Chargers in hot pursuit of free agent Eddie Royal


Do a Google News search for Eddie Royal, and it will turn up at least three items claiming Royal has signed with the Washington Redskins.

He hasn’t.

Royal, still an unrestricted free agent, is currently being pursued by the Chargers. Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego is “told” the club feels good about its chances of signing him.

Royal would be the Chargers’ No. 4 receiver, behind Robert Meachem, Malcom Floyd, and impressive 2011 third-round pick Vincent Brown. Royal would likely also assume punt return duties in San Diego.

30 responses to “Chargers in hot pursuit of free agent Eddie Royal

  1. And he would be #3 in DC with a more mobile and accurate (albeit in college) QB. Seems like a no-brainer he will eventually come home to DC.

  2. This would be one of the better things AJ has ever done (which isn’t saying much but when your a charger fan you have to take what you can get) This would also help ease the loss of V-Jax plus he would be a great addition to special teams!

  3. Great…lose a top #1 Reciever, and then overpay for two #2 & #3 Receivers to go with a roster of #2 & #3 Receivers

    Great AJ is an idiot.

  4. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:
    Mar 14, 2012 9:50 PM
    And he would be #3 in DC with a more mobile and accurate (albeit in college) QB. Seems like a no-brainer he will eventually come home to DC.

    You are out of your mind if your argument is that RGIII is definitely a better quarterback than Philip Rivers

  5. Eddie Royal would be a nice edition, but not the end of the world if he goes to SD. The Chargers won’t be good as long as A.J. Smith stays. Norv can’t be happy with losing V. Jack, and Mcneil.

  6. Ever since the Rams completely Roethlisbergered the Redskins, for some reason Washington thinks they are contenders…which they are not.
    We’ll see who Roethlisbergered whom when Rams fans are asking why they did not trade Bradford and take RG3 themselves.

    Go back in your cage.

  7. actually with vj leaving that free’d up more cap space to sign other players at positions we need(johnson,meachem,mcclain)

    addition by subtraction.


  8. also used some of that cash to lock up gaithers for 4 years. i was sceptical about this off-seasonafter spanos proming he would be more aggressive in free agency and he actually kept his word.

    kudos to smith and spanos.

  9. Suuu ccckkk it haters! A.J. has done very well….so far….. I have 2 VJax jerseys and i wouldn’t have paid that much at the expense of not being able to fill other positions of need! Hardwick, Gaither, JJ, McClain( True FB), Meachem (6’2″ sub 4.4 forty( in Mike Meyers voice, Yes Please!!) ), who’s next……. Eddie Royal??? Nice. Purely speculation of course.

  10. I honestly prefer Santana in the slot. With Garcon, Morgan, Gaffney, Moss, and Hankerson, I like our wideouts. If Royal doesn’t come to DC, I personally wouldn’t lose any sleep…prefer to use the cap room on Ben Grubbs, solidify the line.

  11. Yeah I will admit whoever it was that said RG3 was more accurate than Phillip is an idiot. Guessing it was just a Redskins homer though. After giving up the next 3 years of drafts for one player and then mind blowingly not sign a #1 receiver but a bunch of #2 and #3 receivers is kind of confusing. Could have had a proven #1 guy in VJack but didn’t want to pay the extra $2-3 million a year for him. But like most Skins fans they eat up anything Danny boy dishes out to them.

  12. It’s amazing how little people know other than hearsay about a team they don’t root for. Look up the Chargers record prior to A.J. taking over. He was easily a top 3 GM in the NFL from ’04-’09. Norv and injuries are more to blame for missing the playoffs the last 2 years than poor drafting and free agent signings. He rubs people the wrong way … So what? He would be unemployed for about 5 seconds if the Chargers fired him.

  13. Chargers are having a really good free agency. Gaither played way better down the stretch than McNeill has the past 3 years. Upgraded LT…Hardwick is back. JJ is a huge upgrade over Laboy. Meachem isn’t Vincent Jackson, but should fill that deep threat role nicely. McClain gives them a true fullback which should even improve their Pro Bowl RB Matthews #s even more. Bring in Eddie Royal in that offense? Wow….Charger fans should be excited. And for those worrying about Rivers missing Jackson…check out his 2010-11 season without Jackson for almost the entire year versus last year when he had Jackson for the entire year. Rivers will not miss him.

  14. AJ Smith WAS a great GM, he is the man who drafted 2 starting quarterbacks (top 5 qaurterbacks). He also engineered the raping of the Giants for Eli Manning (which worked out well for the Giants). He found Antonio Gates, one of the best TE to play the game. However, He comes off as an arrogant jerk, so arrogant that for all the good he did early on in SD, he has trumped it with his own EGO. He kept Norv Turner, which you can look at in two ways. first, the team is either very talented and Norv simply can not coach them to do something that should be easy for them or the team is not very talented and Smith has failed to do his job in keeping them competitive. Either way, AJ has blown it. As far as some of his drafts, they are pretty mediocre, name one that jumps off the page at you as great: Mathews (1st)? yet to be determined, but comes off as only ok at this point. What ever happened to Shawn Merriman (1st)? or Luis Castillo(1st)? how about Igor Olshansky(2nd)? How about Cromartie(1st)? I’m actually missing several more, but I don’t have the time.
    He even found a way to lose SD’s best WR, sure he found him, but he is gone for nothing. In addition, what happened with Michael Turner, another player who he discovered and then let walk for nothing. There were trade markets for both these guys going into their final years with the Chargers. Finally, he repeatedly pisses off his own players when contracts come around.
    I actually forgot about the axing of the coach (Marty) who was 14-2 in the regular season. I’m sure there is a great reason for axing him, but keeping Norv.

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