Cardinals announce five-year deal with Adam Snyder


The Arizona Cardinals announced Wednesday that they have agreed on a five-year contract with offensive lineman Adam Snyder, formerly of the division-rival 49ers.

Snyder is a 30-year-old journeyman kind of player, though he’s spent his entire career in San Francisco to this point. He’s started games at both tackle and guard, and was the 49ers’ starting right guard in 2011.

Arizona is desperate for offensive line help, as usual, and they will need to continue to add to it.

Snyder did not make the PFT Hot 100 list.

15 responses to “Cardinals announce five-year deal with Adam Snyder

  1. “journey men type of player”


    “spent his entire career in San Fransisco”

    am i the only one that finds that a bit contradictory?

  2. If he didn’t make the hot 100 I wonder why anyone signed him, obviously he sucks.

  3. he’s a journeymen but he’s spent his whole career in san fran? that’s odd and dsnt make sense

  4. Of course they did, why wouldn’t they? This guy is awesome and was huge for the 9ers; he played every o-line position when asked. The big draft pick, Chilo Rachal, is awful and this guy continuously cleaned up his messes every year.

    Hate to hear this. 9ers should have a better replacement in mind, as long as it isn’t Chilo!!! Release that cat…

    Synder is a David Bass type of player.

  5. @mnsportsrube yeah, I think it’s why they inserted ‘type’… Snyder is more of a utility player for the OL. Can play any position on the line and the loss of this flexibility will hurt more than the loss of the player himself.

  6. Snyder was an improvement over Chilo Rachal (who for some reason IS on the top 100), but he was beat like a turnstyle several times last year.

    The 49ers were never that interested in bringing him back and were looking for an upgrade to begin with.

    Basically….good luck with that. 😉

  7. He was very valuable to the Niners last year because of Chilo failures. But we will have that shored up with a new starter. But 5 years…no wonder the Niners waited…that is too long, but good for him.

  8. Calling a player who’s spent his entire seven year career with the same team is like calling a heroin addict a health nut.

    Snyder may not be elite but his versatility helped the Niners through the years. I cringed every time he left the game and Rachal came in to play RG. Hopefully Kilgore is ready to take over, he looked good in preseason last year. Doubt Leonard Davis is the answer

  9. than he should just wrote “versatile” or “utility” player. Silly silva!

  10. The only thing better than signing a player you want is signing him away from a division rival.

  11. oh please put him in at left tackle, please put him in at left tackle.

    Good luck to him though, worked hard to stay on the team, played all across the line and was a decent, serviceable player in a position that was going to be upgraded (probably in the draft) anyways.

    Another first round pick for the OL coming perhaps ?

  12. He filled in ably at center, guard, and tackle. He outplayed everyone else at those positions when we needed him most.

    Give the guy a break. He may be a journeyman, but the niners will be worse off without him.

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