Chargers re-sign Jared Gaither to four-year deal


Michael Gehlken of the Union-Tribune San Diego reports that the Chargers have re-signed tackle Jared Gaither to a four-year contract.

Though possessing a checkered medical and off-field history, Gaither is one of the most impressive young left tackles in pro football. The 6-foot-9, 340-pound lineman is only 26 years old and solidified the position down the stretch in San Diego last season. Gaither was filling in for Marcus McNeill, whom the Chargers released on Tuesday.

Gaither has the potential to be better than McNeill, perhaps much better. He was the No. 5 overall player on PFT’s Hot 100 Free Agency list.

10 responses to “Chargers re-sign Jared Gaither to four-year deal

  1. Good move letting McNeil walk and signing this guy. Meachem was another good, although necessary move.
    Yet, that hardly equals all the bad moves made by A.J. Smith.

  2. I do not want this guy at all. He was a head case in college which is why he came out in the supplemental draft. He was cut by Baltimore because he didn’t care and showed up to training camp about 50lbs underweight. This contract hopefully doesn’t have a lot of guarantees. There are reasons why he’s been forced out of college and two pro teams, one being a class organization in Baltimore. He had one good game in his game against Baltimore and that was because they cut him. He is a head case that could care less about winning and trying hard and the tape proves it.

    Hopefully Meachem will be a bright spot

  3. Funny how a guy who could not make the raiders team, and then got cut by the chiefs, is the # 5 guy…….Once your back is shot, it will never be the same again.

  4. This guy started playing well after the Ravens let him go, you have to wonder if he’s been playing for a new contract.

    We’ll see.

  5. Remember that pro football saying, “he needs to realize he’s not on scholarship anymore” ? Agree that it will be interesting to see how he responds now that he’s got the big contract…..

  6. The dude was exceptional for the Chargers down the stretch last year. There wasn’t a better LT in that same stretch of games.

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