Chargers sign linebacker Jarret Johnson for four years

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The San Diego Chargers announced Wednesday that they have signed linebacker Jarret Johnson to a four-year contract.

Johnson isn’t a dynamic pass rusher, but he’s long been one of the better edge-setting, run-defending outside linebackers in the game. Johnson can play several linebacker positions.

If the Chargers are seeking a sack specialist, however, they will need to turn to April’s draft. Johnson turns 31 this summer and has never recorded more than six sacks in a season.

He only has four sacks over the past two years, a 32-game stretch.

21 responses to “Chargers sign linebacker Jarret Johnson for four years

  1. well ed reed and ray lewis might as well announce their retirements, no way ravens getting to the super bowl, their last chance of getting there went through lee evans hands.

  2. Double J is a little past his best football, but a smart player, rarely if ever out of position, and a great quiet leader. Unsung without a doubt.

    Dude has a LB eyes too. Intense!

    Rhinosteel, laugh loud, but we knew this was going to happen with Johnson and Redding. Johnson has a pay day he deserves. Your team until recently let guys go routinely when their big paydays came.

    I hate to lose him but we’ll survive. Next man up! The replacements are already on the roster.

  3. JJ,

    We love you bro. You were the essence of what playing like a Raven meant. Going to miss you on 98 rock in the mornings and also seeing you around town with the family and willing to talk football at the drop of the hat. The Chargers are more than lucky to get a player of your leadership and ability. Good luck and hope for only the best for you and your family. Go enjoy that sun and warm weather buddy!

    Ravens Nation

    P.S. for the non Ravens fans on here, this guy was way more than the stats. HE IS ALWAYS A RAVEN.

  4. @steelymcbeam

    With the Steelers restructuring of contracts, there is going to be a lot of dead money in the future that they will face, and that means paying huge money for players not on the roster. It’s like using a credit card, it all looks good now, but once you get that bill it could spell trouble. That’s why you see the Ravens lose some of these guys because they don’t restructure contracts and aren’t in salary cap trouble ever. Believe me the bill is coming for the Steelers, and when it does, you’ll be saying bye-bye to some good football players

  5. At least he ended Hines Wards’ career before he left Baltimore. He was never the same after JJ lit him up in week 1. Tough loss but expected.

  6. I’ve been a JJ fan since first reading about him in Kiper’s Draft Notebook…was thrilled we got him & have been happy to watch him develop over the years. He is one of the great guys on this team. Losing him is probably more leadership drain than anything at this point…but this one hurts.

    Redding – doesn’t really matter one way or another. he was a good guy though, and sorry to see him settle for going back to losing to get a contract. But it’s his livelihood…not my place to question.

  7. JJ was most definitely one of the most underrated linebackers in the league. The problem is that he’s starting to get older and he seems to disappear at times the last two years. You can’t have two linebackers on the field chasing RB’s and TE’s from five yards behind. I just wonder if he’ll be like some of the other Raven’s linebackers that leave Ray’s shadow and fail.
    Good luck JJ.

  8. Baltimore will miss Johnson. Hopefully he’s happy in SD, he’s a solid dude and an under-appreciated player.

    However, all this means for Baltimore is a healthy Sergio Kindle gets the reps. Kindle is closer to Suggs than he was to JJ, I don’t know that he’ll be the same run stopper, but so long as Sergio has his act together — and you gotta think that under a Harbaugh he does — than his ascension shouldn’t exactly be a problem.

  9. The guy was incredibly overrated. A 3-4 defense like what the Ravens run needs a LOLB who can cover and passrush. JJ was a too small pseudo defense lineman, and had only one job..occupy whomever was sent to block him. He replaced Adalius Thomas who could pass rush, at least. The Ravens defense can only get better now that this guy is gone.

  10. He will set the edge for the run on the Chargers D on 1st and 2nd downs. Barnes will be the pass rusher needed on 3rd. This is a good pick up for the Chargers.

  11. hotdog113 says:
    Mar 14, 2012 4:13 PM
    The guy was incredibly overrated. A 3-4 defense like what the Ravens run needs a LOLB who can cover and passrush. JJ was a too small pseudo defense lineman, and had only one job..occupy whomever was sent to block him.


    So what are you, a Steelers fan? Then explain how the job you just insulted JJ for makes Aaron Smith “one of the best D-lineman of the past decade,” as PFT says. Someone that always goofs up run blocking schemes? Priceless.

  12. Never knew much about the guy but after reading the consensus positive comments from Raven fans I’m pretty excited to have him on the Bolts. We need some leadership (and talent) in our LB core.

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