Browns lure Frostee Rucker away from division rival Bengals


Citing a league source, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns will sign defensive end Frostee Rucker today.

Contract details are unavailable. Rucker, a former third-round pick out of USC, tallied career highs in tackles (33) and sacks (four) last season with the Bengals. He started 11-of-16 games.

The Browns haven’t had a premier pass rusher in quite some time. Rucker is unlikely to be the answer, but he could help as a rotational rusher off the bench.

In the matter of an hour, Cincinnati has lost two of its key defensive line cogs from last season. Rucker will stay in the division, and Jonathan Fanene is gone to New England.

36 responses to “Browns lure Frostee Rucker away from division rival Bengals

  1. great. Thanks alot Mike Brown….2 more key cogs in our D-Line gone b/c your a low-balling cheap a$$ who fails to realize the value of homegrown prospects that end up doing what you drafted them to do- Be Productive members or your team and active in the community.

    Can’t say I’m mad at either Frostee or Fanene- great guys on and off the field- you will both be missed. Best of luck.

  2. Pardon me for not jumping with joy but Heckert & Holmgren have pretty much dulled the senses of every Browns fan in existence. It’s quite possible that Frostee the Rotation-man could be our one and only signing.

  3. I hate being a Bengals fan. Just when you get one area fixed and are ready to focus on addressing another in the draft, Mike Brown goes and lets the whole defensive line leave.

    Mike Brown you suck. Seriously!

  4. Well finally the Browns have broken into the free agency game. It’s not a big splash but adds depth and much needed experience on the D-line. Lets just see if Cleveland can get themselves a good Right Tackle or solid option at WR. Good Signing overall for the Browns

  5. Anyone who has watched the Bengals at all would know that Rucker has been hurt or had not done JACK for the first few seasons.
    Of course last year he did well because he wanted to be paid. I am sick of people complaining about Mike Brown. Go be a Fan of another team but stop Bitching whinny Girls.

  6. “finally something. Go Browns”


    exactly how I feel. finally something, even if it’s just a little something.

  7. Depth yes. But still no one to play opposite sheard. Get in the game holmgren not really selling any tickets with that pick up. Stop wading and dive in.

  8. I don’t care about losing Rucker but Fanene leaving really hurts.
    Poor planning on Bengal’s part as far as the D-Line (still could lose Sims) and the quantity of contracts up this year all at once.

  9. yeah mike brown u suck maybe its time i find a different team. and sell my season tickets.

  10. Don’t even look at Mike Brown’s money. You might get shot. You’ll definitely get cursed at. Probably a bottle thrown your way. Get off his lawn while you’re at it.

  11. This is very discouraging news for Bengals fans.

    Reggie Nelson can’t be too far behind these two “important cogs” out of Cincy.

    Just when you start to believe the Bengals propaganda, and they look like they’re really in it for the win – this.

    Bengals have a chance to provide something exciting for the fans and win back the fan’s confidence and support, esp. with so much cap room. Instead they choose to loose continuity and turn to a “replace our losses” mentality.

    And this occurs after Marvin’s big speech about football teams not being built on free agency, but on developing your own players and keeping them in your locker room.

    If they want to fill those stands, Mike needs to prove to fans that he will do what it takes to field a consistent competitive team. If not, more blackouts.

    The reason the stands don’t fill is because it’s hurts too much to care. Cincinnati is full of extremely passionate fans. News like this – it’s too damn disappointing. It’s easier to do what Sam Wyche once suggested, and enjoy a day of golf. Who needs the pain?

    We’re still reeling from Mike not tagging Jonathan Joseph, and keeping him in our locker room.

    Mike has heard our cries. As near as we can tell, he just counts his money like King Midas and says “let them eat cake.”

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe next year’s defense will be better. Hard to watch quality players leave the team – especially since the Bengal’s put so much time and money into developing these guys into quality players.

  12. Glad to see the Bengals putting that extra cap money stolen from the Redskins and Cowboys to good use.

    Great job by the NFLPA going along with the NFL illegally taking money from teams that love to spend it on players and giving it to teams that hate spending money on players.

    They would have been better off denying the league’s extortion attempt and let the cap settle at 117m instead of 120m. The two teams most likely to go 120 can’t now.

  13. has anyone suggested to mike brown that he’s costing the team money and he should probably fire/release himself…. like … how people trick a robot or whatever.

  14. olskool711 says:
    Mar 14, 2012 3:38 PM

    Serves the Bengals right for stealing the Browns colors.

    As a Browns fan, I’m guessing you’re either kidding or clueless because, after all, black is not brown- and the same guy founded and decideed on the colors for both teams, so yeah, I guess Paul Brown stole from himself.

    Actually, I think the funniest thing is that the Bungles play in a stadium that bears the Cleveland team’s name, as the Browns were named for Paul Brown!

  15. td40….

    I might be wrong, but I thought the Browns were not named after Paul Brown, but were named after Joe Louis, ‘the Brown bomber’….

    anyone know for sure ?

  16. Bengals fans need to calm down. You all are acting like we’ve lost the two most amazing defensive linemen in football. I wouldn’t overpay for these guys who aren’t going to be full-time players on the team. The Bengals already have a strong nucleus and that is why it was successful. You can still add pieces to it without breaking the bank. No reason spend starter money on guys who weren’t playing every down.

    Love Fanene and Rucker but this isn’t a huge loss.

  17. Im certain the browns were named after paul brown.

    Im less certain, but fairly sure that they were originally supposed to be called the cleveland panthers, but there was a semi-pro team with the same mascot and they threatened to sue. they could probably have been paid off but paul brown didnt want to be linked to a lesser team in an inferior league, thus he reluctantly agreed to the “browns” as the name (which is what the fans wanted).

  18. @td40”

    >>> play in a stadium that bears the Cleveland team’s name, as the Browns were named for Paul Brown! <<<

    You got it backwards, your team is named on an equal footing to our stadium, both after the Old Man … & your stadium is instead named after its occupants. How narcissistic is that? I bet if Art #### had somehow stayed & conned the city into a new stadium for himself, he would have named it Art #### Stadium

  19. But I thought Mike Brown was great all of a sudden, what happened?

    He keeps ripping off his own fans, while stuffing his pockets, and some people here actually defend him.


  20. Oh goodie! Frostee, he’s the missing piece!

    7 sacks in 5 years. Impressive.

    Good thing there was no money for Hillis, but they can throw millions at mediocre role players like Frostee and Patterson.

    I’m done with this team. Done.

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