thank him for his contributions.”

Steinbach, who will turn 32 next month, missed the entire 2011 season after back surgery.

18 responses to “Browns cut Eric Steinbach

  1. Gooooood ! he was a good lineman when healthy but who knows about how he will return from major back problems… smart move cleveland Now time to draft David DeCastro and instantly redeem yourselves

  2. I hope they’re cutting this guy only because his back surgery has left him unable to pull his weight- otherwise, they’re stupid.

  3. Damn… I heard his rehab was going well. I hope he can return at some point. He is one of the nest when healthy!

  4. After see H&H in action this offseason. Eric and Tony Pashos can rejoice. The rest of the roster wishes they were getting released.

  5. Thank you for your best years, Eric. Sorry you had to spend them here in Cleveland. Good luck at your next stop.

  6. Reportedly it saved $8 mil against the cap, so it was kind of a no-brainer. Hopefully they can still sign him back – he sounded like he wanted to stay in his statement.

  7. Look at all the Cleveland hopefuls giving thumbs down for the truth. H & H dropped the ball with RG3. No quality free agents want to come here. Mario Manningham insulted us. Flynn says out of the three interested teams Cleveland is ranked 3rd. Existing loyal players get shown the door and slapped in the face on the way out. Cribbs wasn’t to happy before his contract. Now he holds his tongue. But as Heckert said he may not be here in six years.

  8. I would love to have him in Oakland, and move wiz to center, but bad backs make me aprehensive…aka Jared Gaither

  9. the 3 stooges in Cleveland Moe Holmgren, Curly Heckert and Larry Shurmur aren’t even making it look like they are earning a salary! Horrible and continued disasters in Cleveland!

  10. Sad reality of the nfl. Emmac, what team does not release overpriced vets? Name one. It is just the way it is.

  11. If he can get healthy, the Bengals should be giving him a call. Hated to see him leave us and would love to have him back!

  12. This was a BAD move. The offensive line is where we need to improv most, outside WR, cutting one if the leagues better guards (when healthy) is asonine! Who are they going to put there?! Luavo?! A fat guy on a rascal can block DT’s better than him!

  13. With Eric and Hillis gone, the whole focus of the draft changes from getting better to refilling holes. For one, I am waiting to see some positive action from the current brain trust. Factory of Sadness has a strong chancce of being the continuing story of 2012.

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